The pebbles

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The distance failed...

Submitted: February 28, 2017

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Submitted: February 28, 2017



Tuli and Paras have been married for 15 years already. Tuli, a micro artist would scribe on all the pebbles with her hairpin when Paras would serve the nation while on the sea. Paras, a sailor by profession returned from his work to home for 4 months. One evening, as he was strolling by the sea, he sat down between the rocks and picked up the pebbles. 

One pebble said, "Honey, our home is a mess without you". 

The other said, "This abstract printed red dress is too old now".

While another one said, "You look sexy now". 

He grinned and said it loud, "Aye Aye, love!" 

He cleaned the house, did the laundry and bought a watercolor printed dress. With teary eyes, he left the dress on the pebbles. Tuli frowned from the heaven and said, "But, I wanted a floral dress."

Life is too short for hatred, regrets, and complaints. Tuli and Paras lived every moment with love. When Paras lost Tuli to an accident, he lived with her memories locked in his heart. The distance was always long, even then and even now. But, love never dies, it just demands the pain to be felt sometimes.  


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