her name was society

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this story was inspired by the book "13 reasons why". i wrote this story during class one day and was encouraged to share it.

Submitted: March 01, 2017

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Submitted: March 01, 2017



It was the same thing every day. Wake up, go to school, come home, go to bed. Every day she felt as if she was living on repeat. All the days seemed to run together and she could hardly remember why she woke up each morning. Everyone at school seemed to be her enemy, as they would stare at her with such hatred and disgust each and every morning. She hated each day she woke up to find herself living once more. She seemed to be an average girl; average weight, average height, average grades, everything was average, but overall, she was anything but. Her clique would all agree, that she was astonishingly beautiful, witty, cheerful, and kind. All of these.. No one could see unless they looked past the outside, and truly got to know her. Everyone thought she was stuck up, rude, hateful, ugly, and overall purely unlikable. One day after school, she came home, sat on her bed, put in headphones, and quietly listened to her favorite songs. She had done this so many times before, yet for some reason today was.. Different. No one ever found out why, but to this day that memory lives on in all the minds of her closest friends, and most hateful enemies. On this day, she finally did it. She ended the endless days of repeat, and hit stop on everything. She knew what she was doing when she picked up the knife, yet she continued to do something no one could ever imagine. She ended her life, and left everyone to mourn. On that day, she left one single note, this note contained a list. It was a list of 6 people. These six people were the key reasons she kept on living each and every day. She loved these people beyond belief, and apologised for what she has done to them. In the note she explained that each and every one of them will receive a pair of headphones, a cassette player, and 3 cassette tapes. Each side of these tapes, dedicated to one person. She explained what made each of these people so special to her, and how they improved her life. Only those six very special people knew why she did this terrible thing. Her life was a mess that no one knew, and no one could tame. Every night she cried herself to sleep, and looked in the mirror, hating herself more and more each day. No one could see the pain she hid so well with her beautiful smile. No one would ever understand why she refused to eat lunch at school, or why she stopped responding after eight o’clock each night. No one ever asked, so she never told what secrets hid beneath her tired, ocean eyes. Everyone came to her funeral. Enemies, bullies, friends, siblings, parents, everyone. She looked so beautiful in that casket.. Her fiery red hair pulled to one side, a flowing black and blue dress, white stockings, blue pumps, and lastly, she had winged black eyeliner that complimented her face in the most beautiful way. Yet, nobody came to see her body. They all came for this one thing; the reading of that one final note. They never did read that note, so i cannot tell you their names, but to this day I remember just what the tape for me said. The sad tone i had never heard before said these few words that ripped my heart in two: “Payne, I have always loved you.. I'm so sorry for doing this and I wish I could’ve said how I felt a long time ago.. I'm so sorry..” I can never forget that one amazing girl that changed my life in so many ways. I loved this beautiful girl that took her precious life away. I will never stop thinking about her.. And I could never forget.. Her name was Society, and she was the only person I’ve ever loved..

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