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Submitted: February 27, 2017

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Submitted: February 27, 2017



February 25, 2017

  I awoke this morning to the voices essentially “getting in my face.” It was almost as if they were trying to get me to get up and get out of bed so that they could begin their day of harassing me. They were also causing me to feel the all too familiar physical sensations / disturbances as well which is nothing out of the ordinary for me.  Usually, I get hit with the physical disturbances in the evening, especially when I’m trying to get to sleep. Very rarely do I get hit with them in the morning as I’m just waking up but, every now and again it does happen.

  I was recently beginning to wonder if there was a difference in the ability that these entities have to mess with me like this based on the time of day. Recently, I’ve been noticing that they are much more active in the evening and at night than they are during the day. This is something that I was pondering over. However, just like with this morning, I can recall numerous occasions where these entities were quite active in the morning or during the daylight hours. So, I suspect that there is nothing set in stone really that would cause these entities to have more energy and be more active during the day. I think that it probably just boils down to that these particular entities that are oppressing me simply prefer to be more active at night. They are most active with the physical disturbances right after I go to bed and am trying to sleep.

  They know that this causes me great aggravation and that is exactly why they do it. They are trying to be as disruptive as possible and they are effective at causing me a great deal of annoyance. This is why I still have to take a sleep-aid practically every night, because if I don’t there is a very real possibility that these entities will deprive me of sleep for an entire night. It has happened before on many occasions. I’m almost convinced that I’m starting to develop a tolerance to this particular sleep-aid that I’ve been taking for well over a year now. I find that I’m having to take double, if not triple the amount just to get the same effect from it. I suppose that very soon, I’m going to have to try and go without it for a little while. I realize that it’s not a good thing to be too dependent on it to get to sleep every single night. I have to learn to condition myself to fall asleep despite dealing with abuse in the form of harassing voices and physical/bodily disturbances. Soon, I’m going to have to make a go of it without the sleep-aid. If I can manage without it, then I would consider that a significant improvement in my overall situation.

Well. It’s now the end of February, 2017. It’s the two-year anniversary of when my oppression situation began. It was at the end of February, 2015 when I first began to have incidents of hearing these harassing voices with just my ears. This happened as a result of my brief two-month experimentation with EVP (the Electronic Voice Phenomenon). During the month of February, my recording experience began to change in nature and I began hearing numerous “negative voices” on my recordings. At the end of that month, I began hearing these negative voices outside of my recordings with just my ears.

  A month after this began, I was hearing these harassing and intrusive voices at an extreme level, around the clock. It took several months for my situation to start to calm down as far as the intensity of the abuse goes. But, these entities remain attached to my life essentially to this day, exactly two years later.  I still hear these intrusive voices every day, but they are not nearly as strong now as they once were. It seems to me, that just with the passage of time, I’ve (to some degree) developed something of an immunity to the presence of these voices. But, yes this is what one kind of spiritual oppression can look like. It can involve hearing voices. These voices that I hear are extremely intrusive and their presence is still troubling to me.

  These particular voices that I hear like to play psychological mind games with me quite often. They always seem to be out to harass or manipulate me in some way. During the first few weeks of my oppression situation, I was so overwhelmed by the situation, that I unfortunately allowed the content of what these entities were saying to me to have an effect. These entities at first liked to portray themselves as being powerful and in a position where their judgements and condemnations of me seemed justified. I now know that this is not the case. These particular entities that oppress me are not all powerful. They do not use magic and they are in fact much weaker and ineffective than they let on. They use a lot of illusion, deception and trickery to achieve their aims and these aims are never anything positive as far as my own case is concerned. They seem to be constantly trying to cause disruption in my life. With this element, I sense only an empty malevolence to their nature. Perhaps that’s a harsh judgement there, but, they’ve really given me little other impressions to go by in determining what sort of individuals they are. If I’m wrong about this, then I welcome them to prove it, but as of yet, they have not done this.

I do believe that this particular malevolent element intentionally sets out trying to lure people in to communicating with them on a regular basis so that they can attempt to gain access to a person’s perception range.  An example of this would be causing a person who had been experimenting with EVP, to hear voices outside of the recordings. During the first month of my EVP recording, practically all of the voices that I was hearing on my recordings were benign if not outright benevolent. This leads me to believe that it is sometimes the communication that initially seems the most benevolent in nature, that could in fact be carrying serious risk. These entities that oppress me were initially very masterful at concealing their true nature and their true intentions.

  We cannot see them or know what they are thinking, but they can see us and read us like a book. This is why this type of pursuit is so fraught with dangers. Because, there is such a possibility of being deceived and manipulated without even knowing it until events begin to take a negative turn. And at least in my own case, by the time that I had begun to hear these voices outside of recordings, it was already too late to quickly reverse the situation by simply stopping all EVP activity (which I did). I had already attuned my ears to hearing these negative entities and I am still left dealing with the consequences of that to this day.

  I have made much progress in training myself to block out these voices to a significant degree, but clearly in my estimate, training myself to hear them was a lot easier and progressed much more quickly than training myself not to hear them. But, after dealing with them for all of this time, I am now much more desensitized and immune to their antics. At one time (regrettably) they essentially acted as my puppet masters. This is no longer the case at all but, I admit that I still find their continued presence to be quite aggravating at times.

  These particular harassing entities are extremely pernicious and many things that are held in popular belief to drive away “evil spirits” will prove ineffective with them. This is another factor that one should give serious consideration to before they decide to engage in any kind of activity that involves attempting to establish any kind of contact with what is essentially the unknown. One must realize that once the door is opened, it is not always so easily closed.

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