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A world of our own and time of theirs, the race to own the world is on. Can the chosen one snatch it before the others do? Does the chosen one know who he/she is?

Submitted: March 01, 2017

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Submitted: March 01, 2017




 The first time when I saw the rain,

watched it until it’s drained.

Some days I would ask myself why,

Some days I would ask the sky.

Even so, she answered me with a silent scream. 

Seemed like she would make a screaming stream.

I could’ve counsel her or I could cancel.

’Tis the body that was attached to the very stream

’Tis the voice of the wind that were chained to the scream 


I would take the rain, every drops of it, fill it all in my bucket.

Then I would make a tucket with the help of some briquet. 

I would take every streams and bring them to land of dreams

Dreams of dreams is what I would give you; a never lasting sleep. 

I would make you a bed of blue rose so you would peacefully doze. 

Who knows when the stream flows again, after it has been froze. 

I would demand the wind to blow while you are there. 

If they dare to disobey, the fray will have a slay.

Prince of Dreams

 Seindah S.











After World War 3 broke out, a very certain wealthy man decided to live up in space. He believes that the Earth is the caused of all destruction and despises humankind and to prevent anymore destruction in his life he escaped the Earth. He was wealthy enough to create a living outside the planet and no news has been heard about him ever since. Ten years after the incident, certain people formed parties which was created by their own. Not long after, they redeemed such power, incredible power, that could not be believed by the norms. 


It is now the century of the development of humankind. The government have decided to surrender and accept to be ruled by the monarchs. These monarchs are formed to bring good causes to the future of humanity. It is believed that the suitable monarch that rule the world will bring prosperity to humanity as well as harmony. The world of World Domination is a world in which there are eight parties all symbolised with different colour, fifteen monarchs with different, yet similar goal on how to make a world a better place to live in. 


Most parties rule by two monarchs; Silver, rule by two monarchs that seem to be far from being human, they are the cold-blooded people who wishes to rule the world, selfish people, who wants the world in their hands. Black, two monarchs of this party wishes peacefulness and respect and so they believe with eyes everywhere on everyone, they will create harmony within the human hearts. Yellow, reigns by two monarchs who wishes everyone to have peacefulness in their hearts and believe that every individual should follow their hearts, they also want every party to somehow find way to rule the world together. Red, as you might have guessed, they are the rebels; they do not wish for order or rule they believe in anarchy and believe that if the sparks in everyones’s mind blows, peace shall be born within. Blue, ruled by two monarchs who believe that every individual shall find harmony and peace if they had only have so much knowledge; they want a world of rules, disciples, and respect. Purple, are the ones that believe that every individual is capable of being an artist in any aspect and so they want everyone to explore their inner self as an artist. Green, are the scientists, they love to explore the world and create new technology which can help the human to grow even more; believe that every human will find peace if they explore the world: find new technologies, go beyond the horizon, eliminate limits, be more powerful than current. The Orange party is the wild card of all, their existence is not well known to all monarchs and since they are the wild card, they are reign by a single monarch whose identity is not known to anyone other than himself. To the other parties, they believe there are seven parties instead of eight. However, some monarchs does know the existence of our eighth monarch but they  tend refuse to share this information for the monarch’s privacy. 


Aside from having similar yet different goal on how they should make the world a better place to live in, they are equip with the most powerful possession called Geis. Geis are different on every monarchs of every parties, some effect can be vicious, some can be light, some can be deadly and other is, well, unknown. Due to the development of the Earth, technology, too, take place in the development. Higher military are now using Shinkiros; weapons that are given if you assist the Erudite Society. The Erudite Society, as you might’ve guessed, consist of eight parties and these parties are responsible to provide their members with any need that are necessary including weapons. Each parties owns different Shinkiros this is due to the various of personality and goals of different parties. After submitting yourself to the Erudite Society, they will have to run tests on participants to assess if they are worthy to be an Erudite and to evaluate their personality and well as goal, so that they are able to put the participants into certain parties. Of course, once they’ve joined the party they are suited for, they will also have be assess by the monarchs of the party to see if they are worthy. If, however, they are found to be not entitled to be one of the party’s member, the monarchs have the right to do any necessary things towards this person. 


If the the owner is about to decease, the Shinkiro will attack its owner until the last breath. To prevent this from happening, the owner must be stable in stable health and when they are vigilant  with things around them, the owner can also shut down the weapon before it is time for them to decay.  The Shinkiros appear and summoned automatically when the owner is being threatened, that is when the owner and connect by feelings. If the owner feels like he/she is in trouble, the weapon will be activated. Although it is activated, it can not move by it’s own intention, the owner has to use the Shinkiro to get through his/her trouble by any means necessary.   The owner shall never share Shinkiros, otherwise the Shinkiros of both sides will come to an elimination from its owners or worse, it can eliminate its own owner due to confusion within the weapon.


In every parties, members are required to take part into taking tests regarding their personal weapons. The personal weapons are made based on the owner’s personality. The owners of the weapon may design the weapon however they want to and upgrade them. Members may upgrade their weapons, however, they can only design their weapon once; monarchs, nobles and chevaliers are free to redesign and upgrade their personal weapons numerous of times. Their personal weapons are required to he kept by the owner until life time, this means, they may not have more than one personal weapon; double personal weapon owners will be given punishment of death.


The World Domination game takes place every three years, battle before the three years have passed, does not count as World Domination battle number. If a certain party has succeed to have won 100,000 battles, they shall have the world in their hand forever regarding of the future World Domination battles and the remaining enemies. These numbers must be the number of World Domination battles. Before the World Domination battle start, parties may declare war against another party in order for them to be familiar of battles that had yet to come or to extend their military in terms of skills or number, or perhaps resources. The reasons must be informed to the Imperial society, the imperial society are the ones that  decides who is wrong and what to do when rules have been broken, they consist of an Emperor and Empress. They have the most significant members and formidable amount. It is not know how they created their society, however it is believed that the Imperial society formed the eight parties and gave the power of geis. 


As he closes the door inaudibly, he steps back “You always find your way, huh?” he turns to look at the face and replies “She’s mine. Don’t you dare lay a finger on her.” as he lower his voice as quite as possible. “Wow, this is the first time in ten years I’ve angered you.” says the man hiding in the shadow. “Sir Cadarn, I do find this place rather unsuitable for us to be having this conversation. Why don’t we go to the rose garden where we could have some privacy my ass?” Suggests Vartan as he gestures to the route. 

“Some. Privacy, huh?” Cadarn snarls as he follow Vartan’s trace with a sinful smirk.

“Maaaaaan, I don’t think we gotta talk about this, heeh, bro?” Cadarn breaks the silence and a vast smile spread across his face, his eyes enlarge and glow red

 “The fact that you consider this is a petty issue makes me want to blow up your head and hang them on my wall. I’ll say this again, if you ever lay a finger on her, I’ll freeze you to death. I don’t give a damn if I’m to shatter our blood in your veins. I’ll make sure you’ll never see the day and night and keep you mouth shut.” barks Vartan. His eyes enlarge white and makes a gigantic ice crown behind his back, ready to attack at any time. “Could you at least take this weak and significant servant’s request into consideration?”

“So you can activate your geis. ” he states as she claps his hands and continues “Weak and significant, you say? You’re a flagrant magnificent-super-sadist; if you happen to be in a room full of women, you would attract each one of them with your purity and shameless characteristic! Admit that you are a weak without your purity you have nothing and that you lure women all over the place shamelessly with your purity. You’re nothing but a fucking pervert! Admit it and I shall grant your request.” he says as he slashes the 

ices, that are coming towards him, with his left-sworded hand.

“Very well, I shall bear the dishonour and admit that I’m as pure as I seem on the outside but my interior, I’m a fucking pervert.” The ice rapidly eats everything around Vartan as if to cover it like an enormous blanket and Cadarn deactivates his sword hand that glows in flame which shatters the ice that was about to freeze him and everything turns to normal again. “So you can activate your geis.” states Cadarn yet again. Vartan replies with the finger. 

A long pause before he says “I assume you’re unable to activate or summon. I, however, am not able to summon yet. Neither am I able to use my geis in it’s full potential.” after defrosting; he breathes in for few second, mutters a words as he breaths out. “I saw something odd in Seo Ji’s eyes the moment I greed him.” points out Cadarn. “Oh? Do you mean right after he gave you a wither glance? Do continue.” Vartan wipes his hands with his handkerchief and feels the glare that Cadarn is giving him. It’s not long until he can continue his speech of observation “It was as if he’s complete again. I could see the symbol of geis; it’s faded long ago but I could see it’s still there.” He looks down and then looks up to his brother’s eyes and say “I know. I sound ridiculous.”

“I’m pleased to hear that you know you are.” he says as he walks aways from him and fold his hands behind him.

“No matter what you do, Vartan, your sister won’t remember anything and Seo Ji won’t be able to help you in anyway. We have to respect her decision. It was her choice not to remember.” he approaches him “So now…” stabs his heart from the back with his sworded-hand. “How does it feel to be betrayed? Huh?” Vartan turns around and looks at him in the eye while muttering words and before he knows he’s falling to his death. Cadarn jumps over the corpse and says “Sorry big brother, you’re time is up.” he declares as he burst into laughter of sirens alarm

“You.” he coughs as blood burst from his mouth and he holds his throaty from the throbbing pain in his throat “Bastard!” and sleeps in vain


“Come out.” Cadarn calls out as plainly as possible “I need your help.” A face of a young boy around fifteen of age stands before him, his eyes are as green as the summer grass and hair as golden as the corn field. His body shows bones of his body here and there. He shirt is hiding under a lab coat that seem to be too big for him to wear. As he steps out, the sound of his shoe greets the floor with a snap. His head lowers to the ground as if he’s seeing something more interesting on the floor rather than looking up, his hands rests below his stomach and fiddles with his fingers as he tuck his bottom lip down. He tries to get a glimpse of who was calling him, he immediate looks to left, then right and down to the ground until he finally speak “I-I-I-I… If you. Don’t. Mind… Who-are-you?” he asks as he turns his head in every directions. 

Cadarn puts his right hand in his pocket and lean to the left as he replies with an chuckle. “You…” he says as he stares at the boy with his glowing blue eyes “Who do you say I am?” a smile spreads across his face, so wide that his face might break in any moment. “I do not know, I beg your forgiveness, Sire.” the boys fidgets and lean front and back as if he’s playing. He shatters a hidden laugh in his body and burst them out like a flame “I am Cadarn Rufus, boy. The King of the Red party, Crescent Blood! And I just killed the first king! Hail meeeeeee!” he announces as he spreads his arms wide open to the sky and release as loud voice as possible to the world. 

