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Submitted: March 01, 2017

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Submitted: March 01, 2017



 Chapter 1:Taken

I was reading a book when all of a sudden I heard the doorbell ring. Who would be here at this time? I shrugged and got up to open the door. In front of me stood a tall, well dressed man. He looked like a businessman.

“Is this where you and your family live?”

“Yes, why?” I answered.

“Oh no reason just…”  He suddenly snatched me and it seemed as if everything was going in slow motion. I felt his coarse hands wrap around my waist as he hauled me towards a decrepit looking van. I was terrified. Then he stuffed me into the van and I found out that there were more kids in it. There were boys and girls. There were some kids in everyday clothes and some in pajamas. All of them were trembling in fear.

“Why are you guys here?” I whispered.

“We got kidnapped as like you. My name is Lorna and this is Mackenzie, Tasha,  Livia and Mylle. Over there is Ezra, Paxton, Jason , Zander, and Bryce.” The girl who had whispered had a british accent

“ Oh nice to meet you,” I whispered. “ My name is Bronwyn.”

They all said hi and welcomed me, but I could tell they were all very scared.

“ What in the world does the guy who kidnapped us want?” I whispered.

“ We don't know,” the girl with the british accent whispered back, “ We asked him and he just said ‘ you will find out… someday.’” I remembered her name was Lorna.

“ Well we better get to work and find out before it's too late,” I whispered. “Is he planning on making us slave labourers? Or is he gonna drop us off somewhere?” A few seconds after I had whispered that the man came into the van and looked back with an evil smile.

“ I got you now. Now I will be going to get all your family members. You were the first.” then he laughed evilly as he locked the doors. “ There is still a lot to come.”

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