The Unforgiving Sea

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A sequel to Power of the Paladin, starring our same heroes from the previous story, on an adventure to cross the treacherous Unforgiving Sea.

Submitted: February 27, 2017

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Submitted: February 27, 2017




-Joshua, clad in armor as usual, reported to his lord King Galonyn, for a very dangerous mission. Joshua’s long blond hair was tied in a ponytail, and on his back was his trusty broadsword. Joshua was King Galonyn’s most trusted knight and paladin.

There the king sat upon his throne, the flag of Tysilveria was in every corner of the throne room, purple in color, with the silver Tysilverian coat of arms. Beside King Galonyn sat his queen, Emily. She was a stunning beauty, with long red hair tied in a braid, fair skin, attractive green eyes, wearing a crown atop her head, and dressed in a dress of purple and white coloring, fit for a noble queen.

King Galonyn complimented her beauty quite well. He was tall and muscular in contrast to her short and petite body. He had a long brown beard that matched his short brown hair, with gray hairs complimenting both. He had large hazel eyes, his face finely sculpted, showing age with slight wrinkles and tan skin. Atop his head was a mighty golden crown. He also wore rings on most of his fingers, all crafted in fine gold, with emeralds. He was wearing a robe of red and white coloring, sitting upon his large throne.

“You called me in here, my lord,” questioned our friend Joshua.

“Indeed I have, Sir Joshua. I have a mission for you. This mission I trust you to accomplish. No one has ever made it out of the Forest of Lost Souls until you were able to leave, with the Sword of Holy Writ. It’s quite amazing, and I entrust in you another dangerous quest.”

Joshua bowed before his king with a bright smile. It was clear that Joshua was fearless of any mission his lord entrusted in him. Joshua, young, thin, and not of great height, showed less fear than even the largest warriors in all of Tysilveria. This was on top of his gentle demeanor. It would be unwise however to underestimate our young paladin. He was a mighty adversary and a ruthless warrior to those that dare oppose him.

“As you wish, my lord, what indeed is your quest,” questioned Joshua with a bright smile.

The king stood there in silence for a few seconds, amazed that his young paladin was quite fearless.

“You are to obtain the Scroll of Wisdom from the island nation of Hubatu. In order to reach this nation however, you must cross the Unforgiving Sea. No one has ever returned from the crossing, but I trust that you will surprise me, Sir Joshua,” said the king, still dumbfounded how his young paladin was still smiling.

“I shall do my best, my lord, and I will bring back the Scroll of Wisdom,” said our young paladin. “But I ask of you, my lord, can I bring a friend along with me on this journey? I’m sure his assistance will be of service to me.”

“As you wish, Sir Joshua,” replied the king.

With the king’s permission granted, Joshua saluted his lord and walked out of the castle with a large smile still planted on his face.

“That young man is a blessing from God, wouldn’t you say, darling,” questioned Queen Emily to her husband.

“Indeed. He shows such fearlessness and cunning. He is one incredible warrior,” replied the king.

Meanwhile, on the back of his white stallion, Estelle, Sir Joshua made it to our familiar pub where our friend Jacob from our last quest, was getting hammered. He already had five or six glasses of ale before our young paladin showed up.

“Bartender, another round, please,” our dizzy Jacob requested.

“You’ve had enough ale for the day, Jacob. You’re already drunk,” said our female bartender from the previous tale.

After securing his horse, Joshua entered the pub, and saw for himself that his friend was drunk. Joshua sighed as he sat in the stool next to him.

“Drunk again, I see,” said Joshua with a humble smile and light laughter.

“I’m not,” Jacob replied with a mean look. “What are you doing here, Sir Josh?”

“I came here to ask of you if you want to accompany me on another quest,” replied Joshua.

With a sobering smile and shining catlike eyes, Jacob looked at our young paladin with a jagged grin and replied, “Another quest, you say? Sounds like my kind of party. What is this quest?”

“We are to cross the Unforgiving Sea and land in the island nation of Hubatu, where I must obtain the Scroll of Wisdom,” said our young paladin with a huge grin.

As soon as Joshua mentioned crossing the Unforgiving Sea, there was silence in the pub with many frightful looks. Jacob however, was still grinning, with his eyes sparkling in the light. It was clear that despite drinking heavily, he was sobered and ready for the mission.

“Count me in,” said Jacob as he slammed his glass down on the bar.

“I knew you wouldn’t say no,” said Joshua with a smile.

The two men left the bar together as Joshua mounted his horse and raced Jacob who was on foot to the shore of Tysilveria.

