Mortal Reminder

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Pain doesn't last forever, time makes sure of that.

Submitted: March 01, 2017

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Submitted: March 01, 2017




The fairest of treasures;

Our shared mortality.


I could be on my knees,

Afraid of your presence,

You could be merciless,

Tear away my essence.


We could be in love,

Where we stay together,

Making sweet memories,

Hoping it’s forever.


You could be a bully,

Hate for the sake of hate.

Spread little miseries, 

Regret when it’s too late.


Whoever you become,

Whoever causes pain,

Whoever brings you love,

Be them a bitch or brat,

A murderer or saint,

Insane or of sound mind,

They all end the same way.

An empty shell, a corpse. 


Be content with this fact,

That we are all mortal,

Everybody dies,

Not a thing is exempt.

© Copyright 2019 Bobby Hodgkins. All rights reserved.

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