The boy’s eyes wide open as wide as his mouth and quickly, he bend down to bow and say “Forgive me, your Majesty, I have recently joined the Déntro. I beg of your mercy, your most benevolence.” the boy bows like he’s bowing to a god until Cadarn replies “Very well, I shall pardon you for your recent contribution to the Erudite society. Welcome, my newly Erudite!” he greets, he walks forward to the boy and grabs his hand to forcefully help him to stand on his feet. He bows once again and asks if he wants him to do him a favour. “Ah! Yes, you see that pathetic man over there? Go to your senior or something and say it’s a present from me to Sakura. I’m sure you people will find this inadequate body to some use to you people. And make sure to not send it back if you don’t wanna use it, if I see dead body around ma place. Maaaan, Imma burn em’ down!” he says in his most imperious voice while doing few hand gestures. 


“Lily!” the boy calls out while running with a corpse on top of his flying coffin with shape of gigantic sleeping egg. “Nero! What do you propose is that?” the lady with a neatly bun hair, wearing short tightly skirt and a green shirt with white lab coat that fits her asks. She has womanly postures from top to bottom, her hair that seem to always in the way of her neck, she always pushes it back, she seem to be shorter than the boy and so when she look at him with bemused, eyes glows green like the rest of the staff, accept for the boy’s. She looks up. “It’s a corpse. I met the Red King earlier and told me to give it to Sakura. He said it’s a present for Déntro.” explains him briefly as he catching his breath. “I will bring him to the lab for now, find Sakura immediately in the west wing. Nero, do keep speak like an Erudite now that your are one.” orders the woman without taking her eyes off of the egg. “I, sincerely apologise, Ma’am. My mistake shall never reoccur. Forgive me, your most benevolence.” he replies as he lower his head and place his right fist above his left chest. “I forgive you. You are dismissed.” 

She examines the shape of the egg as she finds buttons around it. The red button rest on the left bottom of the egg is being pressed by the slender skeleton fingers of hers. The top of the egg slides to the side while making a robotic sound. The smoke rushes to escape the container. The woman leans closer to the body for examination, the smoke covers everything she want to see. Her frail finger rests on the side of the egg as she leans closer, she stops for a moment. She takes a deep breath before continuing, the glass mask that covers the face of the corpse are now being removed. It sticks like it’s alive, the glass won’t leave the skin. She finally manage to make the glass let go and place it on the floor slowly as if she’s trying not make anyone startled. She stares at the face for a while, lets her hand fall to her side and steps back while her eyes are still on the face of the corpse.  She mutters a words that could not be understood. With all the speed she has she takes the glass and place it on the corpse’s face, pushes the button to close the egg and rushes to get help to remove the egg to the laboratory. 


“Do you suppose he has second chance?” a lady asks outside the laboratory as she watches a man laying dead being cut open here and there. Her hair is yellow as the corn hair and eyes as green as the corn field. He reacher her paper on her chest with her slender fingers with red painted nails. She glance at the lady next to her venomously. Her black sheath skirt and her V-neck type of top. He face is clear as the sunny day and lips are alive as the sunset. The hides her clothes inside a lab coat that she’s wearing, making her inner clothes visible to everyone to see from the front. She set her hand that are now holding papers in front of her associate that’s standing next to her, looking down below to the body as if she’s looking for an extremely rare resources in the world and can’t wait to claim it hers. She blinks several time and her smile spread a cross her face, looking like her face is not capable of making such wide smile to to it’s shape. Several people that are near the body inside the laboratory injects him with different types of solutions into his hand and neck. Two nurses examines his body and cuts open few part. Another nurse injects small pipes into the small cuts and takes his blood with it. 

“His wound should’ve been healed.” answers a researcher as she watches the man below and folds her hand with her iPad on her chest. 

“The First Queen mentioned it in her rule book.” says the lady as she receives the paper that was handed it into her . she looks as if she’s confused for a second then replies. with the venomous smile and gave her the chills of not to answers her back. Two nurses walk towards the tray full of operation equipment and grabs a tool that can cut open his skin “What?” asks the researcher. “If geis users are killed after using their geis, that person shall not be revived nor will their geis be restored.There’s a time limit of when the geis users are not able to heal, after using it. I think the page of the time limit got ripped off of the book.” 

“Never heard of such thing. She’s not an Empress. How does she do that?” she states plainly as she shakes her head while looking at the subject.

“Well, the First Queen put this curse on every geis users during The Battle of the Three Kingdoms, which as you know, involved all 7 Kingdoms. Of course, I could be wrong. She puts on the curse before she goes to sleep. She was able to put curse on geis users due to her Geis.” Explains the lady briefly as she walks back and forth behind the researcher, the sound of her steps make the researcher to turn around place her hand on her shoulder, making her to stop moving. The researcher raises an eyebrow and tilt her head slightly to the left as she holds her iPad tightly as if to protect her chest. 

“Some geis users believes the Queen took the curse off after her second descend here. We still don’t have any data of the reason why. However, many hypothesis has been made ever since and new ones are evolving while the older ones are. Long forgotten! We won’t know the truth no matter how much research we do. Unless, the Queen herself is here, which is by the way impossible because she’s dead or sleeping somewhere, or we could ask her immortal lover what happened, who is lying in front of us, waiting to be helped.” she says as she point at the man being operated. “You know, no one really knows what started the battle and we don’t know the whole truth about it. It’s only been 3 years, we still don’t have a clue about most things that happened.” the researcher mumbles as she looks through her iPad. The lady steps forward to the glass window and points to the body “Yes, that’s because most of the monarchs have gone missing due to unknown reason and those who are alive won’t participate in telling us what happened. So what’s it gonna be? What do you suppose we do this corpse? I kiiiiiiinda waaaaant this test subject, you know?” The researcher turns around and and replies with a virulent glance. “Snap out of it!” The lady click her fingers in front of the researcher’s eyes. The reaserhcer’s eyes fidgets and make a step back from the lady “You. Gotta. Make up. Your. Mind” says the lady as she swings her head from one shoulder to another. “Fine. I’ll give you three months to decide, that should be enough time. By the way, do you suppose the party is eliminated from the game?” 

“It doesn’t matter there are still 6 parties fighting over the throne and soon it will be have to happen again. Focus and be loyal to our monarchs are what important to us all.” she replies as she walks backwards.

“Strange how they haven’t found few of the monarch after these years. Numerous people believe all of them are dead.” she points out as she clicks her pen up and down making an irksome clicks. The researcher glares at the lady as she says “Could you-” the researcher breathes as the lady puts her pen down “Thank you. Perhaps they’re buried underground. Perhaps they’re s up in the air with the Emperor and the Empress.” she assumes as she turns her back away from the window glass and make her way deeper into the corridor. “Maybe they’re rotten under the ground somewhere!” she shouts as she runs to the researcher. “Keeep!” she snarls and then whispers “your voice down, Lily. And do speak like an erudite would speak”

“Sooooooooorrrrrrry.” she replies as she whispers in her ear. The researcher covers her ears with her hand and grunts as they follow the corridor. “You know, I’m quite surprise how carefree you are when there are signs for your juniors.” She states as she sighs further into the corridor.


“Where is she?” the pink haired girls asks as she chews, she looks to the left and right, every direction for a sign. “Is that bubble gum you’re chewing? Give me some!” demands the boy while snatching that packet form her hand. He moves one step further from the girl and looks around as if he’s scanning. “The Queen doesn’t remember everything, be aware, she might think we’re a threat.” she puts her hand on his shoulder as if to startled him

“Psht.”  he spits then continues as she brushes the girl’s hand off of his shoulder “The chevaliers are always near the monarchs, he might explain few things or two to our beloved Queen. Don’t you worry about a thang. Tsk.” he says as he click tongue professionally. 

She snatches the bumble gum and replies “She lost her memory, X.” gauntly as she squeezes the bumble gum package, it splatter everywhere on top on the roof building. The autumn wind makes the bumble gum dusty as if it has been laying there for decades. The wind from the north and south crashes into each other making them slightly blown to the left and right. As the boy look down with his binocular, he sees the leaves covering the entire street; the orange and yellow carpet covering the virgin street. Another wind blows to another direction. All the leaves that was on the group are now dancing in the air, making spiral pattern and forces them to escape their comfort zone of the bottom of the trees that are dancing as the wind whispering gets louder and faster. She shuts her eyes and frown her face as she sees the boy deeply focusing into the binoculars. 

She takes a deep breath and exhale them silently as possible with the help of the wind that are whispering to her ears as if they’re sharing secrets. It is the battle of the living and the harsh wind. All the buildings that are similar becoming to look like they hare some higher than others and some are shorter than others. Not only the winds that are whispering but also the leaves on the trees that fail to fall. They sing and dances as if autumn is something to be celebrated. The girl knows very well that she hates autumn. It was all the fault of her supreme leader and yet here she is looking for her along side her most hated enemy. A school nearby exist with many kids around. They both look into their own binocular and sees every individual students that are rushing out of the school gate. For a second they look at each other and sighs as they shakes their head in a unison. “So what?” he glances at her “She’s still our Queen.” and replies in a rushing tone. “You know, not all monarch remember after that incident right? And you do realised that most of the monarchs are missing right?” The girl spits in frustration. “Yes! I KNOW! Now get your bottom right here and help me out instead of standing there bursting negative things in your mind.” The boy demands as he opens another binocular for the girl. 

“My point is, our Queen isn’t the only monarch who is missing and other parties could be mistaken for another Queen and kidnapped her instead.” She gasps and continues “OMG! What if she’s being opened here and there by the Greens! Oh NO! My Queen! My BELOVED QUEEN!” she shrieks. The boy smashes the the binocular on her head and it landed on the the ground, it rolls here and there until it breaks. “What now?” she asks while tilting her head to the side and stare at the binocular.  “She’s not who she was anymore…. She’s another person!” she puts both hand on side of her checks and open her mouth nice and wide.  “You mean she isn’t-” X turns his head slowly to face the girl

“That’s exactly what I’m saying” She snaps “I can’t believe you’re so calm. And that Chevalier you talked about, he’s probably dead.” she sighs and then walks around the boy “Ugh! X! How can you be so oblivious?!” she grunt in frustration.

