Three's A Charm

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Olivia Jacklyn, a 17 year old girl who was placed in Foster Care without a second thought at birth. Lauren(biological mum) was 17 when she gave Olivia into the foster care system, she didn't want anyone else knowing so she moved 140 miles away as soon as she had given birth. Matt(biological dad) heard rumors that Lauren was pregnant at the time but took no notice, two years later he moved 90 miles away. Leaving Olivia in the foster care system from birth until now, shes 17.Shes been staying in the same home for 9 months now, the "dad" of the house is like the rest shes seen, the arguing couple keep Olivia up most nights.Olivia has been through a foster care system of hell. Abused, ignored and given false hope as she gets put into yet another home although this one isnt at all what she seems...

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Chapter One

Submitted: March 01, 2017

The moonlight shone through the crack of my half open eyes as i struggled too pull myself up. With one hand rubbing my eye and the other ... Read Chapter