The Magic Tomato

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Well, this is the first strange book of my four book trilogy, so yeaaaaaaah... Thanks for reading!

Submitted: February 27, 2017

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Submitted: February 27, 2017



Once, in a town filled with people, most of them farmers, there was a young tomato farmer who had grown his first tomato, except it never came out of the ground.  He was devastated and jumped into the nearest dumpster and never came out.  But the tomato DID grow!  It just grew underground.  A new farmer came to the town.  He found the young farmer’s house, saw that no one was there and said outloud to himself, “I could get used to this.”

He then got to work and planted many potatoes, but he was not used to this size of field, and planted them too closely together.  One of the potatoes had been planted right above the tomato.  Its roots began to coil around the tomato, and it became a magic potato.  The magic potato then grew really long roots, and coiled around all of the other potatoes!  They also became magic potatoes.  But the tomato was still magic too!  The potatoes began moving further underground than they should have, the potatoes got stuck and the tomato, sensing the presence of the other magic foods, began drawing them closer, like a ball of potatoes underground.

When the farmer went to harvest the potatoes, he was surprised to find that none of them were there!  But, there was a giant mound of dirt under one of the potato’s past planting places.  He tried to dig it up, and he found a giant potato glowing rainbow colors.  He touched it with his shovel.  The potato shot out right when it was touched, knocking the shovel back in time, a long time ago.  It landed in a galaxy far far away.  The farmer ran to get the police as the potato returned to its spot under ground.

The farmer burst into the police station, “Help!  There is a giant potato monster in my field!!!”

The police looked at him with a look of disbelief, and then laughed.  “Oh, and why should we believe you?”

Just then, the ground began to rumble, “THE POTATO!!!  RUN!!!”

The ground where the potato had shot up had now been blown up by a barrage of potatoes.  The magic tomato, surrounded by tons of magic potatoes, was floating about three yards above the ground.  It moved towards the center of the town, shooting potatoes at anything that was blocking its direct path.  The police called the Council of Magic Food Control, “There is a giant mass of potatoes that are destroying the town!  We need help!”  Just as he yelled help, the police station was destroyed by a horde of potatoes.  The Council of Magic Food Control sent the Anti-Starch squad to the town where chaos has struck.  They tried and tried, but they were all sent catapulting back in time and out of this world.

Then the tomato was revealed, “Send, in, the, Tomato, Trashers…”  The Council then sent in the Tomato Trashers.

They were able to destroy the potatoes surrounding the tomato.  Then, the boy in the dumpster looked out, saw the tomato, and said, “MY TOMATO!!!”  He jumped out, ran to the tomato, and then he yelled, “Hello!  I’m Billybob!  I grew you!”

Then the tomato said, “Yes!  I remember now!  Eat me…”

Billybob was confused, “Eat you?”

The tomato said, “Yes, they are about to shoot me.  DO IT NOW!!!”  Billybob ate the tomato.  All of existence ended.

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