“Whoa, Kay. And I can’t believe how dramatic you can get. She’s fine. If she’s not you can scream and hit if you like. Just shill, man. We’re gonna go over this okay?” he puts his hand on her shoulder while looking out to the city with his another binocular “She will be back, one way or another. Now, get your ass down here.” he points to the spot next to him and continues to scout.

“You know, when you speak to me you don’t sound like an Erudite at all.” She falls to the ground and fake sobs quietly, trying to importer the sound of a whining dog.  “And what exactly are you trying to say, Kay? Btw, she’s the Queen of Shadow Falls. Nothing bad could happen to her. Besides, she can manage herself with her Shinkiros and just pray that she can activates her geis and that thing they call summon or something works.” he roans, he turn his around to see the girl and then continues to scout. “Wha- I didn’t know you had another.” the girl states. “Yea, well. It’s good to have triple spare.” he replies as he raises his voice and turn his head to look at her in the eyes. “That summon thing is beyond what monarchs can do, okay? Ever since the last battle most monarchs, can’t summon! it’s like the one thing they’re having trouble with, well, apart from ruling few countries and so and so. You know what I mean?” the girl looks through the binocular that she just snatches form his tender hand. “Uhuh. I hear ya.” mumbles the boy 

“Hey, guys!” a blond boy around their age looks at their way and waves his right hand to greet the two. They both look at him for a send and then look at each other’s eyes and continues what they were doing before the blond boy came. “What’da ya vaaaaant Fennieel!” shouts the girl as she looks through the binocular. “You know, you guys are always together, it’s like you have this thing that sticks you two. Oh I know, like a couple. LOL!” and with that he burst into a demonic laughter “Imma keeeeeel u naw and no one and when I say no one. No one will ever know.” threatens the girl after she handed the binocular to X. “Kay, calm down. Right now if supreme leader hears you not speaking like an Erudite, yuuuuuu will be in big trouble, buddy. So hang in there and take it easy, tiger.” that blond leave the two in a plot second. It was as if he just vanished in thin air. “I hate that demon.” mumbles the Kay as she retreats herself to the ground and rests her face on her hand. “I heard that, Kay. Oh and did anyone ever tell you that, hate is a strong word. You don’t really hate me, do you?” the boy comes back again and sits where he sat when he came in. “You damn narcissist! That’s good, cuz I really really really hate you, Feniel!” shrieks the girl as she runs towards the boy with a whip in her right hand and slashes uncontrollably to every direction she get glimpse of the boy. Feniel jumps and appears from one place to another. The then would hide behind her and make an exact move that she sis doing trying to hide the shadow and gives any hints that she’s behind her. Once she feel his breath on her neck she would turn around and lashes her whip, she misses yet again. 

“Guys! could we quiet down here please. You know I’m doing our team’s job right? You guys aren’t doing anything. Come on! Just work on something, at least try to get along! You guys are like an old married couple!” the last two words that X had said bounce back and forth in their minds and so they dismisses their powers and announces to each other that they will do the search in their own individual way. Fenil disappears to the thin air and warns Kay not to follow him while Kay goes to opposite direction after mocking Fenil with his warning. 


“Don’t trust me” he says as he holds me in his arms and kissed the top of my head. My mouth is ready to unleash a why and a reason why I can’t trust those words, I keep it shut instead and feel his skin against mine, his head against mine. I push him so that he would lay on the bed. My eyes are eyeing on his and his on mine. He takes a deep breath and my lips spread across my face and lets out a small laugh. My lips are targeting his and his to mine. The gates of my arms are tightening to hold him and ready to absorbs his heat. 

He whispers “This. Is not a lie, I love you.” I couldn’t care less of what he’s saying; I know he loves me. I kissed his lips and backs off. He tilts his head and frowns. He takes my head forward to him and inserts his tongue in my mouth tingles it outside and brings it inside again. “I now have no properties of my own, I am not longer an heir to my family, I have thrown the name Milford along with my memories of it and my reputation is down in the trench. So let me ask you a question, will you take this twenty-two years old wretched man as your husband?” The two galaxies on her face widens as she opens her mouth to say “Of course, I would. This man is exceptionally wretched; no women in the world would take him and not to mention he has problems regarding his psychology. I’ll save the humanity by marrying you.”  He lets out a relief laugh and lets several tears to fall  while saying “You’re awful.” I lean closer and kiss his lips and whispers “I love you.” in his ear. 

The sunlight beam rushes through the glass window and the wind whispers, acting as an alarm, the wind then touches every slender skin that are resting on the bed. The windows that were shut tight in the night are now opened to the world to announce the new born day. The morning dew that are celebrating the new born day are dancing on every individual grass and spreads themselves to that fine long and yellow flower that symbolises the first flower of spring. The trees wakes in a surprise by the wide field of morning dew grass in front of the window, they shakes their branches and leaves while the wind whispers good morning. The birds gathers on trees and returns to their perfectly made warm nets and sings love song for nature to hear.  The heat of the beam of sunlight greets every living and non living things with the slight touch of light that are just enough to make anyone smile and make the birds sing louder in their special cheerful song. The grass and the wind replies to the wind by sharing their sacred morning fragrance that are long waited from the longest night. Ethene wake up on her bed and blocks the friendly sunlight from seeing her morning face. She stretches her arms as she yawns to the newly born morning. Little did she known, she accidentally puts down her hands on the soft and comfy bed that end up sounding like a slap. Ethene explodes a little scream before she asks “Who-who are you?” 

“Ethne, I’m Cadarn, your husband. What’s the matter with ya?” he looks at her with his eyes wide open and gives few blink. He shakes his head and lower his head to his chin and mumbles “Oh. No. Not this again. Damn!” he looks up to her eyes that are unwelcoming. He hold her arms and shakes them as he says “Don’t do this to me, Ethene. You gotta remember. You hear me? Don’t do this again. I’m not losing you, Ethene! You’re not done, goddammit!” 


“Majesty, we have received a word from the Third Queen of Taiyang; it appears as if she rejects the Fourth King of Crescent Blood’s suggestion regarding Alice’s game.” Says a girl with tall and womanly posture, dark red hair and clear skin. Wearing The Hareyakana’s uniform, which is consist of a purple coat and a tight skirt that comes after the white shirt on top with a purple tie that hangs in front of her held back, awkward breast. Her breast pocket on her left has symbol of bloomed purple rose that hide under the coat. The coat’s colour is darker purple than the skirt and at the back, has hugely light purple lines of swirls that make an enormous rose. “We also have a guest today, Hamish Weiss. He will inherit the Seventh King of Déntro’s position.”  Says the woman dispassionately. “Very well, I assume that he wants us to demonstrate to his successor. We are honoured. Invite him to the rose garden, where Shoshana and I will have tea.” 

They continue their walk through the entrance and up the stairs “Darling,” distracts Shoshana. “Yes, love?” replies Akakios without looking at her, he keeps his head high and greets the member in the hallway with a smile as he walks. “Do you think she’s up to something? The third Queen.” suggests her. “What makes you think that?” he slows his pace and lower down his voice “Well, the Third King has been missing for a while and since she’s a new Queen we have the right to suspect her.” Shoshana stops her pace and looks at him through the eyes “I suppose you are right. However, don’t you think you’re being presumptuous as always?” he looks at her with dissatisfactory “I suppose there are truths in that.”


“Your majesty we are under attack.” Announces one of the Hareyaka staff. Her face turns as blank as a white paper and asks “What?” quietly. “W-we. we are under attack.” She says as she looks down and quickly adds “My Queen.”

“Who is it?” She quilt asks “Why is it always us? Why couldn’t they pick fight with another party?!” Shrieks Shoshana as she storms towards the command room. 


“What is the status of the enemy?” asks Shoshana as she slowly make her way to the room that it catches everyone’s attention. A man stands straight next to her looking through her eyes. His eyes are as sharp as the end of a knife straight looking at her. His formal outfit consists of a black suit, grey under-shirt, and maroon tie. He’s standing tall holding the door for his Queen to enter. “Sixth Monarch, Queen of Hareyakana, Her majesty, Queen Shoshana Gulzar!” He gives her a smile that just seems so genuinely sweet as the candy with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected sugar rushes through her blood as she make her way to her throne. She sighs while looking at his crystal grey eyes. “Block A has been damaged, your majesty. Two chevaliers and 190 soldiers, 1 km away, are heading towards the gate.” she says as she turns toward the guard that’s standing right in middle of the terrace. She walks up to her control pad that is standing tall, waiting for her to be controlled and the members that are waiting for orders. Little did she know, as she walks further into the room her pale-brown coloured hair shimmers the room and forces that relieve sighs from everyone’s hearts. 

“Second King’s Geis is activating. Aaaaand the Fifth Queen’s Geis. Here comes the Ellyllons and the Shadow falls.” says one of the staff playfully, he sound almost as if he’s singing. 

“Nilson, Bring out Alymere. Naya, prepare to rise. I want 1000 guards to surround the main gate, five in the front and five at the back. Equip them with the Shinkiro weapons. Close any entrance to every room. Close it again until the door reaches its limits. Shunsuke, Cover the castle with the full metal armour.” She commands as she uses hand gestures on a gigantic screen in front of her, that appears to have the Hareyakana’s symbol in the centre top, to skim and scam the situations of each things around the castle and to send out the orders to the members’ computers. The whole room looks like someone poured formidable amount of pink milk all over, the only light exist are the purple light from the computers of the five members, the screen and few parts of the electronic wall.  

“Ma’am, the doors are heating up, it will take at least 30 minutes.” complains one of the Enlighten as she turns her back to see the Captain. 

“Find a way to make it quick” She answers. She walks around the room and takes glance of each member’s screens. She goes back to her post until someone shouts out.

“Ma’am, the gate is rising up and it seems like the chevaliers are trying to break the gate with their Shinkiros before it reaches the top.” the man announces with blurry voice that are shaking as if he’s saying each words separately with that slightness of pauses in between. “The armour needs 5 minutes to cover the whole castle.” Points out another member “Send our weapons and our fighters that we have in the gate to be moved to the front; facing the chevaliers. Move Alymere to the front force. I want the gate’s defence system to switch to the third version. Naya, get my Shinkiros to surround the soldiers. From the back of the front line. Do you all undertand?”

“Yes ma’am.” they say in unison 

“It appears that the enemy are able to hack into the gate system.”

“Oh no. Ge-get the back-up defence system.” 

