A Glimpse at the near past

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Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017




It's 04:14 am and I can't sleep yet.A lot of things are getting confused in my mind, memories are coming all together, touch my mind, gently explode like bubbles, leaving such a wonderful smell, childish smile mixed up with heavy tears, reminding of unachieved plans, pain, colored songs, lazy mornings, naughty evil pranks, sincere wishes, unfulfilled dreams..

It smells ink on tables, pens on board, lunch boxes, wet uniforms under rain, shared umbrellas, warm small classes, missed buses, screwed exams...It smells life!

Why is life running so fast ? What is she up to ? Are these the only beautiful memories we would make ? Should we get ready for unsolved problems, tiring hardships, fake relationships like we've  been told we'll encouteer? Eldery only talk about childhood memories, as if they only were teenagers, as if their period being adult only helped them to get weaker, unhealthy with countless disases, uncurable sickness, dicrease their ambition, kindly destroy the wall they stupidly built as children: the high wall between them and sucking reality, erase any sign of rest and ease, and leave wrinkles that witness the war they unwillingly got through..

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