Soul Mate

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A poem dedicated to my best friend, who has seen me through the toughest of times. There's a little more I learn about the boundaries of love, from what I can see, they are limitless.

This is one of my midnight doodles, feel free to prod at it.

Submitted: February 27, 2017

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Submitted: February 27, 2017



There’s no need to justify what I say,

She will always believe me.

When words are hard to express,

She will always understand.


Her heart is full of good intentions,

She is a light beaming through the shadows,

Brightening my day with a smile.


My heart is warmed by her kindness,

Suffering disappears when she’s around.

And even when we are apart, I have no fear,

Because our friendship will never fade.


I keep her with me always.

Her sublime, pitchy laughter,

Her loyalty and attentiveness,

Her hopeful and encouraging words,

Her beautiful sunset coloured eyes,

Her valuable mind,

Her sweet tooth.


My love for her is genuine.

But she is not the one I am meant to be with,

That is a love of another kind,

But she will always be the one. 

© Copyright 2018 Bobby Hodgkins. All rights reserved.

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