Preventing violent extremism

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Position paper regarding the issue of terrorism in Middle East.
Article written down for Scotmun, counter-terrorism committee.

Submitted: February 28, 2017

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Submitted: February 28, 2017



Standing Committee on Terrorism (SCT)

Country: United Arab Emirates

Delegate: Francesco Galdiero

Topic: Preventing Violent Extremism


Terrorism, which endangers innocent lives, causes losses of social wealth and jeopardizes security of States, constitutes a serious challenge to human civilization and a serious threat to international peace and security. The UAE Government opposes and condemns all forms of terrorism and is against using terrorism as a means of achieving political objectives. Account to history and trials, we know that several governments have used and financed terrorism for their purposes in foreign countries. Therefore we declareism is the most prevalent issue regarding our security, our geo-economic policy and our stability. Our geopolitical position and our alliance with Italy for the new renewable energy “Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050” and our “Barakah nuclear power plan” can be both hindered by subversive or terrorists groups damaging the economic and social progress of the country. We believe to be one the most probable target by Daesh and/or Al-Nusra since we are one of the most westernized countries in Middle East and since we are involved in the Western-Coalition againstFur needs to control the Iranian policy for the tension and thersistent quarrel islands ofAbu Musa, Greater Tunb e Lesser Tunb. Secondly it is necessary to monitor the links between Iran and Houthi rebels since EAU is a member of the Pro-Yemen coalition against them. (1)

 the so-called Arab Sp on one side UAE adopted a preventive action, monitoring programs on the territory through a constant and capillary intelligence task with a savant balance and on the other side they have carried out supporting measures to the less developed sectors and regions to avoid domestic rebellions and threats the attempt of a terrorist attack to the highest skyscraper in Dubai government established a rigorous law against international tactivities which ledditions on a terrorist suspect: travel ban, being putted under surveillance, being prevented from residing in a specific place or designated area, being banned from contacting specific person. (2) In addition,  has a collective agreement with European Union and a solid diplomatic and intelligence cooperation with Italy against terrorism.

UAE encourages all States to become parties to the existing international anti-terrorism conventions as soon as possible and to effectively implement such conventions. In their cooperation to fight international terrorism, all States should faithfully fulfil their responsibilities, obligations and reach the same solutions, including:condemning all acts, methods and practices of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations as criminal and unjustifiable promoting a “Community Collective Defence Program” against terrorism with the involvement of the people, therefore in schools, universitieaking necessary measures, in accordance with their national laws and international obligations, to cut off any financial, material and military support to terrorists, therefore clarify theintelligence investigations regarding the links between NATO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrein, Turkey, Israel with Daesh and Al-Nusra. At last, taking appropriate measures to ensure that their territories are not used as terrorist training camps or to prepare or organize acts of terrorist activities against other countries or their nationals, therefore it is important to clarifyand uncover the intel investigations regarding terrorist training camps in Turkey, Chechenia, Kosovo and Italy. (5)(6).




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