Love after Life

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One Should learn to See what life gives you in turn for taking away everything you love!

Submitted: February 27, 2017

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Submitted: February 27, 2017



Beyond just falling in love or letting it go, I wanted to pen down what life actually gives us, when it takes away everything that we love. Hence I chose Gabby.
Gabriel is a guy next door and he is insanely tall. His messy hair and benevolent smile completes his feature description. He didn't know that his shirt never matched his pants for years. His bike is his twin not because he loves it so much just coz they look alike.. dirty ever. He is an Ideal version of his name Gabby, which means “MOTOR MOUTH”. As a whole he is a complete package of disaster.
Though he is unalluring as per the girl’s equation, he is irresistible to guys. He is not GAY! On other side, his Career is everything in his own world!
It was New Year! He was hoping that everything is going to be alright not immediately but eventually. Despite the usual messages he found an odd message in his inbox. Actually a right message from an Odd person.
INBOX: Regina – “Wish you a Very Happy New Year Gabriel! May your days be more blissful and the twist in life brings you more happiness!!” – 01/01/2016
Regina is Gabby's senior in college. She has this "I Don't Care you" attitude. She has a mesmerizing smile which will hardly bloom. Her routine is to shuttle between office and Hostel 6 days a week. And Sunday is dedicated to sleep entirely.  Colleagues were one among few people who were authorized to talk to her with conditions applied. Very selective in her outfits but she never encourage others to complement it. In short she is weirdo!
Gabriel –“Hi!! How are you? Since years I haven’t heard anything from you. What’s up?”
Regina– “I spoke to you only once. Anyway am good”
Gabriel– “Good to talk to you after 5 years”
Regina– NO REPLY
“What the heck.. Such an attitude.. I am not her JUNIOR. Lemme show my attitude next time when she ping me! Will she call again? I don't know…. If she does then I will. Otherwise what the hell I could do?!!" Gabby babbled.
On a tiresome Monday evening!
“It would be better if there is a secret door near my work desk so that when I open it, I shall fall straight on my cozy bed at home. Would be more awesome if someone feed me hot chapatis with egg curry while I sleep” Gabby fantasized.
Out of tremendous effort he dragged himself out of office to the parking area. His only love, his bike showed no willingness to start. Tough luck stroked him again.
“You proved that you are no different from my Friend’s Girlfriends!! Understand sweet heart. Start Karo” ragged at his bike. Half way through the conversation, his phone started to ring. “Err….  Manager!“ Gabby screamed “ Am not your F***ing GF! Go to hell” and kicked his bike hard. And got home somehow.
After a long day, he fell in bed flipping his phone. “Oh Shit! Its Regina not my Manager! How did I miss her call!!”
Gabriel – “ Hi senior. Am sorry was lil busy at office. Are you awake!”
Regina – NO REPLY
“Why would she call me after months again!! What would be the reason! Next morning I should call her first to ask why! Would it be anything very important! I am such a dumbo to decide who is ringing me without even looking at my phone! As if I am Master Genius!” He thought to himself.
The next whole day he was immersed in her thoughts. “It is just a call from a hardly known person. Why am I thinking too much?” questioned himself many times. He couldn’t restrain from calling her and still there was no response. At a point he concluded that he not gonna take it any further and stop repelling with his conscious. There arrived her text.
Regina – “ Hi. I writing a story. Share me the most interesting incident happened in your life. If it is difficult to let it out then no issues
“Why God forgot to embed the sense of request in most of the Girls!?” Gabby Theorized.
Gabriel – "Interesting incident!!?? I dont have any except my love story”
Regina – “I am least interested in love stories. Can you tell me some other heart touching happening!
“What the hell is wrong with her? Am just trying to help her and she is ordering!!”
Gabriel – “Okay then I will share you a mail that brought lots of emotions in me at the end. Hope it will give you the essence of actual life for your story
Regina – “ Let me See How far it works
Gabriel –
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Pooja <>
Date: 20 May 2012 07:58
Subject:  To my Love Forever


My Dear Love Gabby!!


