Steve the goat's brother Bob

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Submitted: February 28, 2017

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Submitted: February 28, 2017



Steve the Goat’s Brother Bob

A week ago there was a goat named Bob. Bob had one friend Billy the dog. Billy and Bob loved to go to the pond in Bob’s pen, but the farmer filled in the pond. Bob and Billy were so sad. Where will they swim now?


One day a flock of ducks landed in Bob and Billy’s pen.

“Hi,” said Bob “My name is Bob and this is my friend Billy. What is your name?”

“My name is Shandy the duck.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Bob. “Where are you going?”

going to St. Malo.”

“Cool, can we come with?” asked Bob.

“Yes, you guys can come with,” said Shandy.

“How long will it be to the lake?” asked Bob.

“It will be 2 days by flying,” said Shandy.

“Ok, are we walking on the road or in the bush?”


“Ok, we will stay away from the bush,” said Bob.

So off they went to the lake. But little did they know, someone was watching them. You may be asking who the someone is. It was the pony from the pen next to

Bob and Billy’s - Aussie. Aussie was from - you guessed it - Australia.

When the farmer first got Aussie, the farmer would pet Aussie and the pen with the beautiful pond was Aussie’s. But, when the farmer got Bob and Billy, Aussie got kicked out of his old pen so Bob and Billy could live there. Aussie has hated Bob and Billy ever since.

I am going to get Bob and Billy in trouble so the farmer will give them

away, and I’ll be his favourite, thought Aussie.

Aussie was pretending he was a ninja. He was hiding behind the bushes as

Bob and Billy were walking and Shandy was flying over head.  

“Bob, why do think the farmer filled in the pond?” asked Billy.

“I don’t know Billy, I don’t know,” said Bob. “Hey Shandy, how much longer?”

“Well we are making good time, I think we will be there by morning.”

“Ok, thank you,” said Bob.

“No problem, Bob.”

“I’m tired, can we sleep?” asked Billy.

“Yes, we can,” said Shandy.

“Good night, Shandy, good night Bob,” said Billy.  

“Good night, Billy,” said Bob.

The next morning Bob, Shandy and Billy wake up from the sound of

someone in the bush. They looked around wildly. They couldn’t see anything. All around was bush.

“Who goes there?” asked Bob.

“Your worst nightmare” said Aussie the ninja pony.

“Is it you Aussie (the ninja pony)?” asked Bob.

“No, I’m your worst nightmare,” said Aussie the ninja pony.

“No, I think it’s you, Aussie.”

“Is the pony you speak of white with black dots?” asked Shandy.

“Yes, why?” asked Bob.

“Because that pony is white with black dots,” said Shandy.

“Aussie we know it’s you. What do you want to do us?” asked Billy.

“I want to go swimming with you,” said Aussie the ninja pony.

“Ok, you can come with us if you want to?” said Bob.

“I would love to come with you!”said Aussie.

“Let’s go!” said Shandy.

Soon they were on the way to St. Malo. They started walking (flying), but

about 15 minutes someone was grumpy.

“How much longer are we going to walk?” asked Billy.

“I can see the sign. We are almost there,” said Shandy.

 5 minutes later they were at St. Malo. They all ran into the water.

“I love it here. I never want to leave,” said Bob.

“I see a tree we can sleep under,” said Billy.

“We can live here forever!” said Shandy and Aussie.

So they lived there for a week, but they wanted to go back home so they

went back. One week out of the whole year they go on their little trip to St. Malo.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End

P.S. Aussie became the world's best ninja pony. And he got the coffee mug to prove it!!!!!


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