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Poems I wrote and some of them are mainly from experiences I had and what my friends had

Submitted: February 27, 2017

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Submitted: February 27, 2017



Me and My Gals




Together Forever

Us and Us Alone


It’s a very boring day called Valentine's Day

If we can dream it we can do it and it’s our world

It doesn't matter if we like pink or red we all are equal

Because we talk about boys and boys alone. We have a drag queen

Who just love gal things and gal shopping and what do we say



We can be anything we want to be. Whoa oh oh

Yeah, whoa oh oh oh Yeah

Anything is possible we’re unstoppable

Me and my Gals


Anything is possible, we have Gal Power.


We hang at the mall because why not there’s

So many boys to judge because they all try to


No seriously it’s like really is annoying.

It’s our world Whoa oh oh oh Yeah.

Boys try to hard with the most cliche things

In their boy world. No Boys world

Unless they’re cute.

Like Matt Duchene.

Or Zach

He’s too hot



Anything is possible, we’re unstoppable

Me and my Gals


Anythings is possible we have Gal Power

Me and My GalsMe and My gals

Me and My Gals


   Love of Football



Put on my nike cleats and

Board the bus

Touchdown in the land of the gridiron

In the Middle of pouring love

 Coach man oh man

Pour your teaching over me

Yeah i got a teammate

But I’m as good as it gets

As I love the sport

I was running with my feet

10 feet of of the field

As I love the sport

But do i feel the love I feel

Saw the vision of Montana

Him as a the general along with Young

Followed his inspiring career

He just racked up points

As I love the Sport

Saw the man of Manning

Archie to Eli

Then came 50

Newton VS Manning

Saw the man of my coach

The man who can teach anyone

The team looks up to the man

Who loves the sport

Saw the hall of fame

All the legends of canton

All the gold and memories from years ago

Saw the jerseys and footballs

Followed them up to gates the stadium

We all have a love for football



Football Through Players Eyes


Vince Lombardi breathed it

Joe Montana played it

Kenny Chesney sang it

Jerry Rice caught it.

Peyton Manning passed it

Barry Sanders ran it

Ray Lewis sacked it

Richard Sherman interceptions

Defense offense goes from the one yard line to all the way to the end zone. It's all family in the locker room then the captains go to the center for the annual coin toss. Don't let this Denver Broncos shirt throw all it's all the same of making noise with the fans.


Lombardi won it

The coach held it

The team won it

MVP holds it

Teams fight for it.

Out of those tunnels goes to Notre Dame all the way to Iowa. It's boys let's go for it. Let's shock the world to prove our

toughness. No ones around the visiting bleachers. You the cheerleaders cheer for the team that wants to win. Don't let this College shirt throw ya it's the chance of being worth it with the fans and players.

Football is my friend

America is my home

Don't let the opposite team stop you from playing the one sport that people think is easy. The coach my role model. There's an offensive coordinator along with a defensive coordinator with a special teams. I can feel it in my heart with the teams who all cry tears of family. Don't let this NFL shirt throw ya with the FOOTBALL Nation. Football.




You Ruin Your Own Life



Why oh why I've been spinning out of control

I can back down after what you told me.

You said all those things and I can't shake the image of you.

I've been bawling my eyes out for everything you promised.

Yet you said that you'd propose to me after 2 years.

What are the thing that I want to say?

No reason to keep dwelling after you said you'd ruin my life.

But you just will ruin your life and just alienate your friends or so called.

My friend gets how bad you hurt me and yet you know who he is but you never talk to him.

I can't help think this is it. Hey isn't this easy.

You lied to me about your age and how rich you were.

Lying has been ruining your life and not me.

I told you my top colleges and yet you say

I'll ruin your life but all you do is ruin your life.

I am stronger a thinking about a day when

I wake up i know that I was shut out the whole time.

I can’t be able to cope with what the hell you did to me and what you did to me and said you’re not friends with your exes and you tell me about you suicidal idealization and

i think is it worth for me.