I remember 17th Jan 2012, the last time when we met. You came airport to send off me. It was when I felt too heavy with the soul full of love for you. It was the moment where I wanna hide myself beneath your warmth forever. That was the moment I threw all my guilt & conscious towards the people around and kissed you to bid bye. And that would be our last kiss and Physical touch.
Please do not get mad on me....
I will not be alive when you read this mail.
I know it is very difficult for you to digest my death. Everyone’s life will end at a point. But remember one thing!!  I MAY DIE PHYSICALLY BUT I WILL LIVE IN EACH AND EVERY SMILE OF YOURS.
Please do not cry and get mad with anyone as my death news will reach you only after 4 weeks. I wanted you to fulfill few wishes of MINE! Will you do it for me?
You should become a successful person in life and you must marry a girl who will take care of you better than me and live happily.  I don’t wanna give you up to anyone else bcoz u r mine!! but i am left with no choice... I dont want your life to be ruined with my memories and Please forgive me for the scar I embossed in your life.
Last year I was diagnosed with Fibroid almost at the final stage. From that moment I was thinking about the promise I made you. I am sorry I will not be able to deliver you our girl baby as we wished to have one after marriage.
I am sure that my Gabby is a strong Man! If you wanna prove me wrong then remember “You are crying now because a person whom you loved most left you, likely dont make the loving hearts to break down into pieces on behalf of you. Moreover my soul will not rest in peace”.
I am not afraid of leaving this world. Actually I am excited and happy about it. Finally am going to rest in peace with my Dad and Mommy in heaven!! Lol hopefully in heaven. My only concern is YOU. I know you are madly in love with me. But prove it by facing the world without ME and find a girl in my place.
Many changes are yet to happen in your life after ME and I will be watching you forever!!
It is really hard for me to say GOOD BYE but I have to. I love you so much Gabby. I am saying it in my death bed whole heartily.




Regina – “What was your state after this happening?"
Gabriel - "Is it OK if it is little dramatic?"
Regina – “I wanna know
Gabriel – “Well!! I couldn’t believe she is no more. I was going mad. I cursed her for not telling the truth soon after diagnosing the problem in her. I would have made lot more memories to cherish and prepare myself to face her death. Begged her cousins for the hospital address. Flew to France to know how she spent her last days in hospital.
I had sleepless nights and lifeless days. The world revolved quicker for me than anyone else. Parents forced to take psychiatric sessions. I am getting better
Regina – “How was her last moment before surgery?”
Gabriel – “She burrowed her Doctor's laptop and saw all the picture of our love anger sorrow etc in course of years i was told"
Regina m – “Is there anything you wanted to ask her if she come back and stay with you for few min”
Gabriel Col Junior – “Many!! First I wanna ask Why did she leave me alone in this bloody world?”
It is easy to look at a person and make instant judgments about them, their past and present. But you would be amazed at the pain and tears a single smile hides. What a person show to the world is a single tiny facet of the iceberg hidden from sight.
Regina is now mere reflection of what she is not! She covers her inability to offend people who use her innocence with rudeness. She blended her with pooja and started replying back gabby.
Regina – “I told you that I am living in every smile of yours!!”
Gabriel – “But it is hell for me each day. I am not the person what the other side of world sees in me”
Regina – “Which means you don’t believe that I am with you and watching you forever!”
Gabriel – “What am I suppose to do in my life further without you and what about my girl baby!
Regina – “As I told before I want you to be a successful person in the career. I know you are perusing it and will reach the destiny one day as I wished for. And am waiting to see your choice of girl in my place to complete our dreams about future
Gabriel – “Will you leave me again?
Regina – “I will never vanish until your smile prevails and I will love you forever
Gabriel – “I dunno what made you to reply for all my questions Regina. My Phone is almost drenched in tears. I felt her presence. This might be the replies that she would have given if she is alive. I couldn’t express my gratitude. After years I feel the peace.”
Regina– “At least your Love is not fake and dead like mine! Whenever you feel like talking to Pooja you can call me in her name. Take care!!”
Exactly after 4 months…
Regina – “Gabby what happened to the sessions?”
Gabriel- “ My doc seriously wanted to meet you! She said a big NO to sleeping pills. There is drastic improvement in my reports too and sessions needed only once in six month.Love you  Pooja!!
Regina – “Awww… Love you Gabby!!

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