the big city

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Part seven, "Seek and you shall find" The Supranos meets The Wire, Toronto style...

Submitted: March 01, 2017

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Submitted: March 01, 2017



( bigcity episode 7 " seek and u shall find ")

( scene 1 )


( officer dog face is putting up pictures of the gallaway and malvern crew on his board when the other 

 crimes unit officers come in the room .)

officer callahan - thought u might want some coffee ( hands dogface the coffee)

officer dogface - last night at club empire .i gave clear instructions that the club be watched .

officer munk - it was monitered sir ,but at the last second detective mcnally who got wind of the operation said back off .

officer dogface - why the fuck would he do that .and who gave him the authority .

officer callahan - apparently sir he's working on a case .and the case has his man tied up in it .he doesn't want it tampered with 

says he's been on his drug case 5 months .

officer dogface - does that motherfucker know were working on a bigger case than some nickel and dime drug case .

officer callahan - talk to your friend the mayor .

officer dogface - yes he is my friend and i dont need him holding my handz everytime a moron pops up .he's the chief now .he has bigger

problems  .besides thats why he gave me the top job .see u guys later .

officer munk - where you going 

officer dogface - going to deal with a moron 

( bigcity episode 7 )

( scene 2 ) 

( jerome is making breakfast while fid gets ready too go see her 14 year old track star at york university )

fid - what time did u get in .i didn't hear when u came in .

jerome - 5 .came in made something to eat and knocked out watching highlights of the leafs beating nashville .

( jerome and fiddy are at the table eating breakfast now .)

fid - sorry baby i wasn't there too see you guys win .long hours . u know how it is .

jerome - a classic .rope as usual intimadated the reffs .but at the end w got the w .

fid - well good cheaters never prosper right .(leans over and gives jerome a kiss )

jerome - yah -funny though last night i was at moms getting dressed to go celebrate the win when i saw fishy in some gay as clothes

and said he was going out with some friends.

fid - so what's wrong with that .

jerome - iam starting to think fame was right drunk or no drunk .he is good with remembering a face .

fid - well hun i gottah run 

jerome - good joke say hi too coach for me 

fid - will do 

( they smooch and fid leaves )  

( bigcity episode 7 )

( scene 3 )

  ( hi iam here at another grizzly shooting last night ,at this club called the empire .

where police say to black cars drove along side the club and peppered the patio and the club with a hail of

bullets .one male is dead and one other victim was shot in the leg .police are asking for witnesses or 

if anyone knows about the shooting too call police. iam lisa lewis reporting bigcity news .


( bigcity episode 7 )

( scene 4)

( nova sits getting a message from a fly ass woman when his cell rings .) 

nova - nov 

secreat caller - u have a snitch in your camp 

nova - who the fuck is this? 

secreat caller - just shut the fuck up and listen .meet me 

( caller tells nova time and place )

nova - i why should come there .

secreat caller - cuz ,u wonna spend the rest of your life in jail .

( secreat caller hangs up .

( bicity episode 7 ) 

( scene 5 ) 

( miss bagnasco's best men have been following the mayors movements all week and are outside 

yorkville where the mayor just picked up shoes for his wife .)

juan - this mayor moves like he's in the mob ,never stays in one place longer than an hour .gottah give it too him ,he doesn't slip .

pepe - everyone slips .havent u noticed ? 

juan - what? 

pepe - u suppose to be learning ,not praising your prey . the mayor comes here 3 times a week .he left threw the back once and the other 

2 times threw the front .

juan - c 

pepe - today the mayor is going threw the back .i wanna see who or what's back there .stay here see if he comes out .iam going round back .

