The diary of a middle school girl

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Maya has just got to her new school she meets Melissa and someone else. A new school year starts and Maya has a lot headed her way. Next chapter comes out next week.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Meet Maya

Submitted: February 26, 2017

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Submitted: February 26, 2017



Hi, my name is Maya Shiny. I am in 6th grade at a new school, and I am kinda scared. I just moved to New York and I don’t have any friends. But on the bright side, New York is AWESOME! I love all the lights and people and I have been seeing a lot of Broadway shows lately and they are all AWESOME! My new dream is to become an actress on Broadway. So back to school, I am on my way now. I am on the bus sitting in the back, alone. Like I said before I have no friends. Wait… Hold on… someone is coming near me. She starts to talk, she says: “ Hi my name is Melissa Shin what's yours?” I stop for a second and think, is she talking to me? I look around and no one else is there so I say: “’m Maya Shiny.” Yeah, I know I sounded stupid but no one has ever talked to me since I moved. Then she said “ I am new here and I just moved to New…. Can you show me around?” Hold on, hold on, hold on. Did she just say what I think she said? I say “ Um...actully I am new here too.”  then out of the blue, she made the silliest face I had ever seen. There was nothing I could do but laugh. “ HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!” We were both screaming with laughter. Then we talked till we got to school. And guess what? We had all the same classes and are lockers were next to each other, AWESOME right?!? I thought so too, but then when we got to school and unpacked are backpacks, a girl named Natalie came right next to us boys were drooling all over her, Melissa and I were like, what's going on? Soon we found out she was the most popular girl in school. Not that big of a deal right? WRONG! She was also the meanest girl in school. Still not a big deal right? WRONG AGAIN! Ok, this is where it gets bad, HER LOCKER IS RIGHT NEXT TO MINE!!!!!!!! She said “ Oh! You to must be my new maids! Ok, so YOU brush my hair and YOU go buy me some new lip gloss.” Ok, I am usually a pretty calm person but I CAN’T STAND BULLIES! So I say “ Um NO! Were not maids and plus were not the ones who look like maids YOU ARE! So move your rich little butt over and shut up!!!” Melissa is shocked with the words coming out of my mouth and I can’t blame her, I AM TO! Then Natalie says “ Why I never! *splutter* um… yeah.. Wait to hold on… I am going think of something hold on.” *DING* the bell rings Melissa and I get to class. “ OMG! Did you really just say that?!?” Melissa said. “ Yeah, I did. I am surprised too!” We walk to class. Fast forward a few hours, Last period: Free time.

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