I Found My Twin

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Submitted: March 01, 2017

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Submitted: March 01, 2017



 I Found My Twin

“RING!!” My alarm clock rang, it was 9:00am.  I walked slowly to the  washroom and brushed my teeth; then I walked downstairs to the kitchen, to have breakfast. I noticed it was just me at home, because Dad was at work and my little brother Jordan was at a playdate. My older brother Seth was in college.

“I love summer!” I told myself. It was summer, and I had lots of time to sleep in. I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the summer sun.

“Hey Gabby,” Case said as he tried catching up to me.

“Hey Case, are you enjoying the first day of summer?”

Case is my best friend, we’ve been friends since kindergarten and he’s always been there for me ever since I lost one of my siblings. I don’t remember him or her. I don’t even know how old they are because my dad never told me.

“Yeah, I’m lovin’ it already. You’re dad at work?”

“Always,” I said sarcastically. “Same with Jordan, he’s at a play date; so it’s just me.”

“Yeah, but you’ve got me,” he said with a smile on his face.

“Sure, but I have to go in the alley again.”

“You’re still wondering about that noise there, huh?”

“Yup, would never forget. There something in there, and I need to find out what,” I said proudly.

“Well, see ya! Hopefully you come back alive!” he said sarcastically.

“You know I would never go inside, i’m just looking.” But by the time I finished my sentence Case was already gone.  

When I got there, I looked inside the alley but I didn’t see anything. After what felt like an hour of looking, I just went home. I jumped in my cozy warm bed, put my headphones on and just lay there.


The next morning, I took my iphone and looked at the news. It read “Murderer In Town.”

“Yes! Finally something good on the news!”  I checked if there were any pictures and there was one. “It’s my aunt!” I thought. Wait it can’t be! I mean she’s the snobbiest aunt I have, she lives on Turbin St. which is the  creepiest street in the city. Well no duh’ it’s a dump back there. I’ve never actually met her, because she never came to the family gatherings. My cousins told me that she buried her only son in her backyard, I’m not sure if it’s true but I sort of believe it now that I’ve read the news.

The next morning, I went over to Case’s house. “We have a lot of of work to do!” I said with a chuckle.

“But it’s summer!” he yelled like I meant homework.

“We’re not doing homework, we’re making a plan.”

“A plan for what?”

I grabbed my phone, set it on the news I found earlier, and showed him. “It’s my aunt.”

“You’re aunt is a murderer?” he asked like I was joking. “Or let me guess, you sent a pic of her to make it seem like she is?”

“No. This is serious stuff, and if we’re going to talk her out of it, then we need a plan.”

“Wait, we?” he asked in a suspicious but worried voice.”

“Yes, we are going to talk to her.”

“Okay, but if i’m coming then you’re doing all the talking.”

“Thank you, thank you Case!” I hugged him and showed him the map. “That’s where she lives.”

“She lives on Turbin St.?!  I change my mind, you can go alone; come back alive please.”

“Fine, I’m not scared, watch me come back alive.”


The next morning, I walked with the map in one hand and a stick in the other, just in case she goes a little overboard.

Noises came from everywhere, hurting my eardrums. It’s just a crow, it’s just a crow, I mouthed the words. “Crrrrrr!!”

“Ahhh!” I screamed. “Oh, I just stepped on a branch, I said to myself. “According to my map I’m here, there it is….”


“Hello?” the door was open, I swallowed.

“Ahh, finally you’ve came!” A deep but light voice said.

“Aunt Claire, is that you?” I said slowly but brace.

“No, I'm a duck! Come over here,” she snapped back. I walked slowly into a huge office space that was full of papers and pictures of people and maps. There she was in the middle of the room, she had beautiful long hair and she was dressed in a long black dress.

“Now that you are here, we can work on a plan to find your twin.” she said excited. “Let’s’ get started.” she quickly added.

“Wait, my twin? I don't have a twin.” Why would she think that?!

“Yes, you do, he's been missing for years.”

“But..Seth told me that it was an older sibling that ran away.”

