Power of the Paladin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The beginning of a short story fantasy series by Dwayne Eric McLeod, that takes place in the fantasy nation of Tysilveria, starring our adventurer paladin named Joshua and friends.

Submitted: February 27, 2017

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Submitted: February 27, 2017





-Picturesque was the scene of the nation called Tysilveria. It had valleys, forests, rivers, and nine surrounding nations. It was a young empire, ruled by a humble king. On their coat of arms, there was engraved the silver tiger of Tysilverian lore, that was said to have founded the nation after a brutal, miraculous war. With its forestation, with trees reaching heights at one hundred feet or more, and living creatures of all shapes and sizes, it was indeed a promised land.

The kingdom of Tysilveria was surrounded by a massive wall that would put ancient builders to shame. In one of the massive cities of Tysilveria, we meet our young hero name Joshua, drinking not ale, but fresh water straight from a nearby river. Joshua did not drink alcohol, which was peculiar for his time. Joshua was a young paladin of the King’s army. His young face however saw many scenes of horror and bloodshed. The ladies would drool over his finely sculpted face, long silky blond hair with wild bangs, and piercing blue eyes. This young man was a warrior, however, and armor clad in the finest steel of Tysilveria.

“What brings you to these here parts, military dog,” said the man sitting across our young paladin.

“Just drinking my water before venturing off on an errand for my lord,” replied Joshua.

As Joshua replied, the entire bar broke out in laughter.

“Drinking water in a PUB? Surely, you can’t be serious,” questioned the same man.

“I’m not a fan of alcohol and Tysilveria has the best water of all surrounding nations,” said our young paladin as he smiled and lifted up his glass.

“You knights are quite peculiar, I must admit. What is your errand if I impose,” questioned the same man as he pat our hero on the back.

“It’s purely confidential. I cannot tell a soul,” our paladin replied sternly.

The man sitting across from him in the pub did not continue to ask about his errand. He was quite a tall man, with spiky silver hair, thin build with tanned skin, silver eyes with pupils like that of a cat’s, and a finely sculpted face like that of a Grecian god. He was wearing a suit of black leather that appeared to be a couple sizes too small for him.

“Well young knight, I won’t bother to ask again. However, if you need any help on this quest, I’ll help as much as I can. The name is Jacob,” said the wild haired man.

“I thank you, Sir Jacob. My name is Joshua. I will not be needing any help on this journey, except for my asking, which direction is the Forest of Lost Souls?”

Jacob’s eyes grew wide, as he seemed to be fearful of the question asked. His tanned face became pale with fright.

“Why in the world do you want to go THERE?” Jacob asked, dreading anyone should go.

“It’s part of my errand. Do you mind?” Joshua questioned.

Finally calming down and gently slamming his ale on the bar, closed his eyes and sighed.

“It’s north of the Grande Valor River. I suppose I won’t be seeing you again. Not even ghosts return from there!” Said Jacob with his eyes still closed.

“I shall return, and victoriously.” Joshua said with a huge grin.

“Don’t fool yourself, young one. Nobody ever returns from the Forest of Lost Souls. Both my sons went there and that’s the last I’ve heard of um!” The female bartender butted in as she handed our young paladin more water.

“I shall return, and victoriously.” Joshua repeated with the same big smile.

“God have mercy on your soul, kid!” Jacob replied after taking a few gulps of his ale.

“God already has my soul. I’m a paladin!” Joshua said as he got up from his stool and stretched after he finished his water.

“A paladin, you say? Those are quite a peculiar, God fearing order in the Knighthood. I say, on good conscience, let me come with you on this journey before you get yourself killed,” said Jacob.

“That would be breaking protocol. I was ordered to go there alone.” Joshua replied with a blank expression.

“Young paladin, I can’t out of a good conscience allow you to go there alone. Besides, I have business of my own to deal with in that forest. Allow me to embark with you on this journey, and after we make it through the forest, we shall part ways.”

Joshua listened with the same dull expression.

“Okay!” Joshua finally said with a huge smile. Jacob gave him a look of surprise.

“No need to give me that strange look, we’re going now!” Joshua remarked.

“Wait, NOW? I haven’t even finished my ale!” Jacob replied.

“No time for that! Either you are serious about your request and come with me right now, or I leave you. Understand?” Joshua remarked with the same dumb grin.

“You paladins are tricky little fellows. Fine, we leave for the forest of our doom right now!” Jacob sighed.

Our heroes, Jacob and Joshua left the pub together after paying for their drinks, as Joshua mounted his horse, but it appeared that Jacob did not have a horse of his own.