( pepe gets out the car and goes around back of the alley .he peeks around the corner too see 

the mayor talking too a fellow he can't see cuz his back is turned .the man and the mayor chat 

for about 3 minutes and go the opposite way .pepe turns around leaves the alley and hits the 

street back to the car where juan is waiting .

juan - see anything 

pepe - wait i minute a car should be comming round from back .i never saw the mans face the mayor was talking too .

juan - there .

pepe - good follow him 

( pepe and juan follow the car all the way too a woodbridge golf and country club where he sits 

down and orders a drink for himself  and juan .)

juan - miss bagnasco has some big enimies by the look of it .

pepe - my mother back home in colombia always said " seek and you shall find "

( just then the man the mayor was talking to gives a man in a white golf vest and white pants 

an envelope packed with money .the man kisses nino strata on both cheeks and leaves .

pepe - looks like mami was right .( pepe calls miss bagnasco ).it's the italians .

( bigcity episode 7 )

( scene 6 )

 ( jerome is chatting with mr black an older street mentor to him in his store about the streets .)

jerome - how's buisness .

mr .black - can't complain .

jerome - no lie i came just to ask u about nino strata .

mr. black - u bigtime now .figured it would be you .

jerome - nino strata black's .

mr black - serious today i see .well u gonna have too be serious with this power crowd u running with .

jerome - how u know ? 

mr black - u forget i use too be second to your big brother sampson .nino strata went to school with us .

jerome - i remember him a lil .

mr .black - well your brother and nino got along actualy .the other italians didn't like it but nino is nino right .who's 

going against him.

jerome - so i can trust him. - don't even trust your momma 

jerome - nuff said 

( bigcity episode 7 )

( scene 7)

( pops is back from quebec after seeing the other bad choice chapters 

and is asking stevie how things are going .there at pops mansion in whitby .ont .)

stevie chambers - so how was the trip .

pops - fucking hell .opp on us the hole time can't take a fucking piss without them looking at your cock .speaking of cocks 

hows the mayor doing .

stevie - the cock sucker held a meeting on his yacht with the jerome .

pops - what about .?

stevie - just to feel him out i guess .me and polo were shown the yacht .

pops - feel him out a. and don't u think u being in the room finding out what was going on is more important than u seeing his fucking 


stevie - now that u put it that way .

pops - find out whats rea lly going on .and find out why the mayor asked our men at the airport the take all the shipment from .the 

dyke .he's up to something .

( stevie gets up to leave when pops says )  

pops - stevie if u can't handle it .u know slick can take over .

stevie - iam fine pops .and leaves pops mansion .


( bigcity episode 7 ) 

( scene 8 ) 

officer dogface goes too detective mcnallies division .detective mcnally is laughing with some 

officers when dog face comes up to him a punches him right in the face .

officer dogface - if u ever tamper with one of my casses again or call off my officers on my detail a punch in your face would be a 

blessing .

mcnally - but i have a case .

officer dogface - fuck your case .

( everyone stairs in the division at officer dogface as he leaves .while detective mcnally refuses .

help while holding his broken nose .)

( bigcity episode 7 )

( scene 9 ) 

( dave picks up mongo from the airport )

dave - how was the trip 

mongo - i love new york man .and the woman 

dave - i feel u .u handle that for nino 

nino - yah the dro got down there safe and i have the money 

dave - good 

just then mongo see's his cousin fishy running from 3 guys 

mongo - is that fishy running from those guys .nobody aint chumpin my cousin speed up behind them 

( the guys corner fishy calling him a fag .mongo and dave come out the car )

mongo - u guys have a problem with my cousin 

guy - fuck your fag cousin and if u want some come get it 

dave - it's your funeral 

3 - guys rush mongo 

mongo - o well u guys asked for it .

( mongo pulls out his gun and shoots all 3 men they lie on the floor groaning )

mongo - stupid  mutherfuckers . lets go fishy 

( fishy gets in daves car and they drive off )

dave - why those guys chasing u and calling u fag 

fishy - dont know man i came out of my boys apartment and when i walked by they called me fag .i said suck my dick and they 

chased me .

dave - next time be carefull .u new  around so i guess niggas just fucking with u .

mongo - fuck that .u telling me u just walk out your boys apartment and 3 niggas call u fag for no reason .who's apartment were u in

fishy - man fuck u .u my dad .what i gottah tell u shyt now .

mongo - i just shot 3 fools for u .u wonna be the 4th 

dave - both of u shut the fuck up .look u a big man now fishy u do and go as u please .but next time we might not be there .so watch 

your company nigga .

fishy - i feel u dave .

mongo - i bet u do .

