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Submitted: March 01, 2017

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Submitted: March 01, 2017



Mr. Gall always separated himself from the rest of the staff members, he would often sit alone during lunch and eat the same old chicken sandwich from the cafeteria every day.  He was a math teacher at stem high school, there was nothing quite distinct about him. He’d regularly try and make his topics interesting such as trigonometry, algebra et cetera. Seldom was he effective though, he was a skinny man with a patchy head and a salt n pepper scruffy beard. Mr. Gall lived on his own in a tiny studio flat in the inner city, he had no connection to family and neither did they bother to bond with him due to past incidents. The only time he called in sick was when his dog was spewing and he had to rush him to the vet.  A very substantial man who out of all the teachers at least made an effort to talk to the students about something other than school work, students would also frequently come to him to share their sorrows and joy and he’d be all ears for them. One lad who’d appoint him almost daily was Sage, a young introverted man who was the child to two crazy parents who on a regular basis would pass out due to overdose of drugs. Mr. Gall would sometimes invite Sage over to his place and have small talks with him about topics that interested them mutually. That was just the sort of man he was, committed to teaching and helping students. However, last week one of the most bizarre event occurred when constabularies barged in, cuffed Mr. Gall and took him straight out of the campus to the police department. He didn’t utter a single word when the men rigidly handled him. Kept his head down and silently did whatever they told him, as they escorted him out of the building. Sage stood there, watched everything as it happened. His eyes got all puffy and they were ready to burst out with tears, Gall didn’t bother making eye contact and moved forward. Everyone was stunned and questions boggled their mind, the seniors weren’t though. In fact, they’ve been feeling suspicious for quite some time now. Especially after the shadowy disappearance of Tanya, the third student in past two semesters to go missing out of the blue, without being found. The reason their suspicion grew enormously was because all these pupils were from the same high school and the one thing they all had in common was Mr. Gall as their math professor.

“High school teacher found guilty of murder” read the local newspaper, although Mr. Gall hadn’t confessed anything. The police department assumed he wasn’t innocent because when interrogated all he did was weep and say “I’m sorry.” He didn’t bother calling a lawyer when he had every right to do so. He felt it was unnecessary and decided that he would represent himself in court, the voices in his head told him he had to do it. Weeks passed and the day came by for his prosecution in court “Did you or did you not commit the murder” asked the judge. An awkward silence fell in the room as everyone was in anticipation of his response. He looked up sighed and said “It was... me, your honor.”

“Case dismissed” called the judge. The guards pulled Mr. Gall off the stage and took him into the police van as the media followed. When further questioned, he revealed the locations of murder and where he had laid them to rest. Now there was concrete evidence and so in the following week he was sentenced to a life imprisonment without any possibility of liberation. There were no explicit details to be savored by the public, except for the fact that he never revealed where Tanya’s body was. Justice was served, the guilty murdered, newspaper headlines gradually faded away from the public’s attention. Mr. Gall was no longer the same man, he was severely abusing drugs brought in from cell mates. Just about a year into custody, he suffered from a cardiac arrest which was caused due to the excess intake of drugs and high blood pressure.

Just when the citizens of the town thought they were getting their lives back in order after the horrific events, teens started vanishing again. Almost five years had conceded since the death of Mr. Gall and this time the disappearances took place in quick succession. “Seven gone in six months” headlines of local newspaper cried. Even the national newspapers took interest this time as there were rumors about spirits of the long dead student butcher returning to take away more lives, for there were dark whispers how of evil never really dies and how the night is dark full of terrors. Several residents were convinced that they had seen mysterious figures at the hours of darkness and heard screaming of young children in the same woods where he had previously hidden the evidence of his homicide. Even though the detectives weren’t as persuaded enough to believe the vanishings were supernatural related, they still made tireless efforts to find clues. They worked day and night but there was no luck, until one day a night ranger pulled an old Volkswagen van over for an unregistered license plate. He was just about to let the driver get away with a warning when all of a sudden, the slightest cry could be heard. The driver probably heard it too for he pushed the ranger aside, got back in his vehicle and zipped away. The high-speed car chase lasted for about half an hour, which involved three dodge patrol cars and one high flying chopper. It wasn’t long before the suspect was seized, dragged out his vehicle and detained. “Sage Bolton” read his license ID card. The same chap who would come crying to Mr. Gall when he felt isolated or had problems in with his narcotized parents. When inquired on his victim count he sly smiled and said “11 and counting, seven in the last year and three half a decade ago.”. Fortunately, the eleventh one was found alive in the boot of his van. Officers didn’t believe him at first and they were unconvinced but when they found the rotten corpse and skeleton of Tanya’s body on the third story of an abandoned building just as Sage said they would- they began to take notice and started the grilling. Jaws dropped everywhere, natives couldn’t believe a single word they had heard.

 One night when Mr. Gall called Sage over to stay at his place because of his unstable parents, he found that Sage was entirely covered in blood and mud. “What is this?” Gall asked. Sage stood there still and confessed. He told Mr. Gall about the three students he abducted and slaughtered. From what it seemed Sage wasn’t psychologically stable, he often had mental breakdowns but told no about it. He begged the teacher not to tell on him and  Gall agreed. Mr. Gall did not falsely confess because he wanted to save Sage, it was more because he was lonely and saw no light at the end of the tunnel. He saw a way to be put out of his misery. When you feel like there’s nothing to live for, you don’t think rationally. Mr. Gall appeared to be selfless and giving throughout his career but when he found out that one of his student and one of his only friend committed such an atrocious crime, under his watch, he snapped and gave up. His inner voices made the decision to be the willing victim for his student. No one other than Gall could explain why he did this to himself, disbelief at every corner of the town. Sage was arrested and sentenced to a death penalty the very next week. He offered himself no explanation , the case eventually faded from memory, an ugly blemish on a rather clean town. The man who had only called in sick once when his pet died, the only living thing he has as a friend. Gall was a very kind yet extremely lonely man who thought he could help save the kid’s future but instead it turned out to be worse.








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