hidden treasure in rocky mount

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Submitted: February 28, 2017

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Submitted: February 28, 2017



Hidden Treasure in Rocky Mount


He didn’t want to use them as part of their plan, but now he had been forced to. If only those two annoying kids hadn’t gotten in the way of what him and his crew were planning to do.  They were twins- both girls. When he had first seen them riding their quads down some trails through a forest near their camp, they had seemed like such harmless kids that kept to themselves.

But one day, he had caught them snooping around their camp late at night. He was scouting the camp looking for any trespassers, when he saw movement in the shadows among a heap of rocks off in one corner of their camp. The man put two fingers to his lips and whistled for the guard dogs to come. He grabbed a flashlight, switched it on, and swung it towards the movement. It was then that he saw two girls sprinting towards a forest in the darkness of the night. The man whistled sharply three times and the dogs took off in the direction of the girls, barking viciously. He then leaped onto his quad and sped after the kids.


Chapter 1




I didn’t want to move to B.C.. I didn’t want my dad to die, or my mom to ever get married again. But that all happened to me in what felt like a split second!

My name is Sierra, and I have a younger twin sister whose name is Kaci. She is only younger than me by 45 seconds, but that’s still younger!! We are 12, turning 13 soon.  I also have a little step-brother that’s three years old, an older step-sister that’s 15 years old (turning 16 soon), and of course my step-dad. My step-brother’s name is Dexter and my step-sister’s name is Rachel. Even though my step-dad is now technically my dad, Kaci and I still call him by his real name, which is Dustin. Since Dustin’s last name is Barkman, our last names changed to Barkman as well when Mom married him.

We go to a school near the coast in the city of Rocky Mount, called “Rocky Beach Middle School (RBMS)”. This is our second year being in that school and we are currently in seventh grade. When we had first moved to Rocky Mount and were beginning our first year in RBMS, I was extremely nervous, just like Kaci was. Well, at least I assumed that she was nervous, and by the look that she had worn on her face when it was the first day in the new school had told me that I had been right.

When we were riding our quads to RBMS on the first day of school, I had kept asking myself questions, like, will we fit in? Will we make new friends? Are the teachers and kids that go there nice? Well, I think that you get the point- I had a whole ton of anxiety!

Anyways, when we had gotten to the school, the principal had motioned for us to follow him into his office. He had told us that his name was Mr. Smith, and that he would try extra hard to help us fit in. Mr. Smith had also told us how the school worked, and what some of the expectations were. Sure enough, after a week of school, we had been making lots of new friends and it felt as if we had been going to RBMS for a really long period of time.

Then, about three months after we had been going to RBMS, Mom had gotten remarried to Dustin, and she suddenly became a Christian. Since Dustin isn’t a Christian, I don’t know how or why Mom became one, but she just did, and it changed our lives forever. Soon after Mom had given her heart to the Lord, Kaci and I had decided to do that as well, and were going to church with Mom every Sunday. Even though Dustin and Akira still aren’t Christians, and Dexter is still too young to understand how it all works, our family still gets along pretty well most of the time. Every day I pray that God will make something happen to them that will change their hearts to follow Him, just like He did for me.

Ever since I have chosen to follow the Lord, my life has changed tremendously, and I am super grateful for that change.

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