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this is all about me!(Lexi)

Submitted: March 01, 2017

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Submitted: March 01, 2017



Hey guys! This is Alexus, but you can call me Lexi.


I am 12…

I am the youngest of three kids. My oldest sister, Bianca, is 16 years old and my other sister, Kiara, is 14. We live in the country near the town of Mitchell on a nice big yard. We have no pets, but me and my sisters are trying to convince my dad to get a dog (preferably a big one).  We used to have a dog that was half Mastiff, half St.Bernard. His name was Mack. He ended up getting really wild, and no one else wanted him, so we had to put him down.


I love my school…

I go to Mitchell Middle School, and I’m in grade 7. I love my school because all the teachers are awesome here, and I have lots of friends. My favourite subject is E.L.A because I love the way it's so chill. I can’t believe that next year I’m going to be in the oldest grade in MMS- it’s going to be my last year until the SRSS. But then I won’t see my friends as much.  That’s what the best part of school is OF COURSE… seeing my friends every school day!


I have AMAZING friends…

My friends are… Kennedy, Lily, Karlana , Lorna, Taryn , Shaelynn, Lauren, MacKenzie, Michelle, Kattie, Brooklyn, Livia, Cynthia, Kiara (sister), Bianca (sister), Laurel, Kayla, Kaelyn, Katelyn, Amie, Amy, Kaya, and I am pretty sure I have more, but I can’t remember all of them.

I am so lucky to have them in my life! They make my life so much better and  I can't imagine myself without them.


When I grow up I want to  be…

I want to own a bakery called “Cherry On Top”, a daycare called Toddler Town”, a karaoke Centre called “Karaoke Kave”,and a beverage shop called “Lexi’s cafe.

Cherry On- Top we would sell anything from cakes and cupcakes to tiered wedding cakes and custom ordered birthday cakes!

Toddler town-  we would take care of children from 6 months to 5 years old, and we would have different sections for stuff like potty training, and a room for Babies who are learning how to walk and just stuff like that!

Karaoke Kave- we would sell little snacks at a canteen and have a blast singing, and once a year we would have a singing competition!

Lexi’s Cafe- we would sell anything from fancy lemonade to smoothies and milkshakes to  just simple juices.

Do you know what the cool part is?  They would all be attached as a mall!



Everyday I try to remember to sing on my karaoke at home. When I sing, I feel like nothing else in the world matters, in fact I even got a extra wireless microphone for my karaoke machine  and some  karaoke CDs for Christmas!


My usual day looks like…

I usually wake up At 7:30 , then I lay in bed for like 15 min. The bus is supposed to pick me up at 8:38 but  it's usually late so it comes at like 8:42, It kind of gets on my nerves because then sometimes I have to miss a little bit of worship wednesday or on day 3’s I have to skip R.O.E’s because on day 3’s I have a french test that I choose to study for. When I get to school I go to R.O.E’s, then when classes start, I will usually go to either science or French. Then I will end my day with Either Fitness or French.


My favourite memory growing up…

My favourite memory growing was alway GOING CAMPING .We would go camping every weekend or in ANY of our spare . Any time .We would camping at St. Malo campground. My favourite part was always going to the beach or sitting by the campfire just chatting away with my family, because of course as you all should know by now is I love talking!


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