“Majesty, the gate’s first block is being damaged severely; it can’t hold any longer.”

“Nilson, how much time do I have?” 

“About 10 minutes.”

“I want a direct call to my people acting as soldiers.”

“Got it.” says Naya

“Hear me my soldiers and knight, don’t you dare to turn your back. Look around you, all your brothers and sisters are fighting to keep this house standing tall, we must keep hold of our position!” They all cheers as soon as they sees the face of their Queen point at their heads and their weapons starts to cheer and make sounds. “Alymere, you are in charge of them. I do not want to see any of my children suffer or wounded after this battle. Members of Hareyakana, the people on your left, right back and front are your ally. Protect each other for we are a family!” Along pauses invades her speech before she says “I will be here waiting for your arrival after the battle!” declares Shoshana as she slowly activates her Geis, her eyes glows purple. “I want a direct call to the two parties.” he demands plainly while looking straight into the gigantic screen ahead of her. 


“Weeeeell, it’s the butterfly!” Greeds the Second king in salutation on the wall screen. “You mean the weaklings” Corrects the Third King with a small chuckle. “I demand an explanation regarding the attack. We have not caused any trouble outside out kingdom. Why have you decide to attack us?”

“Yes, Your Majesty… We’re bored!” They both burst into a mocking laughter. 

“If you wish to see tomorrow, I suggest you surrender. Now.” She threatens. “My Queen, if you wish for us to surrender, you may have to do us a favour first. I proposed we assassinate the Empress and the Emperor. Do you, Queen of Hareyakana wish to collaborate and take part in the project?”


The Queen of the manor rests on her elegant chair as she read a book with her glasses below her nose and mutters. She closes the book and looks to the rose garden. Wideness of the garden seems to have swallowed the roses, the perfect layout of every bushes, the perfect shade of every roses that has their own places, the the water bursting from the fountain with the touch of the sun’s gradience, making it look like diamonds bursting out in the sky never seem to amaze her. The white rose circles the fountain with its purity and innocents. The roses are awake as the sea blue sky, the clearance of the sky touches every living organisms and wake them with a surprise of the sunlight. The woman sighs as she closes her eyes and opens them again. Now she sees no different environment, the fountain, roses, bushes, all are in the same position accept for one things, a little girl running away from a boy, just around her age, and another boy who seem to look for her and another who is sitting below a bush; hiding from others. She smiles and lets the wind carry the memories as far as it wind could. She shuts her eyes and sees a little girl crying for her rabbit toy is soaking wet from the fountain of the two angels standing back to back against each other.  “Well hello, mother.” Lucia stands beside her “Haven’t Finny taught you how to knock?”

“Well, I’m very sorry. I knocked once and I thought you were in a situation of needing assistance, mother.” she says as she sits cautiously next to her. “To what business have you come to discuss?” the woman asks as her eyes are not obeying her to look at the girl. The woman looks elegant yet ancient in her turquoise long dress, with pattern of roses all over. The diamond necklace sleeps on her neck seems confutable enough to touch, not to mention the bracelet and the earrings. Her silk hair is high in a bun with small portion of   it falls to the side of her face. “I do wish I was born your daughter. How lucky is she?” the girl states as she looks towards the woman’s gazing direction in curiosity. “Yes, how lucky  is she? My own daughter, my precious one and only daughter” she raises her left hand and rests it on her chest to touch her necklace.

 “I wish she would be more like you. That girl is too serious about a lot of things. I just want her to be happy that’s all. I may have displayed my affection in a way that she does not understand, I couldn’t do anything about that, she was small and I was young. How is my blue rose, anyway?” she woman finally looks at the girl. The girl own a cheerful vibe that it’s enough to make you smile just to look at her. Perhaps it’s the coconut brown and silky hair, or the virgin red lips, it may be the clear and the evening sky skin. “Oh, mother. Aquila is fine. I, too, am glad that she’s not missing like the other monarchs. It seems like the White roses are about to wither this round.” She tilt her head to the left and looks to the ground with her eyes wide open. “Yes, well, I am glad too, Vanessa. The Silvers seem to be the foundation of all troubles that Erudites had faced. It’s only natural for them to diminish. Have anyone found the whereabouts of Seo Ji?” she asks with her eyes close, her head look up. “No, mother. They have not. The black roses seem to be missing a Queen?” she adds.

“Are they? Oooh. While the white roses are dead now. Do take a grasp of that Vercingetorix; it’s such a powerful weapon. Hand it to my daughter if you would and keep your eyes on Hamish.” she orders as she slowly raise her body and turns them around to enter her room and leave the balcony. She walks a few steps, her pale and frail finger pushes the bed down before she sits. The woman lays on the bed and sighs before she looks at the girl again. “Yes, mother. I shall do what you wish. I wish to have your advice on a situation, mother.” the girl pleas. She turns her body around to look at the woman and turns them back to the garden. “Go on.” she replies

“The vampires, seem to have known the missing monarchs and are on a hunt along with the werewolves.” briefs the girl slowly with sighs here and there. The woman sits up as she hold her chest “Vampires and werewolves working together, you say?!” exclaims she. 

“No, ma’am. They are doing the focusing on finding their monarchs. Werewolves and the vampires despises one another, there would be no way they’d start to build collaboration.” she puts her index finger on her chin, tucks her chin down and shakes her head.

“I suppose you are right. Hmmm…. And you want my advice. Well, get all fighters you have and prevent them from looking for any monarchs. If you do this, you shall never have to be vigilant to your surroundings in the future, dear. However, you have to make those beings to bow before you. This way, they wouldn’t suspect you and that you would be in safe place for a very, very, very long time, dear.” explains the woman. She place her glasses on top of the desk and rests he rheas on her pillow. The girl stands up and make her way out of the door. Before she opens the door to leave, she says “Thank you, mother. Thank you for trusting me.”

“Come back soon, my daughter.”


In the area of the unknown lies the majestic purple mansion. It’s unmeasurable height and weight holds the vast winters it has survived and thus comes the long waited spring. The majestic purple mansion is yet again standing tall and proud in front of every living things that surrounds it. In front of the mansion spread the symmetrical garden that has rectangular shape of bushes on every corner and fill with petunia flowers inside every bushes. The petunias spread across one side of the garden making a dash to left side and on the other side looks the exact same with the dash of the petunia facing the the right direction. The purple petunias are now being replaced with the purple rose. The very rose that the green party has succeeded in making, an artificial purple rose. With that being said comes winter, the very hated season of all. Winter rips the leaves on every trees, bites the skin of every living creatures. The crispy clouds it is sharing to the blue sky, the bitter white blanket that covers every living and non living things, the sleeping rose have retired like butter in the summer and the fountain that was once spat out the glimmer and shimmer of morning water and shared the morning dew to the plants are being pierced with winter’s hands. 

The night comes to assist winter. The mansion is now being alive with the bright flame of the house that spreads just enough touch of welcoming warm-hearted that are so tender for winter to break. The lights on every individual room in the mansion appear visible as you get closer and the more visible you see, the more of that tender warmth wrap around you like a summer coat in the winter. As strange as it seems, everyone that are attending the glamorous party seem to be all wearing the colour of purple. Perhaps it is the code of the party or perhaps that everyone that are attending the party are somehow related to the sixth party, the Hareyakana. 


“Evening Akaki, it’s nice to see you being too well to throw this party every week.” says an old man wearing a suit and a white shirt along with purple tie around his neck. His white moustache look like as if he’s been brushing it so that they are even and neat on both sides, his has is too being neatly brushed and gelled to the right side of his half bald head. “Morton. Welcome to the Hareyakana Head Quarter, we always have something for the new comers. It is very rare to see you attending my party, I’m hoping I could see you every now and then very often, is that’s too much to ask?” greets the man with tall body and puffy yet neat hair as if he had taken great effort into making it look like so. He extends his noble hand, that has silver ring with purple stone on his thumb, to Morton. 


His costumes consist of a long purple robe that has an purple enormous dark purple rose line that seem too glorious to look at. There inside the robe hides his white shirt and black trousers with dark purple shoes. In his right hand he’s holding a golden walking with a purple tiny orb on top of the handle making it match with every it surrounds. They both look at each other and bursts into an unruly laughter. “You are a very predictable man, Akaki. How is Shoshana doing? My daughter have been missing her ever since she stopped visiting. Is she alright?” he raises his left eye brow and slightly raises the corner of his left mouth to the top. Once Akaki releases his hand he walks towards the door that look like it’s long waited for the master of the mansion to return inside. Both maids that are guarding the door and the butler that are helping the people to get out of the cars look towards their master for a split second and continues to do what they were doing. The enormous door that are painted dark purple with light swirly purple lines all around it that made similar shape to Akaki’s robe; the purple rose welcomes him with the brightness of the light that the mansion is so rich of. 


Everyone maids in the entrance room helps the guests with every need they can. The maids are wearing the standard maiden clothing with rich touch of that light purple of swirly pattern that make up a gigantic rose on the uniform and that combination white and purple. The butlers are wearing the standard butler uniform with the exact same touch with the maids’ uniform. Everyone look stunning with their robes and gowns dancing across the room from one place to another and the colour purple swirls around the room as if to paint everything purple. Their makeup are the most artistic thing that they have brought with them; very colourful and glamorous. One of the guest wears an extremely long eye lashes that consist of rainbow diamond on every tip of the lashes the other would have purple lips with half of it being decorated into a purple rose. Even so, everyone in the room seem too cheerful to describe and look like they belong so something. Their mouth that spreads across their face look like it’s going to fall or rip their faces in any moment. They bursts into an uncontrollable laugh that made people around them laugh with them and gathers around to hear more. The view of the party is just such a view to every living things. The entrance is not all, the hallways are filled with secret lovers, bedrooms being occupied, stairs being played around, every room that was once an empty room are now filled with formidable amount of people that are attending the party.


