Safe Haven

Safe Haven

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Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



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Chapter1 (v.1) - Shopping Suprise

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 27, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 27, 2017



Elizabeth' P.O.V

"Hey, Liza? You ready?" I look up from reading Legend by Marie Lu and lift an eyebrow at my best friend whose standing in the doorway of my bedroom.

"I've been ready for an hour now Val, God you take long but you look gorgeous might I add," I say matter of factly and wink at her. She just giggles and gives me a little cat walk across my room. I can't help but laugh at her. She could seriously be a model if she wanted to with those killer legs and her hour glass figure.

I place my book on my bedside table not before adding my bookmark. The number of times I've forgotten to place my bookmark where I'm reading is unbelievable. Valarie walks over to me as I stand, patting away the non-existent dust off my jeans. I give her a twirl and she nods her head in appreciation.

"So you do have impeccable taste in clothing, you should wear clothes like this more often..." she gestures to what I'm wearing. I can't but smile, glad that she likes what I'm wearing.

"...And you have a body everyone would die for including me" I scoff, yeah right, it's not that I hate my body but I don't love it either.

"It's alright," I say and look down feeling a little embarrassed.

"Hey look at me," she says and holds my arms firmly. "You are beautiful, even a blind person can see that. The past is in the past, don't dwell on it too much, it's not good for you." Looking me straight in the eyes, I know she's right. Like when is she not. I give her a smile which doesn't quite reach my eyes.

She walks to my walk in closet and places me before the floor length mirror fitted in the wall. My reflection stares back at me and I'm not going to deny but I do look pretty good if I do say so myself.

I decided on wearing a black and white Adidas long sleeved top with black skinny jeans & black and white Adidas Superstars. You could say my obsession with Adidas is a little overrated but I don't care. I also added a black bomber jacket because it isn't exactly warm at this time of year in Manchester aka the beginning of spring.

I look up to see Val staring at me which a big goofy smile plastered on her face. I smile and this time it's real. She's wearing a black short sleeved top with a checkered black and white shirt over it, black skinny jeans and white converse.

"Come on now love, we best get going, it's 11 am," she says excitedly.

I bet you're wondering what the occasion is, well there isn't one really, just a tradition me and my best friend have come to do every month. We'd always go out on a 'date' as she prefers to call it to do some shopping and dinner. Just to spend some quality time together now that were in our second year at college, We don't really get to see each other often so this is what we do.

I grab my phone and house keys. I don't really like carrying a bag around with me or a purse, don't really see the point. I have pockets, to put my phone and money in right? I mean that's what they're there for anyway.

Val links her left arm with my right and we head out of my bedroom and make our way downstairs.

My dads awake surprisingly considering it 11 am on a Saturday morning. He usually sleeps till 1 in the afternoon, not that I'm complaining. He's sitting at the breakfast bar sipping on his tea while reading today's newspaper.

"Hey dad", I say smiling brightly. I love my dad. He's always been there for me no matter what considering how hard everything's been these past 3 years. He's like my best friend, apart from Valarie. He looks up upon hearing my voice and mirrors my smile.

"Hey princess, hey Valarie," he says looking a the both of us.

"Hello there Uncle Jamie" Valarie laughs and waves.

"You girls going out today?"

"Yeah, it's our day of the month we spend the whole day together" I look a Val and she smiles.

"I know that princess, this isn't the first time you're doing this" he chuckles. I can't help but look sheepishly at him.

"It was just a reminder dad, just a reminder" I giggle, emphasising the last word.

"Yeah okay, well you girls have fun, stay safe okay," he says seriously.

"Don't worry Uncle Jamie, I'll always ready to kick ass if something happens to Liza" she laughs. I look over at dad whose seems to be laughing as well. I can't help but join in.

"I know Val, your always ready" he chuckles

"Alright, I'll see you later then," I say while we make our way to the front door.

"Bye princess"

Because we're both 17, we have our drivers license but haven't bought a car yet so we take the trams to Trafford Centre.

Valarie decides we should get our nails done, I'm not really into that kind of stuff but it won't hurt to do something like this once in a while.