“So, Joshua, how are we to cross the Unforgiving Sea when we don’t even have a ship,” questioned Jacob.

“We don’t, you say? The king granted me permission to use his ship, the Faire Patron,” replied Joshua.

With a big grin on his face, Jacob replied, “This is going to be exquisite.”

The two men boarded the king’s ship and were now navigating the ship towards the Unforgiving Sea. Their ride was slow and peaceful at the beginning, until as soon as they reached the Unforgiving Sea’s troubled waters. Hurricane like winds were rocking the boat to and fro, beating up the sides of the ship terribly. Joshua refused to give in to the mighty winds and kept navigating in the direction of Hubatu. Suddenly, massive sea serpents were attacking the ship from all directions. With his daggers, our friend Jacob was able to stab and kill many of the gigantic serpents.

Suddenly, dragons appeared from out of the sky, attacking the ship with their breath of fire. There were three dragons in total as Jacob leaped from the shoulders of Joshua and killed a dragon with his daggers. There were still two dragons to go however, as more sea serpents appeared. Joshua waited for a dragon to swoop down, and within seconds, he drew his sword and beheaded the foul monster. One dragon was still remaining.

The last dragon in a fit of anger and despair attacked Joshua, leaving burn marks on his armor. The winds were still at hurricane levels and hail was beginning to fall down on the massive ship, with sea serpents continuing their assault. Heavy rains were pouring down on the ship. As the last dragon swooped down, Jacob severed the monster in several pieces.

Parts of the ship were badly damaged as Jacob was fighting off the sea serpents so Joshua could direct the ship’s course. Finally, the sea serpents were no more, but the massive storm was still wreaking havoc. The hail was raining down like bullets, damaging much of the top of the ship. The hurricane winds were treacherous as wooden panels from the ship were breaking apart. Then finally, they were able to escape the Unforgiving Sea. The ship was severely damaged and water was beginning to enter the boat, but they made it out of the treacherous waters, and the rest of the course was smooth sailing as they arrived in the island nation of Hubatu.

The two men arrived at the docks of the island and secured the ship there. Jacob was breathing a sigh of relief. Burn marks were still apparent on Joshua’s armor, and the royal ship was far from looking royal.

“Man, I’m surprised we made it out of that sea alive,” said Jacob as he stretched his arms and yawned.

“Well, don’t get too excited. We still have to cross it to return to Tysilveria,” replied Joshua with a big grin.

Jacob was soon again to look uneasy, realizing that Joshua was correct.

“Man, after fighting off those monsters, we still have to cross the Unforgiving Sea to make it home. This sucks,” Jacob said, kicking up sand.

“Don’t despair, Jacob. We will get some of the Hubatu natives to repair the ship after our quest, and equip it with some armor. If we were able to cross the Unforgiving Sea once, we can surely cross it again.”

Jacob and Joshua trekked many miles of the nation of Hubatu, when they came across a massive city, surrounded by palm trees. The buildings appeared to be made from clay, and finely constructed. This appeared to be the main city of Hubatu. Up ahead of them was the palace, where the chief of Hubatu was surely sitting. Jacob and Joshua trekked the city toward the palace, entered the palace, and saw the chief sitting there.

The chief was a dark-colored man, with a crown of feathers atop his head, wearing the finest brown Hubatu leather, wearing a choker of bones and beads around his neck. He was a massive man, about seven feet tall, and muscular. He had jet black hair, with no facial hair, and dark eyes. He was the very image of a Hubatu native. The Hubatu chief was not sitting on some fancy throne, but on the floor surrounded by his noblemen and women. It was clear that the Hubatu tribe was a tight nit family.

“Who goes there,” questioned our humble chief.

“Hello chief, my name is Joshua and this is my friend, Jacob. We come from the nation of Tysilveria. We ask of you dear chief, where can we locate the Scroll of Wisdom,” questioned Joshua with a bright smile.

The chief and his noblemen let out humble laughter. It was clear that this questioned came as a surprise. The chief got up from the floor and walked towards Jacob and Joshua, examining them both greatly.

“Why do you ask that question, Joshua and Jacob,” questioned the chief.

“We are on a mission for the king, dear chief. My mission is to obtain the scroll and give it to the king. Surely, you must know of its whereabouts?”

“Well certainly, it is in the Hubatu Forest. I must warn you however, that there is a dangerous ogre that guards the scroll. He will put up a fight. No one has ever made it back alive.”