“How is everyone?” asks the man in the shadow. The mans wears and unclear uniform while sitting on, seem to be, a golden throne that has one of the wing had been being torn to pieces or dissolved in acid. His face is just enough to cover held of it in the shadow, the bottom part of his face shown by the luminescence that comes from the tilt rectangular window from his left side. The view of the window is plain as the room, it’s all white and few cracks of blue sky here and there. The room contains nothing but the throne and the red carpet that lead to the mini steps of the foundations in which the throne is being held in. The wall that seem to be just right to fit the room seem out of the place with the carpet around, it’s as plain as the sky, they are all metallic walls that are silver. Although variations of roses are being display in a large size of gold frame. Each frames protects different colour of roses; the first rose is silver, black, red, yellow, blue, purple, green and orange. Each of the rose are in the same sizes, however, some of them have not yet to fully bloom; the silver  

“They are in places and are ready for the next battle, your most benevolence.” informs the the man that is holding a transparent device that seem to be like a tablet. “Yeeeees, well. Move the battle to be sooner.” he says as he gestures to shoo the man away. “Certainly, Sir.” the man turns around to face the door and makes his first step and finally second when the man on throne demands for him to stop and turn around “I demand the conditions of each parties. I want” he burst an uncontrollably coughs few times“To. Know.” the man in front of him pays no attention to his illness instead looks through his iPad and scrolls down to find any informations regarding of what the man on the throne demands to know. “The first monarch of the first party is still missing while the second monarch in the first party is being held by the seventh party and are being used as a test subject. Second party’s second monarch is also missing. Two teams from their party are on a rescue mission to save their monarch. The third party is extremely active, however he has some injuries regarding the last battle. He is also the one who attempted to kill the second monarch of the the first party. Neither the greens nor him knows that the monarch is dead or alive. Nevertheless, third monarchs are complete. Fourth are, too, complete. Rumour says that fifth party is missing the first monarch. However, there are no solid evidence of this due to this party’s nature being solitude from other parties and having tight security, I doubt anyone can verify any of the assumptions. Sixth party is complete as well as the seventh. Last but not least, the eight party. They are missing their one and only monarch that whereabout is still being unknown. Due to the unknown members that the V.V. has, we have not received any word regarding a searching mission for their monarch. Similarly, the first party, Sceptre 1, is not known if they are on a mission to look or save their monarchs. The members that are in this party seem to be in hiding from the rest of the party. That is all we have for now, Sir.” The young man lowers his head to bow as he tucks his hands on both of his sides and stands tall and straight.  

He raises his head to look at the man in the throne, he fidgets here and there while sitting, he moves his body to the left for few seconds and move them to the other directions, a long pause and few grunts before he replies “Very well, I shall take that into account for now. It appears as if the silvers are becoming like the orange. They have gone into hiding I see. It is after all their nature to have something that separates them from the other parties; being solitude. Keep in mind that they are not one of us, They have no interest in making the world a better a place to live in; they want to rule the world and take it for themselves. Such selfish people should not be allowed to have joined the game after all. But all’s well will ends well, don’t you agree, son?” the man in the throne comes towards the light and displays his face to the sun; he has his front hair retreats to his forehead and has the hair of gold as the corn hair in the autumn field, his head no crown. 

His hair that are like the coursing river of corn field hair flows all the way down to his shoulder, waist, it passes his feet and down to the mini steps it went until it stops slightly on the edge of the red carpet. He takes few steps towards the man and lean closer to his face as if he’s trying to make sure that he hears every words he’s saying. “Yes, father I can assure you that this battle will be the last battle.” he bows his head. 

“No son, don’t do that. Let the children play, they are having fun and let’s see who gets bored with their toy once they redeem their prize. Help the Silvers to get back on their feet and find them new monarchs if necessary, I don’t want them to be roaming around and scare the hell out of the civilisation in the night, we don’t want that do we?” He simplifies in few different tones that seem just surprising it came out from his mouth. “No, sir, of course not.” he lowers his head down to look at the stone floor that made the new born grass to burst into dandelions and grass that grow between each conner of the stones. 

“Goooood. Now I trust the Silvers in your care for the time being” he slightly look at his green eyes with that slightly increased lip as he raises his eyebrows. 

“If I may speak, the silvers are known for their loyalty to their monarchs. How are we to separate them?” he raises his eyes to look at the man, lowers it back to his left side.

“That’s your job isn’t it, I have no interest in seeing more failures than you have shown me for the last few years, do you understand, boy?!” the King stands for few seconds and then surrenders himself to his throne after holding his chest and releases a deep breath. 

“I apologise for my discourtesy, your most benevolence. The vampires can be stubborn at times, they do not wish for new monarchs, the monarch that they have had been their monarchs for centuries. We can’t afford for them to go berserk. The Enlightened will have to act and so our identity will have to be exposed, Sire.” 

“I understand your point.” he rest both hand on his chair handles and sighs as he slightly look over his shoulder.  “Well then, do everything in your power to help the Silvers to find their monarchs, do this in secret. You are dismissed, Gregory. ” 

“Yes, father.” kneels down with his left hand raised to the right side of his top chest and lower his head, he rises up, turn his body around and makes his way towards the door.  

“Any word from the Above, Klark?”  A young woman seem stands appears behind the man’s throne in a split second. “Gennevie!” he extends the edges of his mouth to tear the rest of his face and spreads his arms as if he’s waiting for a hug “I thought I feel your presence when my son came to me. Were you perhaps spying on us?” he says in his most childish voice as he look around the room to the find the woman that was once behind him. 

She appears right in front of his face and distance herself slowly “Don’t over think it, Klark. I have no interest in your son nor what you do with your Children of Earth.” she moves to left side of his throne and rests her elbow on the top of it. “Have you come to slit my throat, then?” his head moves to the direction in which the woman is staying, he rises his eyes to the direction and asks in a lolly way. 

“No.” she answers plainly as she looks down on him “Just answer the question, Klark. And I’ll be on my way.”

“Noooooo, staaaaay. I’m very lonely here on my own. Oh and you don’t look very happy.” He grabs her hands and rests his head on the side of it while attempting to put his whole weigh on it. He then rise from his throne and pokes her check with his finger few time before she disappears again and he yield to his throne. “Neither do you when you spoke to your… Son…” she then appears in front of the glass window further on side of his throne “You know, you do speak different in front of me. It’s less Eruditic.”

“That’s not a word Genei! And I have to speak formally to my son.” his face sinks into a sulk and folds his arms on his chest like an eight years old. The woman looks at Klark and grunts “Ugh. Why do you do this? Live up to your tittle? Klark sometimes we have to forget about our title and let others see who we are from the inside. When are you going to grow up? Do I always have to look after you even when you’re old like this?”

“We’re siblings! You can’t expect anything from me because I’m your baby brother!” 

“Oh, ho! Sure you are.” she says plainly, “but you’re not a BABY, anymore” and then suddenly, without a warning she glitches to the back of his throne and attempts to knock it over, which results the throne to shake. She then releases the deepest breath in her chest and cancels her Geis. “Just tell me what they said, KLARK! You’re making me mad here.” she demand as she slightly takes out a small, black knife under her right hand sleeve. “They haven’t told me anything!” he shrieks without noticing the knife. 

“Is that the reason why you do as you please to the children?!” She activates her knives into a long mighty sword that had the middle part of it red. “UGH.We talked about this, Klark!” she bawls while walking around the room as she slashes the air with her sword, here and there. “About what?” he grunts as he stands up and stomps his left foot on the ground. “I. Can’t. Believe. You. Are still being such a kid. The world is not a toy!” she cries out. “It is to my children!” replies Klark. 

“Klark, listen to me. What’s our fifth protocol?” she pulls his hair from the top of his head and pulls it higher as he takes his time to answer “We-we had a protocol?” he looks up and adds a chuckle at end. The woman grunts and pinches the top bridge of her nose as she closes her eyes.

“I’m surprise you remember we don’t have a protocol, this means you’re sober. Now what did we agree on?” 

“Save money!” he puts his hand up to the air as if he’s in a classroom. 

“Wrong!” she snaps as she slaps his head to the side “We agreed not to touch the children until the Above tells us to do so. What were you planning to do with the Silvers?” She disappears in a blink of an eye and appears no where to be seen around the room. “They’re bad children!” he rise his voice and lowers them again “But. Meh. Can be good if you give them what they vant, eh?” he looks around to find any traces of her still being in the room. He gets up from his throne and walks around the room to look for any clue. 

“Klark, this is not your fantasy world, it’s the reality! You’re playing with their lives! We can’t afford to lose them,what will the Above say about this?” 

“That’s why I sent my son to look for the Silver Queen! What more do you want from me?! I’m doing everything you want me to and I’m listening to your advice, aren’t you proud of me?!”  “Mama would!”

“Unfortunately for you mama is not here, angry meatball…” she says quietly as she place her blade under his throat swiftly. The man’s eyes widens as he look over his shoulder to see her face and turns around to look the front and breaths before he says “You did came to slit my throat! Mama won’t be so happy about this, Genie! Ooh…Let go of me! I’ll tell mama about this when I die! God-dammit Genie-Genette, let me go!” she surrenders her weapons and disappears into the thin air after she releases a chuckle. At the same time, the glass on window on his right crashes and shatters on the floor, the wind that come from the outside roams around the room and screams as they pleases. Klark that seem to be chained by the wind stares into the window endlessly while his mouth tears his face.


Where am I? Okay, I-I uum… happened to be on a bed that’s- Oh! What’s that? Ugh. I can’t move. What’s happening? Why am I being tied up? You wiggle your numb body as you quickly examines the room with your half opened eyes. You see that on every corner of the wall there is a rose of which is green and has dark green vines that makes spiral pattern in the middle of the each walls. Next to your bed you see trays of all sorts of equipments; knives, scissors, strings, etc. It takes few seconds for your brain to process that you’re- Oh no! I’m in the Greens territory. Damn that son of a bitch! How am I alive? You hear a footstep closing by and rushes yourself to sleep. You breath in and out as if you’re unconscious, the hardness of not twitching your finger seem like a challenge to you and to not move your eye balls at all. “Good morning, your majesty. I see you are in good health today, I trust.” you open you eyes in a sudden and look up, not paying any attention to the woman that just spoke. “I do believe that our facility is far more advance, in terms of hospitality, don’t you agree, Sire?” you shut tight your mouth and keeping that anger under control. Remember, you are used to this treatment in the past. “We, modified humans have successfully come to surpass the power of the supernaturals such as yourself. It is after all due to your blood. I must say, I have to thank you for your donor of formidable amount of blood to our wing. It is an honour to possess such blood, especially from a vampire monarch himself. I truly am grateful, your most benevolence. However, we came across some obstacles, the blood that we took from your people aren’t good enough. We need the powerful blood. I am sure you know exactly what I’m after. Your blood. The blood of a vampire monarch is the most powerful thing in the world. Combine that with our advance technology. Hahahaha. The Déntos will rule the world in no time! ” the woman babbles as she storms around your bed, without seeing your face. 