Val, she's more of a girly girl than me, she loves shopping, clothes, makeup etc... whereas I, however, am the opposite. I hate shopping, but once a month put up with just for her sake only, it's not so bad, it's just completely and utterly exhausting. I wear mostly tops and bottoms, hardly dresses. They just don't suit me. Did I mention I absolutely love Adidas. I think I already did, oh well.

Once we reach we go straight to Costa. I order a Flat White Coffee whereas she orders a Mint Hot Chocolate. Then we head to Nails Inc in Selfridges. We both decide on acrylic nails. I go for the almond tip, matte white whereas she goes for the ballerina tip, bright red.

When we finally have our nails on I can't help but admire them. I don't usually do my nails but when I do I have to say I love them.

After that, we head to JD, my request. I've wanted grey Adidas Superstars for a while, I just couldn't get the chance to get them and now's my chance.

Then we head over to New look on Val's request where she bought a couple of clothing items and then we took off for River Island. I noticed a black ribbed jumpsuit that I completely fell in love, Val insisted I buy I or else she would buy it for me, so I did and I also bought black plimsolls.

It was nearly 4 in the afternoon when my stomach started to rumble.

"Hey Val lets eat, I'm starving," I say walking towards the food court.

"Same, how about Pizza Hut?"

"Sounds good to me" I reply and we make our way towards Pizza Hut.

I've always loved coming to Trafford Centre. Especially the food courts because I do love food. It's also the layout which I think is amazingly unique, I can't help but scan my surroundings.

The whole layout is a cruise ship, which is pretty cool. There's a big flat screen tv hung up playing the latest hit songs. Just looking up the ceiling being made as if you're staring straight at the sky, it's just spectacular especially in the evening.

Once we've sat down with our food, I try not to devour it because I'll end up with a stomach ache at the end but it's just too delicious. Val just laughs at me.

"Liza slow down..." she says whilst giggling "how do you eat so much and not get fat" she shakes her head.

"Hey!" I say sternly "I don't eat a lot, it's only because I'm hungry, give a girl a break" I take a gulp of sprite. "And maybe it's because I jog every morning "

"Ahh right, how could I forget, no wonder you're in such great shape" sighing as she looks up into space.

"It's called exercise, you should try it sometime," I say straightforwardly. she puts her hand to heart faking hurt.

"I do exercise thank you very much" she replies sitting straighter and holding her head high.

"Really, I didn't know jumping up and down on your bed screaming you love Justin Bieber was any form of exercise," I say

"Hey! don't judge me" she says sulking. I just laugh at her sulky expression.

Then we hear it, we both freeze and look up at each other and 'You don't know me' by Jax Jones plays on the big flat screen tv. Laughing we both start jamming to the song and when the chorus comes round we belt out the lyrics, literally not caring who or what is watching. When the song rolls near to the end we both have big goofy smiles plastered across our faces.

"Yanno, I still think you should make singing as your ultimate goal in the future. You have a beautiful voice and even Asher seems to agree with me." she gives me her sweet smile, too sweet. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

"Who's Asher?" I ask nonchalantly. she gapes at me

"Are you for real right now?" she asks seeming shocked

"No?" I reply sheepishly. Of course, I know who Asher is, I mean who doesn't know the Greek God, but that's something I wouldn't tell her.

"You don't know Asher frickin Lyon, the absolutely gorgeous and sexy human being that goes to the same college, the same Asher frickin Lyon who is sitting not even 10 feet away from our table, the very same Asher frickin Lyon who  has been staring at you non-stop when we were singing" she whisper-yells at me. My eyes widen. Not because of her description of him, but because he's here and sat like two tables away.

"He's sitting to our left, don't look now because I don't think he's looking anywhere but at you," she says. I just stare straight at her, my eyes itching to look to my left. Val seems to sense my curiosity.

"Okay, I know that you are dying to look, let me just check if the coast is clear," she says and quickly scans her surroundings. She nods her head.

"Yup, all clear." She says smiling from ear to ear.

