The Dimension Hopping Tomato

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Hello! I do not own Undertale. Enjoy the fourth book in my tomato trilogy!

Submitted: February 27, 2017

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Submitted: February 27, 2017



If billybob had still eaten the tomat-


HEY, ALL OF YOU,  THIS IS ME, TURTLE.  I HAD NO IDEA THAT THIS HAD HAPPENED, WHEN BILLYBOB ATE me, everything ended.  IF i knew this, i would have just ran.  But, i have powers i have never had before.  I control time!!!  ANd this, this is what i will do with it!!!


Once, in a town filled with people, most of them farmers, there was a young tomato farmer who had grown his first tomato, except it never came out of the ground.  He was devastated and jumped into the nearest dumpster and never came out.  But the tomato DID grow!  It just grew underground.  A new farmer came to the town.  He found the young farmer’s house, saw that no one was there and said outloud to himself, “I could get used to this.”

He then got to work and planted many potatoes, but he was not used to this size of field, and planted them too closely together.  One of the potatoes had been planted right above the tomato.  Its roots began to coil around the tomato, and it became a magic potato.  The magic potato then grew really long roots, and coiled around all of the other potatoes!  They also became magic potatoes.  But the tomato was still magic too!  The potatoes began moving further underground than they should have, the potatoes got stuck and the tomato, sensing the presence of the other magic foods, began drawing them closer, like a ball of potatoes underground.

When the farmer went to harvest the potatoes, he was surprised to find that none of them were there!  But, there was a giant mound of dirt under one of the potato’s past planting places.  He tried to dig it up, and he found a giant potato glowing rainbow colors.  He touched it with his shovel.  The potato shot out right when it was touched, knocking the shovel back in time, a long time ago.  It landed in a galaxy far far away.  The farmer ran to get the police as the potato DIDN’T return to its spot under ground.  THE potato awakened the other potatoes, and brought up turtle too.  “Now, to cause some trouble, ha ha ha!!!”  turtle said as he shot three potatoes over into the town.  “Now, time warp!!!”  all of a sudden, the potatoes grew to larger than full size, and they had large, destructive roots too.  “That should keep them busy.”  TIME WARP!!!


Dimension 9x41+593-2(3394)[or -5826]


Sans gasped, “Huh, well, this could be bad…  Dimension one just went crazy…”  Sans left his lab and went up to the front of the house, SANS!!!  YOUR SPAGHETTI IS GETTING COLD!!!”a voice yelled.  Sans sighed, “Coming Papyrus.”

As Sans entered the house, he sat down at a table and picked up his fork, “So, you lazybones, why is it you seem so down?”  Sans once again sighed, “I don’t know, I just think something bad may be coming.”  Papyrus was confused, “Well, what do you mean, by bad?”  Sans put down his fork, “I’m  sorry, I made a promise with someone.  I can’t talk about it.”  Papyrus was sad, “Well, if you made a promise, *Sigh* I guess you need to keep it.”  Sans then picked up his fork, and choked down his brother’s terrible spaghetti.

“I’m going to bed, see you tomorrow.”  Sans said as he went up the stairs.  “Huh?  Someone at the door?  This late at night?  Well, I wonder who it could be…”  Papyrus said as he went over to the door, as he opened it, “HOI!!!  DOES YOU WANT TEM SCOUT COOKIES????”  The Tem Scout yelled.  “GAH!!!  WHAT IS THIS???” Papyrus yelled in surprise.  “WELL, TEM DONT GET MANY VISITS, SO TEM GO VISIT THEM WITH COOKIES!!!”  Papyrus was pleased, “Ahh, and what kind of cookies do you have?”  The temmie picked up the two boxes, “WE HAS TEMMIE FLAKES COOKIES AND DOUBLE TEMMIE FLAKE COOKIES!!!”  Papyrus picked up the cookie boxes, “Hmmm, which to chose, which to chose…”


“I’m sorry, but I think I’m not in the mood for cookies.”  The temmie still had a huge smile on its face, “BOI!!!”  Papyrus looked up and yelled in surprise, “WOWIE!!!  IT’S ALREADY MORNING?!?!”

Sans groaned, “Go back to bed Pap…”  and went back to sleep.  “WELL, WELL, WELL, WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE?  A LITTLE SKELETON IN HIS BED,” Sans was startled as he got out of bed, “Wait, is that you Pap?”  “PAP, WHO’s pap?”   Sans replied, “He’s my brother, have you forgotten?  But wait, if you’re not Papyrus talking weird, then who are you???”  “oh, you wouldn’t know.  Heh, heh, heh.”  Oh, but I do, Asriel.”  “Asriel, who is asriel?”  my name is, well, i guess you can call me turtle…”  “Wait, Turtle?  Seriously?  Are you a turtle?”  “i meant turtle the terrifying!!!”  “Ha, and I’m Sans the Scary.”  “oh, you didn’t just insult me, did you???”  you will pay!”  TIME WARP!!!

“Huh, I would’ve thought the house would look different if we were a few seconds into the future.”  “wait, what?  Why didn’t this work???”  Time warp!!!

“I’m sorry, we have someone here who controls time, with her around, you can’t do anything to reset.”  “What?  Wait, what is happening to my powers???”  “You could say, you’re losing it.”  “wait, no, I shall not lose my powers, I know how I can do this, I shall take physical form.”  just then, Turtle the terrifying appeared in front of sans.

“Heh, I thought you would be more than a tomato,”  Just then, Sans brought up his hand, a giant white thing appeared behind him, “Now, eat Gaster Blaster.”  FWOOSH.

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