I married the wrong man

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Chapter 1

There was woman, name Kim she a workaholic, and never has the time to go out and have fun. No dating nor does she hangout with her friends anymore and she hardly sees her family so this one night Kim got on her computer and searched up a dating site for singles. Then she signs, up put her pictures and information, later on she got a message from this handsome red headed man with blue eyes he message her with hey how you doing ? And then Kim replied back with hello I am good and you are ? He replied back with i am good as well. I'm Sam and you are ? She replies back with and I'm Kim .

And sam says it is nice to meet, you kim I would like,to for us to get to know each other better. If that is okay with you Kim she replied back with yes that would, be fine.
I would like to know you as well Sam then sent her a smiley face and said so tell me about you Kim she replied with I like reading, I work at company I like movies music cooking, she says and then she asked him to tell her about him Sam replied with well I am a business own I like traveling, meeting new people. And I'm into sports cooking as well working out there is not a time you won't hear me telling you I'm going to the gym. Kim replied with a laugh oh I'm sure by the looks of you in your pictures I could tell that you a guy that likes to keep his self in shape she says with a wink. Oh my with a flirt, sam he flirted back with a wink as well. And then after that Sam asked her out on a date, saying Kim would you like to go on a date with me Kim replies with yes I would love to.

Sam replied, saying cool so Kim can I get your address. Kim gave it to him then he said I will pick you up at 7pm Saturday see you then good night got work in the a.m. and kim said as well okay goodnight, I have work too they both went onto bed. The next morning which is the morning, of their date to be Kim she woke up onto the bathroom, showered dressed grab a apple, and out the door she went. Got in her car drove to work, she arrived to her job prepared herself for the day she couldn't start working for thinking about sam her future husband, to be but to get him, out of her mind. So that she could do her work and that she did went on working finishing her day it went by fast today she said only cause I work nine to five today Kim hurried up with work she looked at the time it was 4:50 pm she then said its almost that time Kim left work, and headed on home to get ready for her date tonight. That she haven't went on one since highschoo, she arrived home went in the house and used the bathroom, showered then went in her bedroom and looked in her closet for her most wonderful, dress she then grab her red dress put it on did her hair. And put on her make up then a,sound of the door bell she went to get the door to see that it was Sam he said hello there beautiful Kim said back hello husband oops she laughed i meant handsome. He then smiled at her and said well let's get going on with our date beautiful, Kim then followed behind him looking happy as ever they both got into the car Sam drove off riding to the dating place. He then put on the radio to listen to some music he asked kim what kind of music, do you like ? She said any kind I'm not picky it doesn't matter Sam said okay.

He continued driving until they reach the restaurant, Sam pulled in the parking lot and came a valet to park his car. Kim and Sam got out of the car and walked in to the restaurant Kim thought in her mind and said whoa what a nice place. he out did it then this woman came up to them saying hello mister again follow me here is your table enjoy them a waiter came to the table said hi I'm Jessica I'll be your waiter tonight. Can I offer you a drink Sam said bring a bottle of wine then the waiter said are you ready to order they both said not now the waiter said no problem I'll be back Sam and Kim looked at their menus. Sam said ill order pasta then Kim said that ill have a salad and chicken with veggies then waiter came back and they told her what they wanted they sat and talked got to know each other more than the waiter came back with their food she smiled and left. And they both drank their wine, and ate their food Sam said that was good and then Kim said you know that u have never been to this place as long as I been living here I have never seen this restaurant. Sam laughed and said oh really I have many times its a great place Kim agreed yes it is Sam then the waiter brought the check to the table and Sam looked at it and pulled out his credit card to pay the waiter came back got the check and all. Went to put it in the computer, went back to Sam an Kim gave Sam back his card and both of them get up and headed out of the restaurant outside they went waiting on Sam's car to arrive. The valet arrived with Sam's car, sam open the door for kim ,she said thank you sir with a smile, Sam said you welcome. Then he walked on to the driver,side and got in Kim looked over at him an he looked back at her with a smile then Kim she asked Sam a question, so how come you not trying to kiss me nor touch me ? Sam looked and answered because I am not like other guys. I want to love a woman care for her show her how much she means to me and how much I love her not just for her body. Kim then smiled saying okay I like that in a man my kind of guy and then Sam said oh you do huh that's good now I got a question for you why a beautiful woman like yourself still single. if you don't mind me asking?
Kim said back its okay well cause the right man haven't came into my life Sam looked at her and said oh that's me and laughed Kim said awwww you are sweet Sam said we
Better get going an Kim said yeah I have work all day 7am until 9pm. Sam looked at her and said oh my you have a busy work schedule Kim said yes its my family business then she asked him so Sam where do you work? Sam said I am a lawyer Kim said oh that's good. So are you off tomorrow Kim asked him yes Sam answered then Sam kept driving until he reach her house Sam got out the car and opened the door for Kim she got out the car and Sam walked her to the door Kim said goodnight Sam then said goodnight back. He kissed her on her cheek and walked away Kim then went into side smiling.

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I married the wrong man

Submitted: February 28, 2017

A 29 year's old woman, named Kim she grew up in nyc . her parents both was workaholics had no time for much of nothing always was working come home eat sleep work that's how their family was. Read Chapter

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