Both doors in the room suddenly swings open and a man barges in. The footsteps that he takes towards you grow louder and louder, faster and faster. BOOM! There he is facing you directly from above your face and greets the woman near you “Sakura, why don’t you give him a fresh air. Oh, no. Wait. He’s a vampire, he can’t be exposed in the sunlight.” with that, he tear open his mouth until it spreads across his face and cracks open a untamed laugh you have ever heard of. “Hamish, if you wish for people to acknowledge you as a monarch, do speak in the manner of one.” says the woman is low tone and high pitch. “No matter how I speak in this room won’t be heard by my people and he’s no monarch nor is he an Erudite, he’s a corpse.” the lady behind the man place her hand on his shoulder and steps forward. She looks down at your face she replies “You never know, Hamish. You can’t just keep your civilisation custom while being a monarch, can you? It’s a part of the rule.” her eyes glows green and all electricity around the room ready to listen to her command; the lights are shut down, all you can see is that green electric wave that hangs around in the air above you. “I do find the way that you just spoke rather inappropriate, Sakura. If you wish to give me an advice and expects me to use that, you may just have to do them yourself first.” He responds, turns his head to the side and grunts as he walk away from her and you. 

Sakura leans closer to the bed to see a better picture of your face and then turns her hack and lowers her head into her chin while fiddling with her fingers that are resting above her stomach. “Are you making fun of me?” Hamish turns his back and then rushes towards the bed where you are lying and then looks down on you in disgust. “Why won’t he talk?” she turns around and grabs small portion of his sleeve and then pulls it down slightly. “You know he’s not the type to talk, none of his kinds like to talk. They don’t need it when they can communicate through telepathy?” states Claude as he puts his hand in his pocket and puts most of his weigh on his left for; leaning to the left side. 

“Wow. Really? Is that the ability we’re trying pull off from him?” she asks.

“Very much so. I believe it has connection with their DNA, keep in mind they not like us, their most prised possession is their blood. Royalties like him marries their siblings to gain that same DNA. Blood. Or so to put it. We’ve never encountered a royalty in lab before, this should be interesting.”

“Hmm. yeaaa. What if he resists? We can’t allow the patient to resist us from taking their blood.” she looks up to his eyes and then down to you. You close your eyes, shutting them tight. You don’t want to hear what they are saying and so you forces yourself to sleep.  “Do you mean, vampires instead of patients. We had taken blood from other creatures wether they refuse or gladly accept wasn’t an issue, now that we have a vampire in hand, a ROYALTY, will be a difficult task. Even if it’s just taking a blood sample.” he looks down to the floor and lets out a sigh that has been trapped inside his chest. He places his hand on top of the bed edge as he tightens his grip. “Alright, Vartan. I’m going to do you a favour.” this time, for the first time, you look him in the eyes. He’s been holding the top edge of your bed for a while and place himself to be on top of you. “I’ll tell you where she is. Rather, I’ll give out a mission for my party to look for her. And you.” he points to your face as he distance himself slowly to stand next to your bed. Your eyes follows his movement and blinks twice. “You know what do to, I don’t have to say it. You blinked you eyes twice, Vartan-that-doesn’t-seem-like-a-yes.” he turns his body around and circles around the room while running his hands through his hair to comb it with frustration. 

“I assume you sent your people to go on a hunt for your wife.” Hamish grunts furiously, he turns his head slightly to the left to see your face. His eyes a re glowing green, not the type of green that you would normally see in nature, the type of green that is so light to look at that you won’t even believe it’s green. “HAMISH!” snaps the woman “Calm down… I do believe we can settle this by communication through…, VERBAL!, Hamish…” 

He storms outside the room and calls for his people to release you and dress you the way that you are ranked. Your white shirt under your shining silver coat that has gold swill lines that make up an enormous rose hides you pale skin that are under you white trousers. Your shoes were polished that it looks as if it’s they way it was on your coronation day of becoming the second monarch of Scepre 1. 

You stare at the man that dressed you and links of his brains start to make pattern, you eyes sinks into deep red from being dark silver. What are you looking for? You search through his neutrons and skims and scams every single detail of today. You see an image of an old lady sitting on a squeaky chair, a boy wearing a red dress, Hamish standing tall as he slays his people, Sakura examines your body. All of the images of his memories of today merges through your minds as you stare deep into the man’s eyes and finally you see something you were looking for. An image of you in the current uniform. You look at yourself carefully and examines parts of your clothing and body from the tip of your toes until the last stand on top of your head. 

“Vartan!” barges in Hamish. “perhaps you wish to see your reflection in the mirror, heh? Look at you, you are free to admire yourself, if you can see.” You turn your head to you left where a gigantic mirror stands with only reflection of Hamish in it. You turn your whole body to the mirror and tries to see the impossible. The man that dressed you whispers inaudibly to the maid that came in “How do you suppose he sees himself?” you quickly glance at the man and replies “I do see myself, however I am unable to see my reflection. I heard you well. For normal human ears they wouldn’t be able to hear you, be cautious when you’re around me, I can hear everything. I could rip you off without you even noticing it” Your eyes glows, once again, red. This time it turns light red and quickly changes back to dark silver when the man apologies “I sincerely, apologise, your most benevolence.” 

“Good.” you whisper softly.  


She lands on a flat rooftop of a building “Fenil. I told you not to follow me!” she grunts while stomping her foot on the ground. “What’s wrong with you?! I was going to different direction, how do I know if we were to intersect here?!” he explains while pointing out the directions that he and she came from. “You knew, you kept it to yourself and planned to annoy me!” she shrieks to the world.  “Annoy you? Don’t be so presumptuous about things and your interpretation are all rubbish! Seriously, they don’t make sense, you’re such a narcissist. You think the world orbits around you.” he disspaers in a blink of an eyes and reappears behind her. She turns her body around and find herself alone. She activates her personal weapon, it’s giant; a metal spiky ball that are attach by chains to the golden handle that she’s holding “You dare to say I’m-!” she creams while smashing those metal balls on the rooftop. Fenil reappears after few destruction to the roof “Ooooh what’s that?”  he point to her back “Damn. I think it’s a bull seeing red!” his crystal yellow eyes widen and he steps back few steps from her.

“FENIL!” she shrieks, attempts to smash Fenil. Fenil disappear from different directions in front of her “No, no, no, no really. It’s the reds.” he warns.

Fenil gets behind her “Stop fooling around, Fenil-” she turns around to find Fenil

“I’m serious, look behind me, it’s the reds. They’re coming.” she does what he says and see at least seven people that has red aura around them with some of those plays with fire that they release from their hands “Hey! it’s the blacks!” 

“Shut your mouth, Gabby.” Fenil spits

“Wow wow wow. This is cute. U on ressssss-cuuuue mission? Oh n btw. His name is Gabriel not Gabby.” the man next to him greets. 

“Aaaaaaw… You’re missing one of your monarch, well I guess it would be unfair to pick a fight with you guys since your power aren’t complete. It would be called… what’s that word guys? Oh yea. Bullying!” The reds all burst into laughter. “Hey, I just came up with a word for you bunch of kids! ready for it? okay” he takes deep breath “Here it goes. Trooooooooooolls! Lol!” they laugh at the two as they begin to surround them. “It makes sense, you guys always hide everywhere you go. I’m actually surprise that you haven't hide yourself now and try to escape.” Gabriel wears that chained below knew ripped blue jeans, orange and red shoes that has the laces into Xs. 

“So you guys live in a cave or under a bridge?” the other asks to make a joke. No one laughs apart from the monarch.  

The reds that surrounds them are now starting to rip each one of the two’s clothing like an animal. They pull Kay’s hair forces her to do all sorts of an unthinkable things and inserts a centipede to Fenil’s ears. Fenil screams as the long, red centipede crawls deeper inside his ears. He could hear the itchy creaky sound of the centipede is taken from the steps it makes. As it gets further and further, Fenil’s creams grow louder and lauder. When the centipede had no more extension to bring inside with him, it crawls deeper inside his brain, he could feel every steps it’s taking and the merry sound it’s making inside his brain. He hold his brains with both hands and crunches on the floor, he screams louder and louder and bangs his head on the floor in hoping the centipede would stop walking and do any more damage in his brain by tickling it with its numerous sharp feet. The tears in Fenil’s eyes begins to stop flowing. His eyes grows as red as the centipede that enters his ear. His voice are not unable to release anymore sound. He could feel the centipede are now reaching small portion of his tender optic nerves. He shuts his eyes and opens his wide to breath air and attempts to calm himself down from his insanity. The centipede inside, continuously plays inside his head as if it’s his playground. Fenil make a fist from his right hand and hits her head from all directions severals times, the other hand hold his throat and heart that is panicking. 

The reds are watching as if they’re seeing a real life Tv shows. They laugh endlessly and the other man takes a small box out of his bag pack where small insects that are venomous takes their rests.

Fenil’s back begins to glows and black wings activates, the same happens to Kay. In their hands, weapons appears, goths has katana in their hands. The triangles on the ahdn of the katana glows read, waiting for their master to hold it tight and fights back. Both has collapse and are unable to do anythings. The reds see what happened and laughs the moment Kay sees the weapon in her hand gives it a stain smile, form there she collapse again. Their laughter bursts even more to the world. Few of them takes a pictures from their transparent screen phone that could just be gesture to open the application. They’ve taken severals picture with them smiling and the two at the background. The red triangles that are on the grip of the katana are now beeping in lighter red colour, the longer time it is for their owners to hold them. 

“I demand to know the commotion here!” a man with blue uniform of a long coat with dark blue swirly line stat make up an enormous rose on it lands from the sky to the center of the cycle and draws his sword to the reds. “Oh. it’s the elves!” he turns around to see who it is. Gabriel activates his Geis, his eyes glows orange. The others that are standing behind happen to do the same. As they walk a step closer to the man in blue uniform, each one of them activates their personal weapons. Gabriel makes sure that he’s facing very close to the man in blue and that they are very close in distance. “Gabriel. Your father. Would be very disappointed in you. Shall I send a report of what happened here? I’m sure the higher ups would be very thrilled to know, especially if they are on the Shadow Falls’ side.” he gave them a smirk. The man in blue activates his Geis, his eyes glows light blue and a shinkiros on his right and and his personal weapon on the left; both are swords that are very identical apart front heir colour, blue and turquoise. 

