Argyle, the Ninja Sock

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This 900 word Flash Fiction is best read with tongue in cheek and a Sock on your Talking Hand.

Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017



One afternoon a very imaginative girl of about ten years old was doing some laundry. She was busy folding cloths that she had just taken from the dryer when she spied a lonely sock within the pile.

"Well, what have we here?" I didn't wash any socks today so I wondered where you came from," Mary questioned; then she slipped the sock onto her hand.

Suddenly the sock replied, "I came from the Isle of Cotton, just off the Scottish coast."

"Really," questioned the girl, and how did you get in my clothes dryer?"

"The dastardly Wizard banished me to that hot and dark world after my battle with the evil Count Dampness. I was able to set the beautiful Pajama Princess free from that terrible place, so she was able to escape with the others. But I was trapped by the Wizard of Cling and made to stay behind.

Yet, thanks to you I am free again, thanks to you and your static prone friends. How can I ever thank you?"

Suddenly another voice is heard, "Mary! Come help me put the groceries away."

"OK Mom," Mary yelled as she slipped the sock off her hand and headed for the kitchen.

Mary's Mother pointed to some items sitting on the counter and said, "Put these things in the pantry and those go on the cereal shelf. OK?"

"OK Mom."

After they both finished up in the kitchen, Mary plopped down on the couch in the family room and Mom fixed herself a cup of coffee.

Well how was your day dear?" Mom asked.

Mary replied, "Oh, school was fine, but my friend Mindy. Do you know Mindy, she is in my class? Well, anyway, she tripped on something while texting and fell into a lunch table. There was blood everywhere! --- The nurse said that she broke her nose, but her phone is OK.

All the kids were like busting up, over Mindy falling, but I freaked out.

I helped Mindy to the nurse’s office so I got blood all over me too. Luckily it was just before school let out so I didn't miss much classroom time and I came home right after Mindy's Dad picked her up. I washed my clothes as soon as I got home; it looks like all the blood washed out OK."

As Mom sat down on the couch she replied, "That's a shame, I mean about Mindy's nose, not your clothes.

Did you put them in the dryer yet?"

"Sure did, I was folding them when you came home," Mary stated. --- Oh, and about that. When I took the clothes out of the dryer there was a sock in the pile. It's kind of strange too because I've never seen that sock before. It is the kind that Uncle Mac wears; you know the kind, the really long ones."

The Mother replied, "Hum, maybe it's one of your Dad's cold weather socks, but I doubt that because those are usually white. Oh well, just hang it on the lonely-sock hook and maybe someone will claim it."


After a time Mary headed back to the laundry room and the half folded laundry. As she walked into the area she couldn't help but notice that the sock was perched on top of the pile of clothes.

Without thinking about it, and being silly, she pointed her finger at the sock and said, "And what are you doing up there? I thought I left you on the folding board."

"You did," replied the sock, "but I didn't like it there!"

Mary was shocked and moved away from the clothes.

The Sock spoke again, "What is the matter with you, has the cat got your tongue?"

Mary caught her breath and told herself, "I must be hallucinating. Maybe it was the smells from the nurse’s office, antiseptic vapor flash-backs."

"I really doubt that," said Sock. 

Mary thought for a moment and asked, "Are you a sock, and if you are then how is it that you can talk?"

"I look like a sock, but that is all part of my super stealthy Ninja disguise. --- Let me explain.

I am known only by my code name, Argyle. I have been stocking my prey for years now"

Mary butted in and asked, "Stocking, as in sock, or stalking, as in sneaking up on?"

“Stalking, as in sneaking up on," replied Argyle. "Now, may I continue?"

"Oh sure, sorry," Mary said.

Then Argyle continued by saying, "My prey is that ever elusive little white sheet, they are very sneaky and very hard to find in piles of white clothes.

I hide inside the dryer and then attack them as soon as they are detected, they must be exposed for the non-clothing impostures that they really are!"

Mary thought for a moment, then stated, "Those are fabric-softener sheets, you silly Sock. People put them in the dryer to soften their clothes and to get rid of static cling."

Argyle turned it's snake-like head toward Mary and with the most befuddled expression on its strange looking face, it said,...


"Mary, --- wake up honey; those clothes aren't going to fold themselves.


"Huh, --- Oh, --- OK Mom."



D. Thurmond / JEF --- 03-01-2017


© Copyright 2018 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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