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The writer wants to share two different stories of losing a beloved... Both the separations lead to two different results where one couple unites and the other has to move on with life..

Submitted: February 26, 2017

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Submitted: February 26, 2017




I wish I stopped him… Told him that he seriously meant something… I wish I could show him how lonely I was without him… He saw the smile on my face with someone else and thought that I am going to be happy without him… He didn’t even once talk to me about this… He waved me goodbye from the glass door and I thought it to be a joke (MY BIGGEST MISTAKE)… I smiled to him and he smiled back but I wasn’t aware at all about the thoughts that were runnig in his mind… He was a stoic personality afterall…

  For the last time I saw his eyes twinkling in the sunshine… Oh! How beautiful were they, brown colored, small sized but charming enough to be adored… That glitter in his eyes still flashes into my mind… For the last time I saw his cheeks… Oh! How cute were they, totally chubby and snowy white… I wish I could play with them… For the last time I saw his lips… Oh! How fascinating  were they, pure pink and provoking too… Only if I could kiss and feel them… But above  all this, the smile on his face was his best feature… As he smiled his lips widened and eyes blinked and cheeks fluffed out more, ‘wow’ is the word all I am left with when I think about that alluring smile…

That day everything was supposed to be fine between us… I just got my frendship band with a tag of best friend on it from him… Our group was planning an outing on the ocassion of friendships day… But, bad time doesn’t strike with a caveat… Little did I know what was in the future’s store…

 Since I was sitting with Rahul, laughing and cracking jokes, he thought me to be happier with him and decided to not come between us two… I know, I know that sounds like a movie… He stopped waving and started to walk away… I let him go for I had no clue of what his next step was… He slowly disappeared from my  sight and I was still sitting on the bench chattering with Rahul and cracking jokes…

When I realised the truth it was too late for me to tell him anything I felt for him… I was left with no option except for moving on and so have I done… Rahul is still a very good friend of mine, we still enjoy each other’s company and laugh a lot together… Today when I sit in soltitude and recall the memories of that day all I am left with is a smile on the face and a thought in the mind… I think life’s ironic…;)




Shattered into pieces, she lied crying on the bed... There was no ray of hope,  no one besides her... The loneliness pierced her heart and as she wished him to come back, she cut her vein and slept to death... As death came, she smiled and said a final goodbye to her bae...
Now that death had freed her from loneliness and sorrows, nothing was left but the cadaver on the ground... Her heart wasn't alive anymore to sense the pain of her love sitting besides her corpse... Her hands couldn't move to swipe his  tears off,  neither could she tell him what she felt before the eternal rest...
He cried, cried out in pain, cried out of guilt, but there was no use, he lost her for now and forever...
‘Crisy my sweetheart, please wake and listen to me’as Jason cried he said ‘I love you my baby, every punishment could have worked, but your forfeit is utter hell, baby please come back to me...’His friends tried to console him and the family blamed him for their loss...
After coming back from the funeral, Jason was totally lost in thoughts and was missing her like hell...  Unaware of what he would do without her,  that silence drowned him in misery... All he was left with were just tears and memories that broke him internally... Weeping on the dinning table he asked himself ‘Was I so bad to her? Why couldn't I realize how much she loves me? Why didn't I ever express my love? Everything she did was for my well being then why didn't I take the same care of her? Why?????  Am I so heartless? Was I so selfish?’He shouted her name and groaned in agony, her emptiness was irreplaceable... If he had realised his fault earlier, maybe, she would have been sitting right next to him and winding her lips to his... But this wasn't possible... SHE WAS GONE... Gone forever,  and even if it was tough he had to accept it...
He sat on the chair visualizing his mistakes... He remembers the day when he broke up with her for he started liking someone else... He cheated her over other girls... She was crying and trying to stop him but he didn't pay any heed to her...
It's now he has realised that he always loved her and just her, but couldn't know it, as he was totally lost in infatuation with other girls... He had no idea about how would he face life alone... Till now she was always by his side, guiding him, supporting him and loving him unconditionally...
All of a sudden he got up from the chair and started walking towards the bed room... There was a mysterious smile on his face... Taking out a bottle from his wardrobe he said to himself ‘There hasn't been any moment when I thought I can live without her... And I don't think I need to...’With a smile he dropped a tear into the bottle and drank it... He lied down on the bed closing his eyes... When he woke up he found Crisy sitting right besides him, he never saw her looking this beautiful... She had worn a white tunic and her face was shining in the brightness... Her face looked whiter than the clouds...  Smiling to her, he hugged her with all the love he could ever express and whispered in her ears, I can understand how beautiful the rest of peace was...:-)

© Copyright 2018 Aishwariya Parmar. All rights reserved.

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