The Work That No One Else Dared To Write

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Read at your own risk. Like Western Europe and the world at large, the US also has been indoctrinated to accept a historical record that conceals an astonishing, if not terrifying truth...The US may have a National Socialist absolute authority running it by 2021-22. According to the historical sequence already in place, of somehow this development in the ultimate negative is delayed, then it will most certainly appear at some point in the near future; unless the people can comprehend how it will come about, then demand with all vigor that it fade from the scene. Discover how you may find out the real facts that government doesn't want you to know by reading this essay.

Submitted: February 28, 2017

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Submitted: February 28, 2017



Throughout all time and place, those that have dared to speak the truth have been both reviled and despised,espeacially when the real truth ran against the perception being forced upon the population at large. There can be virtually no doubt that the story titled, "The Emperor Who Wore No Clothes," was conceived via the same perception mentioned. The same likewise might be said of history at large. While the Europeans might reluctantly accept the idea that their own historical record being handed back down to them has been tainted, Americans are far less willing to accept the same of their own.

A hard examination by an unobjective, open mind to the possibility reveals patterns of similarity inside the historical record. First we have a mass distraction, then constitutional liberties are removed. Labels are charged with appeal to emotion and sympathy, for indoctrinated citizens to catagories harbbengers of the truth into, should any person dare to point out the fact that the masses have been, and are being lied to. Even though the US has the first amendment to the constitution inside the "Bill Of Rights," should a person dare to point out a truth that runs counter to the propagandists command for acceptance, then the Federaly subsidized employer is at liberty to condemn and prosecute underneath the legal terminology of "At Will Employment," and condemn any messanger of the truth to the  financial punation of termination. Hense, in direct spite of the US Constitution, the central bank and the corporations labor to condemn any person who speaks out against any of their imposing aganda undertakings.

For the purpose of revealing examples, one is free to start at the very beginning of American history. From the time of Columbus making his appeal for support to the gracious Queen, Isabella, down to colony of James Town; Spanish, French and English colonist entered onto the scene as being part of a military colony, or an absolute authority, if you will. Out of all three catagories, the French were the least inclined to be so, but their level of influence was also among that of the least. 

We are all aware that military colonies are ran by an absolute authority;  which in all honesty, during the beginning years shear survival on the American continent demanded nothing less. Within the first twenty years at James Town, however, we notice changes in the general disposition of the colonists at large. Large numbers of addtional colonists had entered into the colony. This new company included a few members of the military elite, and even lesser ones of the Royal Familiy of England; but it also included skilled craftsmen, experienced merchantilists, with unskilled laborers and adventurers constituting be largest catagory among the incoming colonists.

The entire purpose of the colony's existance was to gather raw natural product, produce raw product, and process raw product; which would then be purchased by established English corporations such as the East India Company, then shipped into already established markets to be sold for a much greater profit. The central idea here was that the English had very inexpenseive labor and production costs, could buy low, then sell at a far greater profit. As a consequence, individual colonists were basically left alone by the British Government. These govenment officials received their money from resale of the product and tax on the resale end in markets far away from America.

The individual colonist felt increasingly independant early on. Many among the rank and file colonist had entered onto US shores as unskilled laborers, and by the efforts of frugality and their own industrousness, had built up estates that possessed the ability to generate a level of wealth on par with auristocracy. We find evidence of this phenomenon in John Lawsons exploritory account, "Voyage To Carolina." The result was that by 1700 these colonists no longer felt that they really needed any sort of outside authority to run the system for them. They beleived themselves to be fully self sufficent, by this time.

An ultimate expression of self sufficency and independence of a society is the production of one's own currency, having the face value supported by an equal value in gold or silver. The gold and sliver used was that found in Spanish, French, or English coin, as well as that found inside natural deposits in the landscape, which were very few and far between. Experiments were made with using deer and beaver hides, salt and tobacco, and even peacot and turkey quills; but virtually noting held a constant value like gold and silver, except possibly diamonds, which deposits of in America were virtually non existant.

 The obvious result from producing one's own currency and supporting it with gold and silver was that colonial governments were largely debt free. Being debt free also meant that the central bank of England was not making money in interest percentages charged to national installment fees . This reality was not much of a problem on the initiative, since great wealth was derived from resale of American produced and crafted product at a huge value mark up. By 1753, however, both national and international situations had commenced to change. 

  This great change came about with emergence of an event know as "The Seven Years War" in Europe, and "The French And Indian War" in America. War consumes wealth, and it costs great levels of funds to accomodate soldiers. England felt that the US colonists should shoulder that cost for the British soldiers defending them.

The direct result of that conviction was establishment of "The Coinage Act," which outlawed all colonial coin and currency. Colonial officials were then compelled to assume huge levels of debt to the bank of England, financed by the banking dynasty of the Rothschild family, for the purpose of paying for that defense. The manner in which this debt was serviced back down upon the backs of the colonial citizens were through taxes; hense the taxes that we have all heard of for our entire lives from this time period such as "The Stamp act," "The Intollerable Acts," "The Liquor Tax," "The Sugar Tax," and all of the others.

The honest truth is that the colonists has already paid their fair share, since it was the American colonists that gave the soldiers quarter inside their own homes, allowed them access to their personal food stores, allowed them to use any if their hardware as needed, and train on their land holdings. From this revelation alone we are at liberty to accept that something else was indeed occuring that has been intentionally concealed from the official historical record. That something was that the banking dynasty of Rothschild and hense, the central bank of England, wanted the American colonies deeply indeted to them!

We are intentionaly led to believe that primarily this tax alone is what prompted the mass revolt against the British from the American colonists. These folks were only uneducated farmers and traders, we are told, so they held no comprehension as to specificaly what government needed the revenue for.

When we indulge in the available information for our indepth investigation, what we are astonished to learn is that the tax only constituted 5% of colonial revenue! Imagine that, in our own day of paying 40% in Federal, State, Local tax, in company with an 8% sales tax and a property tax that consumes 10% of an after income tax extorted from the average US citizens generated revenue! Certainly this notation alone should prompt the question of; could something else have been going on here that is being intnetionaly withheld from the historical record?

When we dare to investigate beneath the surface, what we discover is that British colonial tax officials ruthlessly enforced this 5% tax, to the point of blatent harrassment and calous seizure of private property on a scale that far exceeded 5%. When colonial citizens filed complaints, British government officials simply looked the other way and did virtually nothing to curb the corruption among tax officials. The consequential result was that colonial citizens backlashed heavily, eventually refusing to pay the tax outright, since so much had already been stolen from them.

At this point in the story, the question that should immediatly leap into mind is; why would the official historical reccord omit this relevant fact, leaveing citizens of our present day with idea that the revolt was only against the tax? The answer to that question is that colonists who are viewed as revolting against a 5% tax, are not viewed by the masses as being justified in their refusal to pay this demanded tax; after all, what is there to cry about when one is free to keep 95% of what he takes in? People who refuse to pay because of being visciously intimidated, threatened and often times having their property stolen in amounts that far exceed 5% would be justified in makming a rebellious stand in the face of this officialy sanctioned repression.

  In addtion, at the time of the propagadist twist in the American record, probably made around 1870, it was anticipated that far more than 5% would be extorted again one day in the ever dawning future, and the need for ruthless harrassment and calous collection teckniques would once more appear, and maybe even on a much larger scale that that of the colonial time. If one's idealized heros are those who had once made a hard line stand against such ruthless oppression, then he just might be tempted to do so again. Such possibilities for any future oganization of the citizen masses against an imposing will of government could never be tolerated by an American authority.


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