When they ask him what makes her beautiful,his only response was... 'everything'!

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some heart breaks don't mean true love doesn't exists!

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Submitted: March 02, 2017





" Volunteers get ready!!! Principal and the guests are on their way.. they are gonna be here at any moment.." 

Citation ceremony 2017 begins.. The hall is full of croud. All the 12thies with their parents are eagerly waiting for their citations. And  their junior volunteers rushing all around to get everything ready. 
He and 3 others were alloted the work of carrying the citation to the principal.. 
"Ok wait .. where's Jhanvi ???" He asked irritated.. "Must be roaming somewhere." said his co-volunteer. "We can't have just 3 volunteers on the stage.. ask ma'am what to do.."  He had lost all his temper.. He as such didn't like girls at all.. Actually girls in his life made him feel so... 

 "OK chill, ma'am said she's arranging another girl to replace her.."came a sound from backstage".Wait.. why always a girl... Girls are useless... u girls are so immature and have no sense of responsibility ..And to replace an irresponsible person she's sending another irresponsible person.. she got no other student in this so damn big school that has around 400 11thies.. " he shouted.  "Will u just shut up for God's sake!!! " said his co-volunteer..
And there came the new girl... trying to search for someone she knew .. and after seeing her best friend there.. very excitedly jumped up the stage shouting and hugging her innocently .. "Wow....-_- now what if she sees her 12 standard friends on the stage.. is she gonna do the same there too.. -_-" He made a rude comment and continued  seeing the list... 

The girl was known for her innocence and polite behaviour.. Hence without arguing anything she just said a polite Sorry and stood there silently.. " Hey dont mind him  .. He is Garv and he has a habit of  being rude to people ..." said another guy from the team. "Excuse me Het .. let me correct u.. not people its GIRLS.. because they deserve it..  and who asked u to give explanations to her ..concentrate on ur work!. And ya ask her name too .. we would need it to find her when she forgets to report here tomorrow" He smirked ...
"I'm Tanya..  and why would I forget to come.. .." she asked confused.. "Arre ignore him.. some people don't have manners. Anyways come with me I'll tell u what to do" said her friend Riya.  
Out of mere curiosity Tanya asked Riya why was he so rude....
riya replied, "He has problem with girls.. Actually it is mainly because of his past......

Six months ago....
Garv had joined school basketball team .... He used to go for pactice everyday in the morning. One fine day he came across Neha .. She was in the basketball team too . They got to know each other, became good friends and after some time they felt for each other .. They even got together.. But Garv later on realised Neha was not serious about him.. She already had a Boyfriend  and was with Garv just to make the former guy Jealous..

After 2 moths of this incident came another girl in his life.. Jenny. He felt for her but never spoke. The whole class knew about his feelings including Jenny but that never stopped her from being friends with him.. Actually she was used to it.. being one of the very modern and stylish girls in the school she had a big enough list of fan following and Garv was just one of them.. Not that Garv had no chance.. Being one of the most good looking boys, he is a well known guy in the school. Jenny found him really cute..and hence one day she simply proposed him.. They were together and looked really sweet together... But just a month back she ditched him saying he was not of her level....Actually the fact is Garv despite of being a handsome guy is a simple one.. he doesnt like showing off himself....And Jenny on the contrary was a show off types..  Once she asked him to carve their name on the school library wall so the whole school gets to know about them and Garv refused saying that we both love each other and  we know that... isn't that more than enough......!!
Then and there it was all over..

From that very moment Garv hates girls like anything.."

"Ssshhh! Principal sir is here with the guests! Everyone take your positions" came a voice from the backstage. The ceremony continued..

In the middle of the procession, while Riya was drinking water, by mistake the bottle fell off her hand. "  
"I said girls are irresponsible and useless ... no one listens to me" Garv shouted.  Knowing his nature no one uttered a word except for Tanya..
She very politely said, " Just because of two senseless girls of your past..you can not judge all the girls in this world." 
Something happened .... 
To everyone's surprise Garv didn't reply ..he just couldn't... Her innocence left him speechless..For rest of the day, Garv didn't speak to anyone . He just couldn't stop thinking.  ..There was something that didn't leave his mind
At night he just picked up his phone and messaged ' sorry' to an unknown number that was just added in the citation group. Of course that was Tanya's number and before he could think of anything else came her reply:

HE: Sorry
SHE: ???? who's this?
HE: Garv here

SHE: (confused) Ohh Hi ..Why did u apologize ?
[Ok now he had no reply.. even he had no idea why he apologized to her..]

SHE: Hello??? U there?
HE: umm.. yeah.. I don't know .. just felt like apologizing.
SHE: Are u ok?  High or something? 
HE: No I'm absolutely in my senses . By the way how do u know about my past? 

SHE: That doesn't matter .. But you shouldn't be rude to other girls because of them.  Just two girls being bad don't make all other   girls in the world bad. You have no idea how many friends just because of those two. Well nevermind .. You know what..


You are not who you were in the morning. You are not arrogant neither rude ..  you're really sweet .. never change yourself for someone who doesn't even care.. your being rude and arrogant didnt bring those girls back neither changed them.. so why to affect yourself. If they didn't stay they weren't ment for you.. your princess is somewhere.. waiting for you and will love you for who you are. So have faith and wait for your princess. You'll definitely find her I promise. :)

[Something changed...... Something deep inside him changed..]

After reading her message he had a smile on his face.. a smile which he never came across.. a smile that this girl brought on his face.. He had found his princess.. who could see a sweet Garv deep inside an arrogant and rude Garv. 


Few years later...

Yes baby??
Am I beautiful ?
Of course you are! 
What do you find beautiful in me?

I love you Garv.. <3

I love you too Tanya! Will you marry me?

Yes I will. !


{He kissed her forehead and they hugged}

Claps filled the hall and the party continued as they danced together in dim light.. Completely lost in each other!!!!  



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