The Big Rainbow Grape.

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Hello, this is a random thing I made, enjoy?

Submitted: February 27, 2017

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Submitted: February 27, 2017



Once, there was a grape.  It was purple.  This grape was struck by lightning.  It survived.  It started faintly glowing in rainbow colors, growing brighter and brighter.  Then it popped off of its vine.  It started to grow.  Everything nearby it was consumed by its rainbowness, disappearing and feeding the grape.

It then was noticed by a farmer.  He reported it to the cops, they didn't believe him.  He started coming back every day, telling the police that it was getting bigger and everything was disappearing and it was glowing brighter.

Eventually the police came to look, what they saw was insane, a rainbow grape growing bigger, shining brighter, and consuming everything.  The cop ran back to the station to tell the president.  The president listened and ordered the cop to just shoot it.  So he did, it bounced off and was consumed.

He told the president what had happened, the president called in the entire army, and told them to shoot it.  Everything was consumed, with it growing bigger and bigger each time.

The president then ordered an evacuation around the area, saying he was going to try a nuke.  Eventually, the area was evacuated and the nuke was dropped, simply absorbed by the grape, because of the nuclear radiation, grew at a crazy rate.  Eventually, the world was absorbed, the galaxy, and all of existence.  Then the grape withered up and shot everything up where it was, including the nuke.  It blew up everyone in the sky, and left radiation on the rest.  The end…

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