The Road (Direction)

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In life, we're faced with challenges.
Some choose to follow the road, some choose to make their own road. Some people choose to just walk down a road and see where it takes them.
Meet a self conscious teenage girl, with her imaginary mother as she walks down a road with no purpose.

Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017



It was cold. But not that cold.

We walked down the shady road, following the directions on my mobile phone. My mother found it amusing that I rely so much on my phone. I didn't worry if the information was wrong or not. I never took into account that it could be wrong. But it's not wrong. I just know it.

My mother was typically a negative person, wanted to argue- couldn't agree with you even if you’re right. You can’t win with her. But I didn't care. I don't care about anything. Other than my mobile my phone as my mother says. "You're starting to piss me off, put that piece of shit away" she says in a aggressive yet bitchy tone. I didn't believe in swearing, cussing or being aggressive but my mother has been through a lot, so it doesn't worry me.

It’s not like I was checking my messages, I’m not the type to be scrolling through fucking Instagram while people are speaking to me.

Every girl says it, but I’m actually authentically different. I’ve got a new phone, yet I don’t give a shit about it. People would ‘die’ for this phone. I would not do such a dull and awful thing. If I was to die, I’d die in a cool way. Like getting burnt to death or jumping off a cliff. And besides, you can’t use a phone if you’re dead.

I chuckle in my head. That’s a childish thing to say.

“Are you sure we’re going down the right way?” I asked. Not that I was expecting an answer, as my mother pulled out a cigarette with a pissed-off look like I just took a cigarette.

“Doubt it” she replied.

In the next five minutes, five things happened.

A raccoon passed us, looking for food so I chucked the little shit a piece of bread, a tree fell, a man passed us, we walked another 5km and my mother smoked another cigarette. Only one of those events freaked me out the most. The man. We took the wrong directions. But it’s just a man- in the middle of nowhere.

To be honest, I forget where we were going. We were just walking. To nowhere. Why? To forget the pain we had? To forget what we use to have? But we go back to that anyways. Because we want to. Not because we have to, we want to.

We go back home. I guess that was just another walk.

Not even a phone can show you the directions. You’re always lost without a soul. 

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