“I must say, you don’t have a horse, Jacob? Well then, climb aboard. I must say, however, horse riding isn’t my forte.” Joshua announced with eyes closed and smiling, reaching out his hand.

“No thanks, I’m faster on foot than any horse in the nation!” Jacob replied with a wicked grin, with his cat-like eyes reflecting from the moonlight.

“I say, you’re quite a peculiar fellah yourself, Jacob. You’re not even human, are you?”

“I’m from the Silver Tiger clan. We’re a rowdy bunch, but very tight nit. If it wasn’t for us, Tysilveria wouldn’t even be a nation. That’s why this land is called Tysilveria: Silver Tigers.”

“And you mean to tell me that you are truly faster than any horse?”

“Indeed I am, young paladin. I’m drunk right now though, so I don’t know how much faster I’ll be tonight.”

“My Estelle is the fastest horse in the nation. She’s a beautiful white stallion to boot. Even with her armor, she still has the speed like that of a gazelle. Say, Jacob, how about we race to the Forest of Lost Souls?” Joshua remarked as he continued to smile.

“Racing to our doom, but what happens to the loser of the race?” Jacob questioned with a sigh and slight smile.

“Well, I say, Jacob, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Whoever loses has to pay the winner 100 gold shekels.” Joshua replied.

With his glittery catlike eyes and bright smile, Jacob replied: “You’re on!”

The two heroes of our tale raced through treacherous terrain, mountains and hills, and Jacob was taking the lead for quite a while. After racing up a massive mountain top with rocks and trees on top of it, the two heroes came down the slope on the opposite side, and there it stood in front of them, the Forest of Lost Souls.

“I guess I owe you a hundred shekels,” Joshua said to the victor of the race.

Jacob was too busy gazing through the forest in fear to hear what the young paladin said.

“So, Jacob, what is your reasoning for coming along on this journey?” Joshua asked, trying to break the silence.

“Five years ago, my sister came to this forest and went missing. My hope is to see that she’s still alive, but if not, I want to find her body and finally put her to rest.” Jacob replied as he sighed, with his heart beating ever so fast.

“Well, then, I guess I can tell you what my errand is…” Joshua replied with a smile.

“You’re not afraid of breaking the code of confidentiality against the king’s orders, now?” Jacob asked with a jagged grin, revealing his catlike fangs.

“Well, when we enter this forest together, we’ll no longer be strangers, but brothers. If and when we make it out of here alive, we will have endured something strange, mysterious and dangerous together, so I feel that I’m obliged to tell you of my quest…”

“I do say, young paladin, you make this journey sound quite interesting.” Jacob replied, continuing his jagged smile, his catlike eyes glittering in the light.

“My quest is to obtain the Sword of Holy Writ. The bravest, strongest and most fearsome paladin warrior entered this forest with that sword and never returned. It is said that he died, but the Sword of Holy Writ is powerful and cannot under any circumstances, fall into the wrong hands.”

“So that is your quest then, to obtain this Sword of Holy Writ?”

“That it is!”

“Prayerfully then, I will find my sister alive, and likewise, you find the sword. Let us venture forth!”

The two warriors went into the Forest of Lost Souls, but their conversation was overheard by ferocious dark wizards, wearing their black cloaks, and black cone-shaped hats. These were the men responsible for no one ever being able to escape this dark and mysterious forest.

“Let the young paladin find the valley of the Sword of Holy Writ, and let’s crush him there,” said the leader of the dark wizards named Malornon.

Malornon was a peculiar looking wizard, with a long black beard, piercing red eyes, wild brows, and a sunburned face. His black hair was down to his waist and he wore a bright red medallion around his neck. His entire demeanor was sinister.

“I say, Lord Malornon, that young paladin fellow will not even make it past the Goblin King,” Said Malchean the Wise.

Malchean was Malornon’s right hand man. He had a long red beard, bald head, no eyebrows and large silver eyes. His skin was pale like that of a ghost, and wore a blue medallion around his neck. He was equal, if not even more, sinister, to Malornon.

“The Goblin King, you say? Ha! No one ever gets past the Goblin King, but if by chance this young paladin does, he will have to deal with us,” said Malornon with maniacal laughter.

Meanwhile, our heroes Jacob and Joshua made it to a grove in the midst of the forest. This entire area was strangely quiet with no sign of wildlife.

“I guess this is where we part ways, Sir Joshua,” said Jacob.

“Not so fast, Jacob, something about this area is quite odd,” said Joshua with a sullen expression.

The trees surrounding our heroes were massive in size, with wind blowing through the leaves and pines. If you listened closely amidst the silence however, you could hear an enchanting echo. The sound kept getting louder until it finally made its way inside the grove. There standing in front of our heroes, was the Goblin King. It was a frightening scene to say the least, but neither of our heroes backed down or showed any signs of fear.