“Bring it all, old man!” shouts Gabriel as he releases great amount of flames from his hands and forces the others to do the same. The man in uniform blocks every attack of flames with his dual swords, left, right, front, left left, right, top, top and bottom. He slashes each and every one fire ball that comes towards him. “You asked for it, you’ll get it, boy.” Before Gabriel activates his Shinkiros, the man in blue hits his neck and lands Gabriel to the ground. He holds his neck for a second and whines for awhile before he responds “Hey old fart, you’re not bad”

“That’s because I’ve lived longer than you had been alive, boy.” Everytime Gabrile’s trying new tactic the man always prevents him from doing so, he rushes towards the minions and puts them into sleep by hitting their head with the bottom side of his sword handle. 

“Yea, well. Let’s see whos’ gonna kick whose ass! Yo Boys come and help me!” he turns around to see that one one’s willing to help him. 

“The way you talk does not sound anything of how an erudite should talk. You are a disgrace to the Erudites Society!” charges forward with his sword pointing towards the Gabriel’s chest. “Erudite shit and erudite shite! I. Don’t. CARE!”

“Oooooooh. I, absolutely, simply can’t have anymore delay to wipe out the likes of you on this planet! You’re all trash!” Gabriel block his attack by picking up one of his partners weapons, uses double weapons at the same time.

“Well, old man, at least we ain’t strict to listen to what a single person says and we can do whatever we want, you old prick!” he tries to slashes the man’s head with his dagger. The uniform man, rushes behind him and rands on his head with one foot. “And that children, I’m afraid isn’t possible when I have the world in my hand. Your people will be wiped out like wiping an insect infestation out or do what must be done during my reign in the next few months!” he states as he kicks Gabriel’s head making him to fall his face on the ground, the man in uniform steps few steps apart form the boy tat is falling on his face pairing the ground. 

“You got some confidence in yourself, huh, faggot?” asks in pure confidence while spitting out a tooth from his mouth . “Watch your language!” 

“Yea ain’t gonna do that. You know the silvers are gonna win cuz, they gonna hit the number in this battle!” he throws his weapons to the air and strikes again when it lands.

“Heh, so you would rather see the world in the silvers hands? Have you lost your mind, boy? That party is full of psychopaths!” he slashes Gabriel’s back with his double sword, making it look like one bloody X. “Yea well, those people actually do good things instead of you people. They don’t threaten to wipe us out or anybody out! They do good things.” he states. “Are you aware that the silvers have 95% of the world’s military in their hands? They are qualified to declare World War 4! Do you understand, children? They are psychopaths! Have you not learned anything from the world history?”  the man in uniform leads forward as Gabriel back off every forward steps the man takes. 

“Yea. It came to my brain. For a second there and it just wen’t out from my left ear. Ooops!” he shouts.


“Llyod.” greets a man behind Gabriel. The man is wearing long robe that is gold and had that pattern of gold rose on hi coat. 

“Anatolious!” he says in surprise, Lloyd bows to the man waits until he’s given the instruction to rise. “The hell with dat faggot?! Now we gotta deal with the yellows. Dammmit!” Gabriel puts away his weapons and forces his team member to wake up by using an electric shock to them through his transparent phone device.  “Yo boys! Let’s go and have some, SNOW!” he announces while giving the sky a punch. 

“Did he just mentioned-”  

The man walks closer and whispers “Leave them be, Lloyd. I know you care very much about that boy.” infront of him slowly that as if he’s speaking, trying to make people didn’t hear any word he says. “The word that you used is simply not the right one to describe my affection towards that child. I believe it would be sympathetic. I feel great amount of sympathy towards that boy due to his father being who he is and the negative influence gets from his mother.” he says as he puts aways his swords and turns his back to the Yellow king. The yellow king steps closer to the Lloyd and places his right hand top of his shoulder. “He will learn some day. I believe that boy isn’t anything like his father.” 

“How can you be so sure of this?Haven’t you seen what he did towards the Shadow Falls? If I hadn’t stop this nonsense in time, and if the children’s Shinkiros didn’t send me that signal, he might’ve done something beyond.” he asks as he looks towards Anatolious’ hand that’s on his shoulder and ignores it. “I just know it. From my heart.” 

“Anatolious.” he releases a small chuckle “ The heart does not store feelings nor can it do other things than pumping blood.” 

“Sure. Sure. You blues are free to believe whatever you’ve seen.”


On the field of an unknown land, lies the lonely dry ground. The soil that was once connects with one another and holds great amount of water are now being separated by the lack of water within the soil. The animals that was once used to play around here and about are now playing around in a single freeze motion with their bones left behind. The wind that are coming from every directions speaks to one another. The ground obeys what the wind wants, until all directions of wind find themselves in turmoil of an argument. The wind that was once speaking and whispering are now shrieking with their fury of anger and burst the most power they hold within themselves. The plants that used to rule the land, provide the land and animals with any need necessary are now gone and torn into pieces. The heat ripped the leaves on every tress, breaks every end of branches and torn wind plants that rests under the trees, this is what happened to this land. The land that once once full of life are now full of wrath. 

In distance from certain point, flags of a rose rises up to the sky along with the colour of blue. The rose in the flag is a bloomed rare blue rose that are participating in the war.  The Blues lines up in perfection, according to their rank, Monarchs, noble, chevaliers and members. They each hold swords in hand and various of weapons on the other hand. Their eyes are as cold as the frenzy winter sky, it’s blues but not quite blue turquoise but it’s not quite turquoise. The monarchs eyes glows in one perfects colour blue that are as clear as the morning sky and slightly deep as the evening sky. “We eliminate all chaos and punish those ho disobeys!” Hoots the Blues unison while holding their swords up in in hand and holding them just in front of their chests. 

Similarly, another flag appears in great distance. This flag is the exact flag that first to show up, exact the same flag apart from the colour of the flag. The colour is red with the dark bloomed red rose in the centre of it. The people of the red team screams, shouts and stomps their feet on to the ground, like the elephants in the summer days “Burn them all, attack them all, we are the strongest of them all!” they roars on top of their lungs. The order in which they stand are like circles and each ranks of people does not have certain places. The activates their Geis, making their aura to be red and releases a controlled flames from each of their finger, hands and every part of their body. All of them turns their back to the the blues standing in silence, in perfect order of their ranks with the swords in hand. The reds laughs and points at the blues.

Not long after they mocks the blues, another party shows up, yellows and green, awhile after that comes the purple and black. All are standing great distance and are visible from one another. Each parties shouts their battle cry after their long waiting for the silver party. “We eliminate all essence of chaos and punish those who disobeys with sword of knowledge. Men, raise your swords!”  Little the they know, the silvers are either collapse from their first ranking of their party and refuses to participate or they have not yet found their monarchs that are missing. Each battles cries grows louder and louder like the screaming wind that are chaining every single members that refuses to shouts. Each roars are like competition; making sure that their battle cry can be heard by the other parties by relating them again and again while stomping their weapons on the ground or polishing the swords with the beam of the sunlight. They burst their goals to make the world a better place and put that candle in hearts on fire. They each activates their Geis. Every Geis holds the same colour of their party. The activates their Shinkiros and personal weapons, formidable amount of robot machines appears and joins each party equally. 

The middle of the battle arena are now being iced. The once dry and cracked opened ground that are so beautifully orange like the colour of the lonely desert are now being iced. The ice covers nearly all of the battle ground. The spikes of the ice grows to attack anyone who are slashing them and torts them. An enormous ice monster forms from the ground from the summon symbol. The monster turns around and bows to the lady stands behind him. The lady’s hair is as silver as the dusty magical sky, her eyes are white as the clouds and she’s wearing a uniform that are similar yet different to the rest of the monarch. Her coat is extremely long behind she has to walk gracefully in order for it to look majestic as she walks. The white furr around her coat that are on the edges of her breast lines are exposing her neck and the top part of her chest. She opens her hand to left and extends a long icy swords. She then stabs the ice on the ground until it’s provoked. The ices turns the rest of the land into an icy cold battlefield. The whole ground is now coved in ice and snow.

A noble in the blue party mutters “ ‘The most powerful monarch of all will be shown to the world that he/she is worthy to hold the title of Monarch. He/she shall turn the ground into her preference and makes all his/her subjects to bow’ It all makes sense! Its going according to the legend!” as she looks to the ground and air  in disbelieve. A chevalier of the red hits the noble’s head and relies “What on Earth are you on about, Helen?” 

“Pelleas, the story! I knew it. It all make sense. It’s him! He Made it! He made all of this, all of us! He created this!” Helen jumps up and down after deactivating her Geis. The Red monarch turns his body to see the sleeping Geis from Helen, his eyes glows lighter orange as he roars “Helen!” Helen quickly activates her Geis and points to the once blue sky that are now in charged by the winter clouds that Silver lady made. “Look majesty! He made it! I know he’s doing this to us! He needs us! He didn’t betray us! He’s trying to help us!” Helen claps her hands as she jumps up and down. The monarchs looks at her is digest and orders the soldier to bring her out of his sight. “Noooo! Majesty, He made us! We have to repay him!” Helen realises her arms that are trapped and beild held by the soldier, she runs towards the monarch and grabs his leg while sitting on the ground as she says “Majesty. He’s helping us! Heeeeeheeeeheheheee!” she burst hysterical laugh that jiggles and jingles her head from each direction.

“What are talking about, man? I ain’t gonna hear ya say any more these damn thing about god and stuff!” Cadarn releases his legs from her hug and kick her head to get away from him. He lands further from her original spot and get up with a wound on her head bursts as bubble come out and dashes to her face. “Someone get this crazy shit out of here! She’s in her worse state, give her the medication!”

“Hear me, people of Erudite! This is the last battle until I have reached the number of 100,000. I suggest you to surrender to me, if you do not wish for any more bloodshed. If you dare to disobey, the fray will have a slay. As you might have known, I have eliminated formidable amount of monarchs in the past, those blood that I shed with his sword in hand was your ancestors’s blood and you ourselves will end up the same as the past monarchs. My dear children, it won’t be easy. I ask you again, do you surrender?!” she howls with the winds on her side as her speaker. The silence that you never heard this loud whispers to the sadist and bitter wind. 