Can’t you see what I am now doing. I have a friend who is my barbie\

Her name is Cherry. You ruin your own life.

No more of you.


Go F yourself Phillip



It’s just you now in Mississippi, I’m trapped in the beautiful state of Colorado, now I know you’re downtown dude but i’m no f tard either. You want to talk to me? Then talk to my other self. I’ll give you time but now threats or non. Lets dabble on skype this is not a relationship no more of that. Lets keep this in the light.
ABCDEFG Go F Yourself Philip HIJKLMNOP Go F Yourself Philip QRSTU WXYZ Go F Yourself Philip, GO Play with yourself.


Place your fingers on the keyboard. DOn’t even open your mouth. My friend will deal with you. Now a touch of hell. HELL YEAH!!!! In This world obsessed with Pandimonioum.


I’ll give you time but now threats or non. Lets dabble on skype this is not a relationship no more of that. Lets keep this in the light.
ABCDEFG Go F Yourself Philip HIJKLMNOP Go F Yourself Philip QRSTUVWXYZ Go F Yourself Philip, GO Play with yourself.




ABCDEFG Go F Yourself Philip HIJKLMNOP Go F Yourself Philip QRSTUVWXYZ Go F Yourself Philip, GO Play with yourself.  Bye Philip By bye bye bye.......


 I too am a Football Player




I too am a football player

I see these wonderful men

A dressing for the first lights

But comes the time when a Football is snapped

Wants to shed his skin

To show her true self

The “men” under the helmets have their lives as lives come together

As one Called TEAM. They don’t see as a player opens up

A team full of men attracted to women. Has forth a man who sees something even more diffrent

A fear of no acceptance. No brother

Then a brother comes to say “I love you bud you are who you are I’ve always got your back

You have my respect.” A brother who is there is family.


I too am a drag football queen.


Letter to You


If I could write a letter to you.

And describe all the times I felt abused.

First, I’d prove that it was showed upon by myself. You used threats but you never showed remorse. Then I’d say that you weren't tough.

Now I know that you really liked me and it seems unfair.

But all I can say is pain is real pain. I’ve got so much going for me goin right.

But I know that love never saw Friday Night.

I wasn’t right for you and I met you online and I’d see but still I feel that there’s a knife in my heart. I’ll make it through and you’ll see. I’m still strong enough to write this Letter to you.


At the time I called you special, always felt special when I said this.

Don’t stop me. When you asked me for something even more. Forget it turns out bad.

Just assume that you have more time to use your hands for something even more.

And I should thank my friend while he was in Orlando to help me out when you told me you were sick.

He bent over to help me out and even started getting cyberbullied and I really love him but he’s my friend.  

I got some much while I got pictures from Disneyland . I’ve got so much going for me goin right. But I know that love never saw Friday Night.

Tonight he returns and I want to see him again he’s very protective and he will hunt you down.

But stay alert he’ll find you. I’m still around to write this letter to you I can't wait to see who will take me in their arms, he says have no fear. These are nowhere near the best times of my life.


I guess I’ll see you never again.

PS go hug Slasher.

I know at 16 it’s hard to see past friday night.

I wish you left and just erased yourself from the world

I wish you could just leave because no one needs you. If I could write letter to you.



Glad You’re Gone


You say You still love

Say You love Me

All over the Curve


All over The Grave

I won’t be able to agree

You are so Naive


You can’t Groove

The man you can be

Won’t Leave


To Have better of

You’re so barky

Like a glove


For Fear of

The girl who’s beauty

Be making of


Get to the bottom of


We have no need of your crave

You can’t behave

I’m glad you’re gone and All of The Above




From my head to my head to my toes

It’s a real and cool

Fresh and cool it’s what I do


Working as a drag queen on youtube

Never really knew I would do this

Used to watch Youtube now I’m a Drag queen

Like Sharon and Alaska

I’m always setting trends with my two

Best Friends. When things

Get outta hand, We have a plan

We are the future of Gal Power


© Copyright 2018 Cherry S. Mercury. All rights reserved.

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