Trapped in Wonder

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I've changed quite a few times since the last morning. Who am I now if you did not know then?

Submitted: March 01, 2017

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Submitted: March 01, 2017



Trapped in Wonder 

By Jasmine Howard


Once upon a time, in a dream within a dream, there was a land where everything was but nothing was what it seemed,

And what seemed to be, never was really nor could it have been, or should it?

There was a wrong Alice and a red queen filled with malice, a white bunny rabbit who always lost time and a crazed creator of hats who loved to riddle and rhym.

There was a pale queen with a sweet voice and humble touch in a place where enough was never too much, there were flowers whom sang and danced with me, a smiling cat who lived in a tree and the perfect party always had tea.

There were twins who loved to play and begged me to stay, soldiers who were pawns on a great checkered lawn who seemed to enjoy that the game would always end with a girl with a hope in a dream within a dream that she had which was mine

once upon a time.

When all was what it seemed to be and all it could, would or should. From the beginning to the end till the end began again, were the lines drawn into the sand.

Into, out and in between the hole in the ground, upside down and right side up I fell, into my home, my precious



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