 All members of all parties persuades their monarch to surrenders in order to return home safe and sound. The members of most parties erupt an audible whispers from ear to ear. The Red King steps forward into the centre of the battle field to face the Silver Queen. His pupil transform into a thin oval the moment he activates his Geis, the fire that was tamed inside are now about to erupt as he steps forward carelessly. The ice that covered the battlefield are now melting on the mark that the Red King steps, the fire remains in his foot prints and does not dare to provoked any more ice around it nor does it dare to spread it’s wild heat to the ice field. He stands right behind the Ice Queen. Right before he raise his head to look at her, she turns her body around and greets him with a small chuckle and demands the wind around her to swirls so that the she and the Red King could communicate in a room of blizzard. “Well, What have you come to discuss that seem so important as to step you whole self into this mess, Red King?” her voice is as thin as the ice at the end of the winter, the way she delivers her words that just seem so right to fit her being, her majestic cape on her shoulder kisses the snow ground and falls in misery. The Red King tilt his head to his shoulder slightly and pause few seconds before he turns his head around to see his position in the centre of a snow blizzard that are just circling the two monarchs and erase the image of any distraction. 

“What’s you plan Raizel?” he speaks as if he had cold and are unable to reach the full length of his voice sound. “Vartan is not here.” he pauses again and games his gaze to the ground until he can finally continues “He’s dead.” The last word he says made the Ice Queen to raise her both hands as she creams and the wind that was once whispering obeys their Queen and revolt to the rest of the monarchs. The crashes the soldiers here and there, fly them up as high as they fly a chair in the autumn days, freeze them to create sculptures and raises them to break it again and again. “Don’t. You. Dare. Say. That word. Again” a dark fiery colour liquid crops from her eyes, the streams of the liquid screams silently as loud as it’s capable of. The spikes that slumbered under neath the translucent ice on the ground joins the part of the snow. The first crack open the ground and then with enough power to merge their way up to the world, they pop up and stabs as much soldiers as wishes. The satisfied winds howls and focus the people to moves their body to the directions in which the long and the desperate spikes. The bloodthirsty ground raises itself so that they taken to the sky by the blizzards and with enough touch of ice them form shards that are falling to the ground like the meteors on the day the dinosaurs died. 

The moment the Ice Queen’s bloody tears fall to the ground and the moment the wind chains every single rebels to them, the moment the streams that overflows on her face stops, she stakes every singer person around her with her ice sword in hands. Her shoulders begins to cracks slowly from both sides. She surrenders to the ground and tries to holds the pain that are visible for her soldiers to see. In a spit second two white wings burst out from her back and takes her to the sky where she meets the blizzards. She controls the ice to stabs more soldiers, this time the ice does not only stabs, they also absorbs the blood of their victims. As they suck the blood, the virign snow and innocent ice are now slowly turning red. She then takes the blood that are stored in her ice and realises them by using them as her second hand weapons. The blood that is under her command makes their way throughout the ground until it reacher the soldiers’s feet, when they do, the blood enters the skin and decays the body with the help of the ice around it.  


“How are they doing?” A man with tall posture stands in front of an enormous conrol that has the screen. The screen is alsmots like TV. All what happened and what is happening are shown to the screen. All data of all monarch and members are visible and can be analysed. “Not very good.” He says as he shakes his head and turns to look at the man in the eyes.  “Well, what do you mean ‘not very good’?” The other man asks. His eyes are as blue as the ice and red as blood. He’s wearing a simple victorian white military uniform with a red handkerchief on his right breast pocket. He’s tall and has that vibe of an easily angered person. He look like he’s around in his 20’s. “Mac, the Silver Queen is missin’. N the Emperor just ordered his son to look for her. I can tell ya, Mac. Something big’s gonna happen. If just taking the Black Queen and keep it wit’ us here, there’s not much I can say on the experiment.” a slightly large man replies as he types on the control as fast as the lighting strike. The buttons aren’t just keyboards, they buttons that controls certain things. He fidgets and slightly move his finger to the control as soon as he finish typing and rests his hand “Hang on, I think someone just read something. What’s that Cain?” he turns his head aournd to another man while a hiving his right hand in font to Mac’s face as if to shush him. He nods a few times before he responds to the other man that spoke to him “yea, yea copy that!” he shouts back and turns his head towards the white uniform man and replies with a silent but his mouth is freeze and is open to say something. “Well?” Mac opens his hands and asks. “Bad news! The Orange King is sensing something, it’s the first time he’s using his Geis we gave him. What do you think he saw?” the man stands next to Mac raises his head and puts both of his hand on his hips. The red haired man looks at the screens and gives him a silent for few seconds until he can reply “I don’t know.” he takes a deep breath and nods as he continues “He certainly is something when we threw him down there, any changes in his behaviour?” a lady that just walk passed them drops a cup of coffee on the floor. They both turn around to see what happened and carries on with what they were talking about 

“Not much I can say, he only sits on his throne and look through that window in front of him. Oh and another thing, you know the Emperor’s sister?” the man goes to his seat and types in some buttons to control few drones that delivers them food etc. Mac responds to his question with a single nod. “Yea? Well, she killed herself; jumped out of the window the day she visited her brother. What do you think, Mac?” The man in white’s eyes widen the moment the hears the word ‘killed’. “Will you stop asking me that. He’s in pain of course and I don’t have a lot of opinion on this matter.” Mac walks towards his empty shiny seat that has more control buttons than the other man. “Mac, we’re working on this for over decades okay? I’m saying, let’s just go down there and see it for ourselves!” The other replies and excitements are painting on his face with that stretchy smile. “Goddammit Joe! I can’t risk my life in going down there! What do you my father will say? ‘Oh, my son is about to commit suicide, let’s hand the inheritance to his younger brothers’ No, Joe. Not gonna happen. So snap out of it!” snaps Mac. Joe gave him one of that sarcasm chuckle and responds “Mac, I was just kidding. Hey you know what we can do? Let’s take some maths problem to solve, maaaaan I know you’re stressed out. Come, let’s go. I think the scientist discovered the wormhole is true. Let’s go. She might be mad is we’re late, let’s go. Come on, let’s go Mac. Hey mac, lets go. I’m going now. Hey Mac!” as he puts his hands on his shoulder and almost leading him towards the exit where the drones are coming. The Drones are small and is flying in the air as they make that robot sounds that spins on their shoulders as they deliver meals to the people in the control room. “Goddammit, Joe!” he turns around while scratching his red head with his hands. His face turns red and pink at the same time and sinks in frustration along with his eyes “I’m doing an experiment here! Here. Those maggots! They’re hope for humanity! Ya got that?” He points towards the screen aggressively at few monarchs “Once we have data about these shits, we can come down there and change the fucking world, Joe! Who’s gonna do that? ME! I’m the oldest, dad said I can do it! I’m not going pause for few second just to look at your shits and solve them for ya! I’m doing an experiment! We’re all doing an experiment! But. HEY! No one cares about this shit! My brothers are busy with girls on that big ship and so as dad, cheating on mum! I’m trying to save the WOLRD godmammit! Do you think they have the will to come down to this shitty ship and say ‘Hey son, how ya doing?’ or maybe ‘Hey bro, sup? You need break? Reak?! Break?! I’d break their neck in few decades after this whole thing is done. Dammit. I’d snap them in half or throw them out of my ship. Yea, that enormous ship over there” tries to catch his breath for few second and continues his outburst “That’s mine! It will be mine alone! Those punks in there drinking and dancing are so dead when I get my self on that ship.” his fringe next to him leads him to his control seat and place his plan hand on his shoulder. “Man, just relax, you take a deep breath and carry on okay? I ain’t gonna come in here and distract you any more, alright? You go ahead and save the world for yourself. I’ll come down here, to this ship, when you need me. See that bell over there?” he speaks slowly as if to make sure he heard every single word that came, like speaking to an 8 year old child “Yea? Just ring it and I’ll come with the drones and fly down here in this ship okay? Imma check on your dad and brothers now on. Kay?” he looks at Mac; waiting for a reposes with that wide eyes of a little girl that wants a unicorn toy “Mac, say something. Hey, I gotta know when you hear me, Mac. It’s like talking to the drones!” he turns his body around and back to Mac to see any response. Mac nods his head few times and then walks towards his own control space “yea, there you go, thx, Mac. Cya buddy!” 


“Hello, mother.” an old lady that sits on wooden chair, looking throughout the rose garden with a floral cup of tea in her hand, holding it just under her breats. “Mother, what’s happening now?” the lady beside her asks “The father and the son are fighting. They want the world to to be theirs. Oh. I think the oldest son is angry. Oh now, he’s going down to this planet. Tell the monarch, will you. I wish, 8you were my daughter, you would be so much better than her. You listen well and do everything I say.”

“Mother, it’s very sad when one is being unnoticed. This will be your day in the house, mother. I’’m sure you’ll find it much better in that place. It’s the place with many people that knows these things like you do. You will also have the doctors to hear you, mother. I’m sure they will diagnosed you right. One can never know if they have schizophrenia. Don’t you think so, mother?” she follows her mother’s gaze and take a sip on her tea. “Now, don’t interrupt me I’m a monarch.” she grunts. She place her cup down and breath few moments as slowly as she can and place her left hand on her chest while tingling with her white gold necklace that had the figure of a crown. “I’m the Queen of the Purple party, I have the Geis to transfer my mind into other people’s body. The thing, is, they won’t notice me. Hehehehehe….” 

“And what do they say, mother?” she tilt he rheas slightly to her mother as if to hear her better and is ready to hear nothing she mumbles. “I’m in the body of the Silver Queen, she’s very lovely but she’s someone very dark too. She being captured. Oh. She’s thinking of her husband.” the mother raise from her chair and stands in front of the gate of her balcony and picks the red rose and returns to her seat. She takes the petals from the rose slowly as she says “I don’t what she’s doing there, it’s like, it’s like she’s going through a lot of things. Oooh a typhoon! Oh no. Tell the monarchs to be careful, will you? When I’m asleep, take my necklace out of my neck and hand to my daughter. Not you. My daughter.” she says as she points to the girl to warn her. 

“Oh and what is the name of your daughter, mother?” she asks ash she silently, slowly and swiftly takes the rose away from her mother’s hand. “I don’t know. It’s very funny because her names are forgettable and so I have to make a new one. Yes, new one!” She claps her hands together and rise from her seat to take more roses to rip. 


“Your mother should be fine with us, don’t you worry, Miss Gulzar.” says the doctor while leading her towards the exit door. She follows for few moments until she stops her step and turns her back to see the doctor to say “Mr Vartan, please look after my mother and one last thing, she does not like it to be called Shoshana she likes it better if you address her as Mrs Gulzar instead.” she says softly and slowly to step her foot to the ground to make her next step with full hesitation and questions in her mind.  

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