The Goblin King stood nearly ten feet tall, insanely muscular, with pale green skin, red eyes, sharp teeth, and a red Mohawk racing down his back. Atop his head was a crown, and his weapon of choice was a wooden club. He was also dressed in the finest steel goblin armor. His nose was like the snout of a pig, and his ears were pointed like that of an elf. In this grove, the monstrosity known as the Goblin King stood before our two warriors.

“Who dares to enter into my woods?” The Goblin King asked as he stomped through the grove.

“Let me handle this, Jacob, as you try and find your sister,” said our young paladin.

“You got it, kid,” replied Jacob as he darted off into the forest.

“Leave my forest now or prepare to die,” said the Goblin King.

“What is your name, foul beast,” questioned Joshua.

“My name is Gorian, the Goblin King. I warn you only once more. Leave my forest or prepare to die,” replied the Goblin King as he stomped his feet.

“That I cannot do, friend,” said our young paladin with a humble smile.

This angered the Goblin King as Joshua unsheathed his broadsword and awaited an attack. The Goblin King charged toward our hero whilst stomping and cracking the ground, and held his club above his head to swing at the ready. The Goblin King went in for the swing, but it was too late, as he was impaled through the abdomen by Joshua’s sword. Green goblin blood began to ooze from the wound, as the Goblin King fell from the blade and died.

Meanwhile, our other hero, Jacob, was charging through the forest, when stopped in his tracks by the sound of a flute. He decided to travel in the direction of the sound, for he knew it was the sound of either an enemy or ally. He did not care which, as long as it led to the whereabouts of his long lost sister.

“I swear I hate flutes,” Jacob said to himself as his cat eyes glittered in frustration.

Suddenly, he was stopped by an apparition. He felt his heart pound at the sight of this ghostlike figure. The closer he got to this apparition, the more it resembled his sister, Liza.

“Brother, brother, it’s me, your sister Liza. I knew you would come for me, I just knew it,” said the apparition.

Jacob, without realizing it, was being hypnotized by the sound of the flute, and what appeared before him as his sister Liza, was just a figment of his imagination. The goal was to lead him down a cliff to his death. This was all being orchestrated by the dark wizards.

“Follow me, brother, follow me,” said the imitation of Liza.

“Sister, is that really you,” questioned Jacob with tears forming in his eyes. “I knew you were still alive!”

“It’s me brother. Follow me, follow me,” the imitation replied.

In his trance, Jacob felt like he was being pulled toward his sister. He didn’t notice it, however, because he thought this apparition was indeed his sister. He finally came to, as he nearly fell to his death. He woke up from his hypnosis in the nick of time.

“That wasn’t your sister, you fool,” Jacob said in frustration as he slapped his forehead.

“Indeed, ‘twas not your sister, she has been dead for ages, Silver Tiger,” said the voice of Malchean.

“How dare you imitate my sister! Who are you and show yourself,” Jacob bellowed in anger.

“My name is Malchean of the Dark Order of Wizards. You shan’t leave this forest alive,” replied Malchean with maniacal laughter.

Jacob then pulled out his two daggers, ready to battle Malchean to the death.

“Show yourself, wizard, and fight me,” Jacob bellowed, holding his daggers in each hand.

Suddenly, from out of black smoke, Malchean appeared in Jacob’s midst, carrying with him a magical staff and the powerful medallion around his neck.

“I’m not afraid of ruffians like yourself, Jacob Silveria. I’ll give you comfort in knowing that your sister died a slow and agonizing death,” Malchean said with a sick grin on his face.

With mighty speed and precision, Jacob was able to cut through Malchean’s cheek before Malchean could even realize what just took place. He dodged the next attack in the nick of time.

“That was a lucky shot, Jacob. Your sister would be proud,” Malchean said as he wiped the blood from his face.

“How in the world do you know my name, you freak,” questioned Jacob in frustration.

“I simply read your mind. You came here all for not, sadly. Your sister has been dead this whole time, and now, you also shall die,” Malchean replied.

Jacob charged through the field towards Malchean with his daggers drawn, but Malchean disappeared before Jacob could attack, he reappeared behind Jacob, firing magical energy from his staff, electrocuting Jacob from behind. Jacob fell down on all fours as he coughed up blood.

“You’re pathetic. I expected more of a fight out of a member of the Silver Tiger clan. Just as well, your sister didn’t put up much of a fight either,” Malchean remarked with a disgusted sigh.

