The Totally Un-magical Turtle

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Yes, this is the second book in my four book trilogy. Enjoy!

Submitted: February 27, 2017

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Submitted: February 27, 2017




After Billybob ate the magic tomato, he gained the powers if a god.  He was scared, and accidently erased all of existence.  However, he wasn’t erased.  He is still scared, but he is still alive: floating in nothing, unaware of anything, and yet, he is still alive. (Just realised I said he is alive twice…)



*GASP*  “Where… am… I?”  Billybob asked himself as he looked around at the nothingness that surrounded him.  “Hey, Billybob!  Yeah, I’m down in your ‘stomach’”  Billybob was surprised, “Wait, is that you, tomato?!”  The tomato replied, “Yes, it is me.”  Billybob was overjoyed, “Where is everything?  Where am I?  Are we dead???”  The tomato was overloaded with questions, “O.k., first, I need a name.”  Billybob thought for a short time, “AHA!  I shall name you, Turtle!!!”  

Turtle was surprised, “O.k., so, all of existence, other than us of course, was destroyed by you when you ate me.  You are in literally nothing…  and you are obviously not dead.”  Billybob took a while to take this in, “Wait, if I caused this, can’t I reverse it?”  Turtle thought about this, “Well, you absorbed my god powers, so, you will be able to rebuild the universe, but not reset it.”  

When Billybob heard this, he was disappointed, “But, how do I rebuild it?”  Turtle laughed, “You just think of what you want, and say it outloud, and poof!”  

Billybob thought of a potato, “I WANT A POTATO!”  all of a sudden, a potato appeared out of nowhere.  “WOW!!!” Billybob said, amazed,  “Wait, if I can make this…”  Billybob suddenly thought of an universe reset button, “UNIVERSE RESET BUTTON!!!”  Turtle was amazed, “Wow, why did I not think of that…”  The button appeared.  Billybob pressed it.



“Yes!  I remember now!  Eat me…”  Billybob was confused, “Wait, why am I here?”  The tomato was angered, “BILLYBOB, EAT!  ME!  NOW!!!”  Billybob replied, “No, if I do, we will all die.”  The tomato was confused, “What???  What do you mea-”

Just then, the tomato was shot.  “I’m sorry, Turtle”

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