Sound of Her Sleep

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Words from the heart of a man hearing his lady sleep.

Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017



It's 11.35. You have just hit the bed after watching a Sci-fi Hollywood movie in your laptop, Looper.. Lying cozily inside the warmth of your blanket you open up the Truecaller app in your phone, you see her 'Last seen' at 10.42. You think to yourself, 'huh she can talk to someone at 10.45 but can't give me a call'. You ponder upon ringing her yourself, press the dial button, but disconnect the call at once before it starts ringing.. At the very moment you're in a dilemma whether to give her a call yourself or not, she calls you up....

She asks if you had dinner. You've skipped dinner because you were feeling too lazy to get up and cook, but you say you had, just to make her not worry about you. You can sense some kind of sadness in her voice since you are going away from her in less than a month's time and it's three and half more months after that till you two see each other again in person. You try to calm her down by saying it's only three months, and will pass in the blink of an eye. You go on to say you love her and will stay with her all your life. She sighs and says she doesn't believe you and blames you for the person you are, a flirtatious guy whose gift of the gab always gets its way with other girls. You laugh at her, try to pacify her citing examples of your love and care towards her and how you changed yourself to a better person after getting to know her. She bids you good night; you say 'please stay nah, for a couple more minutes' , but she repeats herself 'GOOD NIGHT!!!'. You give in....'good night chal bye' you say. But none of you disconnect the call. You know she wouldn't, and she knows that too. You put the phone beside your pillow, put it on speakerphone and turn the volume up to the maximum.

You love to hear her sleep, the sound one makes from their nose while sleeping, people call it snoring but it's a rather melody to your ears. She knows you are listening to her and you love it. She doesn't disconnect the phone, turn it upside down beside her pillow and slowly dives into the world of dreams.. Minutes pass by, hours pass stay awake to hear her sleep. A plethora of memories gush through your mind, those moments when you first met, first started to interact, first time you made her smile with a silly joke, first time she cooked breakfast for you and brought it to office since she knew you'd rather skip breakfast than to wake up 15 minutes early to fix for yourself one, first time she held your hands, first time she kissed on your cheeks, first time you mustered the courage to kiss her back, but this time on her lips, first time you two came close, first time you hugged, first time you spent a night together, and you stayed awake all night only to watch her sleep, first time you felt jealous seeing her talking to some other guy, first time you felt insecure about her, first time you felt scared of losing her, first time you fought....yes literally fought, first time you two made up after that, first time she told she would miss you after you leave, first time a couple of tear drops rolled from your eyes fearing that you two might not be together forever, first time you smiled when she said she's going to be there always with you, all those first moments of love, togetherness, companionship, trust, sometimes mistrust, sometimes harsh words, sometimes ego coming in between, and then making up with a kiss, all those memories throng your mind, and keep you awake all night.....

You start to think about the future, all those compromises and adjustments you have to make to be with her, but you know you would be more than happy to do that, you start to prepare yourself how to present your case to her parents and ask them for her hand, how to convince them that you will always take care of their princess and give her all the love and happiness. You start to realize if only one person in this world can make and keep you happy, it's her...

It's almost 3 am, the 'sound of her sleep' has gone up a couple of notches, but it now sounds more melodious to your ears than ever. You light up a cigarette, pick up your phone, unlock it and open up the 'Notes' app and start scribbling on it what you feel in this very question keeps coming back to your mind........are you in love? Are you finally in love after all these years?........

You know for certain that you are, you are truly deeply madly in love with her, yes you are!!! And even if it doesn't end in the way you've always longed for.....

'Mehfil mein teri hum na rahe to, gham to nahi hai...kisse humhare nazdikiyon ke kam to nahi hai...kitni dafaa shaam ko meri tere aangan mein baithe maine subah kiya...channa mereya...channa mereya...mereya beliya...o piya'

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