“We will make it back alive, trust me,” Jacob interrupted with a wicked grin. “Just point us to the direction of the forest and we will return with the scroll.”

The chief and his noblemen looked at the newcomers with a strange expression.

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple, sirs. The Forest of Hubatu is a strange thing in fact. It is constantly shifting and moving, and the only way to track it is by smell,” said the humble chief.

“Shifting and moving, you say? You can only track it by smell? Why, what does it smell like,” questioned Jacob as he scratched his scruffy chin in wonder.

“Even if I told you what it smelled like, you wouldn’t know the first thing about finding this strange forest. My adopted daughter Amy hunts in that forest and is able to track its heavenly scent. She will be of service to you if you allow her to tag along,” the chief replied.

“Help is always appreciated, right Jacob,” said Joshua, looking in the direction of Jacob with a big grin on his face.

“You’re the boss, Josh,” replied Jacob.

Immediately, the chief ordered his daughter Amy to appear before our heroes, and she was a stunning beauty. She was adopted from the Wolf clan that was slaughtered mercilessly by foreign invaders. Amy is perhaps the only remaining of her kind. She was tall with an athletic build, dressed in dark brown leather, carrying with her a bow and quiver of arrows. She had waist length jet black hair, tanned skin, golden eyes like that of a wolf’s. Her knee length skirt complimented her brown leather boots quite well. She also had tribal bracelets on her wrists, and earrings made from animal bones.

“This is my daughter, Amy. Amy, be kind to our visitors and help them find the Hubatu Forest,” said the humble chief as he introduced his daughter.

“Welcome to Hubatu, visitors. I hope that I can be of service to you on your quest,” Amy said as she bowed before our heroes. Jacob was blown away by her beauty and couldn’t stop from blushing.

The three after being acquainted, left the main city and ventured to find the strange moving forest. Amy from time to time would put her nose to the ground and follow a scent that our two heroes couldn’t smell for themselves.

“We’re getting close,” Amy remarked after about a couple hours of walking the massive island.

After walking another three miles, the three were stopped in their tracks and saw before them an enchanted forest that was still slowly on the move.

“This is the forest. We will have to enter the forest fast before it drifts away. Once inside the forest, we will move along with the forest itself, so no need to worry about the forest drifting away under our feet,” said Amy.

“I guess this is where we part, then,” questioned Jacob with a sullen expression.

“I have no business to deal with in that forest at the moment, so we will part for now, but you’re always welcome to return to the main city. I’ve hunted quite enough to last the entire summer. I hope I can be of some service to you in the future perhaps,” Amy concluded as she took a humble bow and left Jacob and Joshua.

“You like her,” Joshua remarked with hearty laughter.

“Shut up!” Jacob snarled, though he was still blushing. “Anyway, stupid, let’s enter the forest before it drifts away.”

Joshua nodded as the two entered into the strange and mysterious forest. They could hear sounds of birds and other strange creatures. Up ahead of them was a rickety bridge, about a hundred feet to cross to the other side. It was above what seemed to be a bottomless pit.

“Appears to be a bottomless pit under this bridge, I see. C’mon, Jacob, let’s cross the bridge,” said our young paladin friend.

“Ugh, this should be fun,” said Jacob as he sighed in disgust.

Within minutes, our two heroes were on the bridge, preparing to cross it in its entirety, when suddenly, a plank broke from the weight of Joshua and he was soon about to fall to his death. That was until Jacob was able to grab him by the arm and pull him to the other side.

“I thank you, Sir Jacob. If you didn’t pull me up, I would have surely died,” said Joshua, never seizing the big dumb smile.

“Dude, you are weird. You were going to die and you’re still smiling like it’s no big deal. Anyway, let’s cross this godforsaken bridge,” replied Jacob, who was even more annoyed by our paladin’s nonchalant demeanor.

The two heroes were able to cross the bridge without any further interruptions. They then saw something epic in front of them. It was a massive jungle. When they entered the jungle, they were immediately attacked by wild boars. Jacob smiled like a possum as he diced a boar into bits and pieces.

“Looks like we’re having bacon tonight,” Jacob quipped.

Joshua was able to impale the other boar with his broadsword and heard it squeal for the last time. Joshua’s usually chipper demeanor changed as he fended off the boar in exhaustion. After finishing off the boar, the two heroes trekked miles upon miles of massive jungle, when they finally saw ahead of them a scroll that was surrounded by unbreakable glass. The two didn’t take any chances though, for they knew a massive ogre guarded the artifact.