I turn my head ever so slowly and I'm immediately dazzled at the sight before me. I think he has to be the most gorgeous human being I've ever seen, with this tousled copper coloured hair, sharp jaw line and cheek bones, kissable lip and his eyes. Omfg his eyes are the most beautiful eyes I've ever laid eyes on. Those grey orbs make his already pretty face stand out even more with those specks of silver in the middle.

I've heard a lot about him throughout my time at college but I've never really had the chance to actually see whom this ominous bad boy is.

He's wearing a grey short-sleeved polo shirt with black rims which does not cover his toned abs underneath at all. Black chino's cover his legs folded up at the ankles and Adidas Gonzales black and white to match. He has a silver chain around his neck, reaching just above his chest. An Emporio Armani silver watch rests on his left wrist. What I also notice is that his left ear has a small diamond stud which just makes his ten times hotter.

I can't help myself, I just stare at him whilst he's talking to whom I presume are his friends until Val snaps me out of my trance. My heart right now is literally pounding in my chest. All the heat rushes to my face as she laughs at me. I bring my cold hand and gently press them on either side if my face hoping my flushed face would just go back to normal.

"Hot right?" she says. Hot doesn't even cover it I want to say but resist.

"He's alright" I reply looking down at my now empty plate.

She stares at me intently. I try to show no emotion but somehow she can see right through me, like always.

"Uh huh..." she murmurs. "...whatever you say" leaning back in her chair, she folds her arms and continues to stare at me.

"Ugh Val stop staring at me, it's creepy" she just lifts an eyebrow.

"Soo... How come I've never seen him before" I say because she doesn't need to know that I have heard of him but never seen him.

"Well because you have your head in a book most of the time" I just kept quiet while she laughs at me. I mean it is true, my love for books just goes way beyond anything, well alongside my passion for singing and football. She suddenly sits up straight as if remembering something.

"But there's just something so mysteriously weird about him" I just stare at her waiting for her to elaborate.

"I don't know, every girl wants him but he doesn't want every girl," she said slowly. I stare confused. Well, this is new.

"What's that supposed to mean?" She just looks at me with the 'really nigga' expression on her face. Then it dawns on me.

"Are you saying that he's gay?" She just shrugs.

"I mean he's never been seen with a girl so one could only imagine right?" She says. I just nod.

"Also, almost everyone at college fears him, he doesn't sleep around or do drugs, I don't think he does anyway," she says deep in thought.

"Oh and he's a brawler, so if anyone gets on his bad side, he'd be more than happy to make a fist to face contact."

I can't help but just glance at him once more, he's laughing at something his friends have said. Wow his smile, his smile ugh his smile is just the cherry on the top. And then he turns his head and looks straight at me, I can't seem to look away.

It's almost as if he's looking straight through me with those eyes. A smirk makes it's way onto his face, cocky much. His gaze it so intense I quickly look away. Feeling the heat rush to my face, I look up at Val whom has a massive smile on her face. I groan in frustration.

"Come on, we've got one more stop to make," she says whilst standing up. I just laugh and shut up from my chair and start speed walking to our destination, I'm literally squealing on the inside.

I stand in front of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. A satisfied sigh escapes my mouth as the delicious aroma fills my nostrils.

I run into the shop and start to gather a mixture of face masks, creams, soaps, bubble bars and least but not least the almighty bath bombs! Those are legit my favourite like nothing can top them.

I walk around the shop and pick up one of each bath bomb and putting them in their designated packages. I saved my favourite for the end. It's the 'Sex Bomb' and wow does that smell beyond amazing.

I reach my hand into the bowl which contains the bath bomb and pass it between my hands. I smile content with my product. Still holding the bomb in my hand I turn around all too quickly to collide into a hard substance. The bath bomb in my hand flys out of my hand as I automatically cling to this hard substance and wait for my face to be slammed into the ground, but it doesn't come. I feel a foreign tingling sensation shoot up my arms and I gasp. My heads snaps up to the owner of this hand and my my my, I should have known. Those grey specks are hardly forgettable as well as that conceited signature smirk.

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