Warrior Cats: Rising From The Depths #1

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Prolog (v.1) - Rising Seas

Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017





The stars twinkled silently, the fresh snow freezing on the cold ground. The wind howled beneath the trees, and the light on the ancient waterfall glowed as five figures padded up to eachother.

"This has to stop." One said, her black pelt dull, but her ice-like yellow eyes still shimmering against the water of the sacred waterfall.

"Hollystar is right. We can't let this go on." A second one replied, this time a brown-furred tabby she-cat.

"But, these clans have known FogClan since the beginning of time. We can't just drive another clan out." A tom this time, stepped up to the two she-cats. "How would you feel if you got driven out by another clan?"

"At least MY clan doesn't make such.... Horrible decisions! FogClan has been crossing our borders, and stealing our prey! Not to mention they don't even go to gatherings anymore, Lizardstar!" The brown she-cat said crossly.

The tom shook his broad head. "Calm down, Birdstar."

Hollystar sighed. "But what will we do?"

Another tom stepped up, golden-furred with sparkling, green eyes. "We will wait. StarClan has sent a prophecy to my medicine cat, Frostclaw."

"This is not a time for prophecies, Yellowstar." Birdstar hissed.

Another shy, grey she-cat stepped up. Her voice was soft and gentle. "We can't make sudden decisions.."

"I know, Emberstar, But we can't let this go on." Hollystar grumbled.

"It's the leader's fault, Vinestar. He is the influence." Yellowstar nodded, his pume-like tail swishing from side to side impatiently.

"I guess so..." Birdstar huffed. "Are you suggesting we... Kill her?"

"No! But, she must be stopped. I guess... By words?" Yellowstar suggested.

"By WORDS? She'll just kill us!" Hollystar screeched.

"No. I think he means words by StarClan." Lizardstar nodded, understanding.

Yellowstar nodded. "Spot on, Lizardstar. I know they don't believe in StarClan, but a vision will defenitely make them understand."

"The problem is, StarClan doesn't just do stuff by other cat's orders."

"Then, we'll have to find someone who can convince his or her clan to believe...."


?Chapter 1


The chilling breeze sent a shiver up Soot's spine. She noticed that tiny drops of snow were starting to fall, and the sky was getting dark.

I will wait until there's a bit more snow and seek shelter later, She decided.

The breeze ruffled her dark grey, soot like pelt. Prey ran off at the sight of her ice-like, yellow gaze.

Trees were thrashing in the wind, and the fences were covered with ice. Soot felt her own nose getting chilled. She remembered her mother like it was yesterday.

'Make sure that you don't stay out to long! You'll know when because your nose will start to turn purple and it will feel cold!' 

She had left her mother when she was 12 moons old, to explore on her own. She missed her warm, feather-like coat.

But she hadn't liked being a housecat, no she didn't. So, one day, she decided to run away. She could still remember the echoes of her litter-mate's cries as she ran. Shutting her eyes, hoping to block out the horrible flashbacks, she continued on. It was getting pretty lonely since her friend, Flop, had disappeared.

One day, he was shoved in the back of a strange truck, that smelled of cruelness, and disappeared under the sea of cats inside. I think other cats call them... The Pet Catchers? She wasn't sure. But, that was a long time ago.

Now she was on her own. She rolled those words over and over in her head. All alone, all alone, all alone

. She didn't really want to think of the thought. She rushed over to a snow covered monster that housefolk called a..... Truck?

She could pretty much understand a lot of housefolk's "pointing and making weird sounds." To other cats, they were strange. To her, she understood them. Well, it was quite obvious, living with them for 12 moons of her life.

Leaping onto the truck, she knew it was no harm. It was sleeping. She studied the landscape. Housefolk dens, monsters, dogs, cats... Pretty normal. But, she had always wondered what the forest was beyond.

The forest seemed to stretch so far, she couldn't see the end of it.

Her mother had said that there were dangerous things in the forest, but she didn't really believe her. She promised herself that she would go to that forest one day long ago, and this was the time. She jumped off the truck neatly, landing on all four paws, as always.

She padded over to the thunderpath, and watched the monsters whip past her. Foul odor hit her nose, and she tried her best to force it out. Snow started falling heavier, and the sky became pure white, with a hint of grey. She ignored the stinging at her paw pads from the thunderpath, and moved on. Dogs barked, but they were held back by their housefolk on things called "leashes".

It seemed like forever before she could get to the forest, but when she did, it was even bigger than she imagined. The trees seemed to be ready to swallow her whole, into the endless black beyond. Daringly, she padded through the twisting and winding trees. She could see pairs of beady little eyes from juicy prey.

All thus sudden, she heard a rustle, she spun around. Nothing. Once again, a rustle. Once again, she spun around. Nothing. She was starting to panic, and she ran. The tree branches whipped her face, and she felt like she was going to be sick. She ran on and on, until the rustling stopped. Sighing in relief, she turned back around, and standing in front of her were two giant cats.

She jumped back in surprise. "H-Hello?" She whispered.

She wasn't afraid to fight, but it was only if she had to.

"You realize you are standing on FogClan territory!" The biggest one hissed, raking his claws past her cheek. Blood streamed from the wound.

"Gooseclaw, calm down.." The only she-cat said, looking at Soot. She curled one claw beneath Soot's neck before stepping back. "She could be useful.... About the age of an apprentice.... What is your name, trespasser?" She snapped.

She seemed kinder than the big one she called "Gooseclaw," But just as snappy. "S-Soot." She stammered, but then stood up boldly. "I'm Soot. Kit of Rosemary and Calovil. I am a loner." She almost regretted saying those words, before they laughed loudly.

"Ha. The first bold one we've seen in moons." Gooseclaw laughed. "You're right, Quailwing. She COULD be useful." He nodded his head, spinning back to look at Soot. "Alright then. Would you like to join FogClan?"

Soot cocked her head. "Fog what?"

Gooseclaw sighed. "FogClan. It's basically a.... Clan of cats. Or a society, or whatever." He explained. But, it wasn't too detailed.

"Um... Sure?" Soot said, uncertain for a moment.

Could she trust these cats?



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