Unconditional Love

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Submitted: February 28, 2017

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Submitted: February 28, 2017



For years I was your lustful toy, 
emotionally and physically battered and torn,
No hope for a heart whose path was less treaded by love, 
one whose path was brutally worn,
I've seen with my eyes I wasn't befitting to be your prize, 
because of the lies I know the truth,
I had to learn that love is not saying, "I love you," 
but it's all in the things you do.
Can't regret a thing that happened between me and you--
just have to be glad we're through--there's no more pain,
And I've sold my ticket from being "in," 
and now I claim the outwardly sane, beautiful am I.

I've seen that hurt as one reason to 
fly past the tears and the option of years of being broken,
How can you buy what a person has sold you, 
if neither of your stores are open?
Meaning--none of the hearts that partake 
in this thing called love are producing a product,
Logic says when one hurts you it should be over, 
but trying harder says you gain a profit,
True--no one wants to be alone, 
no one wants to play the fool either, but we do!
I unconditionally loved you, but now I'm glad we're through.
What a blessing to have my mind back, and escape the hell of lust
Knowing God didn't put you here for me to give my heart to, 
God didn't design that thing we called "us"

See--you're the person that you are because that is who life has made you--
played you, never have I ever
But the fact that you mistook your lust for love, 
played the game, and dealt the right hand to me--that was clever,
They say we all need a little dirt to grow, 
well the dead in me has arisen, now I'm livin'
Understanding my heart's capabilities, 
living life accordingly, God-fearin'
See, God gave me the vision, 
and he's waiting on me to be patient enough to receive,
And I used to not have any faith in love, but now I do believe, 

I recall a man told me I was too loving, 
and one told me I did too much for him
The other told me that I wasn't going to be loved by anyone--
that I was going to be nothin'
But the thing about a man named GOD, 
he told me that is the past
That those who are last shall be first, 
and those who are first shall soon be last
I don't regret loving you, 
I regret the bridge didn't burn too fast

See what hurts a man is when you stop moping over the pain, 
MAKE yourself a name,
Stop worrying about being what he has, 
and start being proud to be what he had!

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