Hidden Souls

Hidden Souls

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



A book on spirits, kings, alternate wolds and the unbreakable bond between two siblings.
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A book on spirits, kings, alternate wolds and the unbreakable bond between two siblings.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter One

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Submitted: February 28, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 28, 2017



“It’s a boy!!” Screamed the healer, holding me up.


“What?” Everyone was aghast as they looked at my small naked form, my round golden eyes looking around at the new world.


“How strange. Well, I guess that just means his spirit will be a weak one.”


“Hmm I don’t know. Look at those eyes. He has strong, golden eyes. There seems to be quite the powerful spirit behind that gaze.”


I gurgle, not knowing what was going on, just happy that everyone was looking at me.


“And his hair. It has streaks of white in its golden locks.” The healer holding me touches my head, showing the long streaks of light ivory in my otherwise blond hair.


“White? Really? How interesting.”


“Please everyone, calm down. He has yet to be named and people are already fussing over him.” Warm hands take me into their embrace and I look up into gentle, loving green eyes. I blink, not understanding the overpowering affection in my mother’s eyes. It’s safe and warm here. I sigh, my eyes starting to feel heavy. 


“Look how precious he is. I can feel it, you’re going to be someone special when you grow up. Aren't you, my little one?” My mother coos at me, gently stroking my face. I give a happy squeak, my balled up hands raising up.


“Oh look! He can raise his hands.” Another figure comes into my view, their happy face glowing as they look down at me.


“What do you think, Aaron? Isn’t he beautiful?”


“Yes, he’s very handsome. He takes after his mother’s enchanting beauty.” At that, my mother’s face becomes strange and she laughs.


“It’s interesting a boy was born at all. He was supposed to be a girl.” A whispery voice mutters, casting cold brown eyes upon me.


“Come now elder. Certainly my newborn son only mean’s good fortune for my family. Boy’s equal power in this household after all.” My father soothes, a bright smile on his face as he gazes down at me. 


“Don’t be a fool king. This child means nothing but misfortune for the royal family. You know the rules.”


The man laughs, shaking his head. “Please, those haven’t be put into play for years.” 


“That’s because there was no reason too! Ever since the beginning, kings have listened to those who are closest with the spirits, and I highly doubt you want to stop listening now.” The other huffs, clearly getting upset. 


“Elder please. You know I respect you, and I won’t hesitate to listen if what you say is true. However,” Here father narrows his eyes, his tone becoming dark “If you push this matter any farther, then I will take this as a threat on my family. My wife just gave birth to a healthy boy. Celebrate, not yell for his murder!” 


Mother gasps, her eyes going wide and her arms pulling me closer to her chest. “You…want to kill my son? You would kill a newborn child?” Mother whispers, inching away from the man. I blink, not understanding her fear. Mother?


“Dear, don’t worry. It’s a rule that hasn’t been used since the beginning of this kingdom. It’s a meaning less threat. Right, elder?” Father glares at the other, his hand on mother’s shoulder.


“Humph.” The man responds, looking away. 


“See? There isn’t anything to be afraid of. Nothing will hurt our son.” Father says, kissing mother’s cheek before kissing mine. But as he pulls away I reach out and grab his golden hair, squeezing lightly.

I let out my first laugh, raising my hands up into the air and waving them around. Father’s face brakes out in a big smile, his hand gently ruffling my hair. I squeal,reaching forward and pulling on his golden hair.


“He sure has a lot of strength for a newborn.” Someone mutters, casting me a wary gaze. “Perhaps he really is a…”


Suddenly, there is a loud sound followed by cries.


“Where is he? Where is my little brother?” A figure comes into view as mother waves it over, the person looking down at me into my golden eyes.


“What do you think about your little brother, Scian? Cute right?” Father says, ignoring the others. 


“He's...beautiful.” The figure called Scian breathes, his hand gently touching my face.


“Isn't he?” 


Mother looks so happy, her whole being is glowing!


“What is his name?”


“We haven't decided yet. He is only four hours old Scian.” Father responds.


“Then how about Orian? Or Ray?”


“Ray? Like a beam of light?” Father asks, tilting his head.


“Yeah. You know, because of his unique eyes and hair.”


“No, I've already chosen a name. Avshai, meaning a gift from the heavens.” With this, mother kisses me on my forehead, whispering my name in my ear.


“Very well. Then this child shall be called Avshai, the second prince of Zaphire!” There is more noise then, and the others all give something called congratulations to Father and Mother, before leaving, the one called elder giving father a look that he returns before fallowing the others.


“Mom, can I hold him?”


“Not yet Scian, he needs to eat first.”


“Oh don't be such a stiff Aaron. Here, just be careful with him, ok? Don't drop him.”

Suddenly I’m removed from my warm place and colder arms wrap around me. I let out a small cry of protest as Scian adjusts, nearly dropping me.


“Ahh!! Watch him!” Father walks quickly forward, carefully pushing me back into Scian’s arms.


“Sorry. I got him now dad, you can let him go.” Father makes an odd noise but removes his hands. I whimper, not liking being away from my mother.


“Shh it's ok Avshai. I got you now.” Something touches my face, forcing me to look into Scian’s eyes. I bubble as a warm and fuzzy feeling overwhelms me, Scian’s light blue eyes flecked with green slowly fill with emotion, a small rumbling noise coming from his chest.


“There, better isn't it? Don't worry your big brother's got you. I won't let you fall.” Scian whispers, holding me close. “I’ll protect you Avshai, till you're big and strong. Then we can rule this world together, hand in hand. Together forever, ok?”


I squeal and pull on Scian's black hair, letting him know in my own way that I completely agreed.

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