“Come out and show yourself, foul ogre,” Joshua yelled as his voice echoed throughout the entire forest.

“Maybe he’s too chicken to show himself, Josh,” said Jacob with a wicked grin.

“Chicken, you say? Don’t be absurd. I know why you fools came here. You’ve come to steal for yourselves my treasure. You will not make it out of this forest alive,” said the massive ogre, finally appearing before our heroes.

“Joshua, I’ll fight him off while you take the scroll,” said Jacob as he wielded his two daggers.

“I kind of wanted to fight him, but if you insist,” Joshua replied with a chipper smile.

“No one shall steal my treasure,” the ogre interrupted while hitting his chest like a gorilla.

The ogre charged towards Joshua in breakneck speed, but before he could capitalize with his large club, Jacob appeared in front of the ogre and sliced through the ogre’s right arm with his dagger. While the two were struggling against one another in heated battle, Joshua was able to obtain the scroll as the ogre was distracted. Once the ogre realized that his scroll was taken, he was further enraged. He hit Jacob with massive blows, finally knocking him through a tree. Before he could finish him off however, Jacob threw one of his daggers right through the throat of the ogre, instantly killing him. The forest ground was covered in green ogre ooze.

“Let’s go home,” said Joshua with a chipper smile still planted on his face.

Jacob then began to laugh. “Indeed, let’s go home.”

The two were able to exit the forest without any further delay, and with them, the Scroll of Wisdom, safely in the hands of our young paladin. Crossing the bridge wasn’t as terrifying as previous, and our two heroes were in good spirits as they made it all the way back to the chief’s palace, where Amy was sitting with her father. Jacob’s blushing cheeks made their return.

“I see you heroes have accomplished your task. We know for a fact that wasn’t an easy thing to do,” said the humble chief with a big smile on his face.

“Thanks for your help, Amy,” said Jacob while blushing. Amy was blushing in return.

“I was glad to help. I’m sure you would have done the same for me,” replied Amy.

“Of course Jacob would,” said Joshua as he pat the annoyed Jacob on the back.

“What does he mean by that,” Amy questioned her father.

“Never mind that, we’ve come to bid our farewells,” said Joshua with a big grin.

“Farewell, young heroes. Before you go, however, we should tell you that we repaired your ship, and to cross the Unforgiving Sea without further trouble, we appointed our finest fishermen to escort you back to Tysilveria. The only cost is that you shall one day return to Hubatu,” said the chief with a smile.

After agreeing to one day return to Hubatu, our heroes headed to their ship with the Scroll of Wisdom, where they were greeted by a small army of fishermen, who were ready to protect them from the dangers of the Unforgiving Sea. They climbed aboard their ship and made it back to Tysilveria without much trouble at all. Even the hurricane like winds weren’t a match for the highly skilled navigators.

“You want to see her again, don’t you,” Joshua said to Jacob, breaking the silence.

“It doesn’t matter. She would never agree to my affections,” Jacob sighed.

“That sounds like loser talk. You’ll see her again and you’ll have an amazing time. I promise you that,” Joshua replied with a big hearty smile, lightening the mood of Jacob as well.

“Perhaps returning to Hubatu soon is not such a bad idea,” said Jacob with hearty laughter of his own.

The two men finally made it to the shore of Tysilveria, where they secured the king’s ship and made it to the familiar pub.

“Have a drink with me, Joshua,” said Jacob while patting Joshua on the back.

“I’ll just have water, but alright,” Joshua replied with a big grin.

The two men stayed hours at the bar as Jacob drank glass after glass of Tysilveria’s finest ale. Within an hour or two, he was completely hammered as the entire bar were singing folk tunes, with a burly man hammering the keys of the barroom piano. Laughter echoed throughout the night in this tiny pub, where Jacob and Joshua partied and had a good time. Joshua just had his usual water, but the laughter of the drunks was quite infectious. It was almost dusk when the two heroes finally left the good ole pub.

“So, Joshua, I guess you will be taking that scroll to the king now, eh,” questioned Jacob.

“Indeed, Joshua, but I have confidence that our adventures together are far from over.”

“I know it,” replied Jacob with a jolly grin, his eyes completely bloodshot. “As for me, I’m heading for bed. It was quite a night to say the least.”

And with that said, our two heroes parted ways, but it was clear that their adventures would soon continue. Joshua was building rank as the greatest knight in all of Tysilveria, and other knights were getting quite envious. A new adventure was inevitable to begin…

© Copyright 2020 D.E. McLeod. All rights reserved.

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