( dave drops fishy at jeromes moms house and drives off with mongo )

mongo - somethings not right and iam gonna find out .

( they hit the hiway when daves phone rings its jo jo ) 

jojo - u on your way .

dave - yah ,hitting the hiway now be there in 30 min 

jojo - good iam with jerome and polo ,randolph is takeing care of something for jerome so he wont be making it see u soon .1

( bigcity episode 7 )

( scene 10 )

( nova meets the secret caller who called him on the phone its a bath house .)

bathe lady - hi sir come this way sir been expecting you .

( the bath lady leads nova too a pool where he see's officer callahan lying  there waiting .)

nova - look man, iam no fag so u can take this bath house shyt and kick some rocks .

officer callahan - iam no fag either just gottah make sure no wires or recorders .

nova - me with a wire man .u must know who u dealing with right .

officer callahan - yah a killer and a drug dealer who i dont trust .something goes wrong and iam taped iam the fall guy for some drug 

pusher .

nova - so what the fuck u want, u said i had a snitch in my camp .

officer callahan - how much is your freedom worth .

nova - fuck it's priceless fool .

officer callahan - good then my offer is cheaper than your life .1,0000  should do .

nova - a 1,0000 for u chatting hot air .

officer callahan - its ice 

nova - fuck that .he just wacked trish edwards .

officer callahan - ice wacked edwards

nova - i personally sent him 

officer callahan - have my money here tomorrow same time .and u know what u gottah do with ice .

nova - i got something special for ice .

( bigcity episode 7 )

( scene 11 )

  ( jerome and the crew all meet up at a woodbridge church where  2 men in suits approach them as they walk

towards the entrance .

nino' soldier - mr strata has been expecting u .

( nino's men take jerome and his crew down a hall into a big room with a long table where nino strata  and 

his men are eating and laughing.)

nino - jerome so happy u can make it sit down brother .have your crew sit down .hope u guys like italian .

jerome - u usualy eat in a church .kinda creeping don't u think .

nino - thats what bruno say's but my father did it so .i like too keep the tradition .says theres nothing wrong eating with god .

jerome - well if u put it that way .i can see his justification .

nino - lol ,jerome i knew your brother 

jerome - so ive been told 

nino - sorry about his death ,personally if it wasn't an accident. if i was his brother i would be looking for his killer .

most likely the killer would be dead by now right bruno .

( at this point nino is testing jerome knowing  that he heard the rumours long ago that rope had killed 

jeromes brother sampson and it was covered up as  an asmtha attack . nino was showing his power by 

bringing up jeromes brother in that fashion in front of his crew .how would he react .jojo .dave and polo

mongo stare at nino and there crew like we can get it on here and now .nino sensing the tention building

which was not his real intention needs nino at this point to take over for the bikers who he wants out 

of the big city distrabution rackets so he says .

nino - i got the men anytime u need help jerome .

mongo - he gots all the men and power he needs .mongo stairs at nino .

nino - no problem .jerome i control the mayor and the hole sale distrabution in the big city .now that u have teamed up with us 

i can get rid of the barbaric bad choice bikers and the dyke miss bagnasco and bring in the mexicans .

jerome - things are running smooth now and in 2 more months my shipments will be comming from miss bagnasco .iam  figuring now she 

has no clue .u control the mayor .who intern controls the airport and the police .but why do u want miss bagnasco out .

nino - thats personal .and if your worrying about your buisness .my deal with the mexicans can make u an extra 15% 

jerome - and the choice 

nino - pops thinks they run control everything .they have no clue about me .pops thinks he controls the mayer and the dyke .

so let him think that .i really want miss bagnasco out .the bikers sooner or laterwe might have to go to war with 

but sometimes u need a good war right .

jerome - the pasta taste good 

nino .my wife made it ,shes the best .so we have a deal? 

jerome - i have 2 months left with my finch crews deal .after that buisness is open 

nino - good ,now lets eat and enjoy my wifes meat balls .

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