“No, let me tell you the whole story. It was the day you were born. Your mother wanted it to be a surprise, but she got twins; you and your brother Mark. You’re  mother was devastated!  So they decided to give him away and keep you instead. They just didn't tell you for all these years, no one’s seen him since, so I'm on the lookout.” This was crazy! I had a twin and she's trying to kill him.

“You can't kill him!” I said proudly.

“I won't.. I don't murder, the picture in the news was sent in by my husband; he's the murderer, but no one’s seen him for weeks. He never came back.” Wow, now this is just getting creepy, but I believe her.

“Okay, I will help!” I said ready to help. “But I have to go home for lunch. So...oh and what happened to you and mom, weren't you guys close?” I asked which seemed more like a statement.

“It's been a long time, I might as well keep it to myself.” She said, a worried look on her face.


Chapter 2


The next day, I lay in bed thinking about my uncle, and why he would do such horrible things. Couldn't aunt Claire change him, and he could change his ways? Why am I so worried? We're going to find my twin. But why did Dad lie to me? I’ve been a good girl, why couldn't he just trust me? Or what if aunt Claire was lying to me? Now I know why I'm so worried, I've had so much on my mind. Good thing yesterday I helped aunt Claire make the plan and we’re leaving tomorrow, so now I have more to worry about, great! Maybe if I go to Case’s house I'll forget all about this stuff.

“Will your mom ever put on some other music, than just classical?” I whispered, annoyed. “I mean, it's getting a little old.”

“I know, but for her it never gets old.” Case said playfully.

“Fine, but can you at least get your cat to stop sitting on me?” The thing is, I'm not scared of cats, I just don't like the feeling of them here.

“Here Snowball!” he picked her up. “You know Gabbs, I really think you shouldn't go and look for your twin.” He made me think about it again!

“You're so overprotective.”

“Well, I care about your safety.”

“I know, but I'm brave!”

“Well, I'll be here if you need me.”

“That's what friends are for, right?”

He looked down and sighed, “Yeah, you're right.” I felt sad leaving Case, but if I had a twin, I would have to find him and fast.


The next morning, I woke up and headed for Aunt Claire's house. I was so sure that she wasn't lying about all this stuff, so I brought emergency stuff:A first-Aid kit, some food and a bottle of water, and a stick in case an animal comes running out of the woods. I mean  you never know!!

“Hey Aunt Claire, what's up?”

“Just packing some stuff for our trip.” She finished putting a sewing kit in a big Nike’s bag.

“What's that sewing kit for?”

“If our clothes rip when we’re on our trip, we’ll have to sew them back together.” She was right, it could happen. “Oh and, what did your dad say for letting you come with me?”

“Umm….” I totally forgot about that! “He's going on a cruise! So he will never know I'm gone.” I said excited.

“Ahh, smart kid!” she said enthusiastically. “Now let's get going.”


I wasn’t sure where we were but there was a couple of trees, but not many. I was so tired, that I couldn't even move my legs anymore. “Where is that kid? I'm getting tired, and my legs hurt.” I complained.

“Stop whining, we'll find him soon.” It felt like two hours past. We heard a noise. “What was that?” Aunt Claire whispered.

Out of the trees view I saw a boy, tall, about my height. Shaggy brown hair, ripped clothes, and blue eyes!

“Hi?” I asked the boy.

“Hi, I'm Mark and you?”

“I'm Gabby” I said, my voice shaking. Could this really be it? Is he really my twin? Why did my dad not tell me for all these years?

“Hey, I was wondering, could you help me find my family?”

“Yes, yes I could!”

“We are part of your family.” Aunt Claire said giving him a hug.

“What?” he asked scared.

“You are my twin!” I added



“Sure,” he said sarcastically.

“I'm serious!”

“We will run a DNA test tomorrow,” Aunt Claire said.

“I'm so confused!” He yelled back. I understood him. I would be too, If some stranger told me all this stuff.

“You'll stay with us for tonight, we'll explain everything once we get home.” She said, like she was his mom.



The next morning, we went to the hospital to get the DNA done; Mark really is my twin! I was really mad at my dad for not telling me,so me and Mark moved in with Aunt Claire,oh and don't forget about Jordan!

But weeks past and aunt Claire had her last few breaths.

To Be Continued…


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