Jacob began to laugh maniacally as he wiped the blood from his mouth. With his catlike eyes, he looked at Malchean with maniacal fury. It was clear that the old boy wasn’t done just yet. The laughter continued.

“What are you laughing about, you fool,” Malchean questioned in anger as he fired another shot from his staff, missing Jacob completely.

He shot attack after attack from his staff in the direction of Jacob, but kept missing. Jacob was quick to dodge each attack, till he finally reached Malchean face to face and pierced him in the stomach and throat with both his daggers. Blood shot out of Malchean’s mouth as he fell to the ground, dead.

“I believe my sister is still alive. This wizard was trying to throw me off. I sense her energy nearby…” Jacob said to himself as he looked up at the night’s crescent moon. He was forever hopeful to find his sister.

Our young paladin hero, Joshua, however, made it to the Valley of the Sword of Holy Writ, where the sword was proudly displayed in the midst of the valley. Its blade was impaled in the chest of the fallen paladin, and appears to never have moved in all these years. Joshua moved ever so casually through the valley, ready and willing to claim the sword. But out of nowhere, a black cloud appeared in the sky, and appeared in the midst a dark wizard.

“I can’t let you have that sword, young paladin. I’m amazed that you’ve actually gotten past the Goblin King,” the dark wizard, Malornon, remarked.

Malornon landed harshly onto the earthen soil of the valley, landing perfectly on both feet. He, as our previous antagonist’s, weapon of choice was a large staff. Malornon was a very tall and muscular wizard, wearing the darkest of cloaks and hats. Around his neck, he was wearing his red medallion.

“I will indeed obtain the sword,” Joshua replied with a smile as he drew his broadsword.

This angered Malornon as he fired from his staff magical energy, but Joshua was too quick and dodged the attack entirely. Malornon fired round after round of magical energy, even using extra power from his medallion, but to no avail. Joshua kept dodging each round, until finally, Joshua took a swing of his sword and severed Malornon in twain. Blood gushed from the severed torso as Malornon fell to the ground, and to his death. Joshua sheathed his sword and walked toward the Sword of Holy Writ.

There, he pulled out the enchanted sword, which was inscribed with the words from Heaven itself. The massive blade shined a white, bright light. Joshua felt immense power coursing through his entire body as he lifted up the sword in victory. The remains of the fallen paladin faded into the very dust.

“I think my lord will be happy,” Joshua remarked with a big smile, closing his eyes in joy.

As Joshua had his final victory, Jacob came across a massive tower that appeared to be empty. He knew something was fishy about it however as he went inside to investigate. Everything seemed out of place. The tower was built with cobblestone, with bookshelves, wooden chairs and tables scattered all around. He then noticed the spiral staircase and ventured to the very top of the tower, where he came across a room with red double doors. He entered the room, and to his horror, he saw his sister, chained to the bed in a comatose state.

“WHO DID THIS TO MY LIZA?” Jacob shouted in anger as tears streamed from his eyes.

“Jacob, is that you,” questioned Liza as she awoke from a deep sleep. The chains immediately fell from her limbs.

“What in the world just happened,” questioned Jacob, surprised that his sister was let free so easily.

“You broke the spell over me, Jacob,” replied Liza with a big smile.

Liza was a beautiful young woman with long silver hair and bangs, silver catlike eyes like her brother, sharp but delicate fangs, of average build and height, with tanned skin. She was wearing a white gown and was barefoot at the time of her rescue.

“How did I break the spell,” questioned Jacob.

“By coming to rescue me, the chains were released and I was awakened. Let’s get out of this place, brother,” Liza said with a smile.

Jacob put his sister on his back and left the tower, and the Forest of Lost Souls, forever. On the outskirts of the forest, Jacob was able to catch up with Joshua.

“Did you accomplish your mission, young paladin,” Jacob questioned with a large grin.

“Indeed. I can tell you accomplished yours as well,” said Joshua with a big smile.

“I guess this is where we part,” said Jacob.

“Indeed, Sir Jacob, but I’m sure we will meet again.”

“Indeed. If you ever need to see me, I’ll be at the usual pub.” Jacob then stormed away with his sister asleep on his back, never knowing when he would see our young paladin friend again.

“We’ll meet again soon, Jacob,” said Joshua as he smiled over the horizon in the direction Jacob was heading.

Joshua was able to hand over the Sword of Holy Writ to the king and was rewarded very handsomely for his troubles. They said it was impossible to make it out alive from the Forest of Lost Souls, but both our heroes were able to make it out unscathed. They will forever be remembered as heroes of Tysilveria, and their adventures were only just starting…

© Copyright 2020 D.E. McLeod. All rights reserved.

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