Her Eyes

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Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017




With a trembling hand I try to reach for my bottle. The smell of tobacco and cheep alcohol invades my nose. An old country song is harshly playing in the background, but I hardly notice it and can only make out the faint rhythm of a guitar. Somewhere in the room a man shouts for another round for his buddy and him.


I take a swing from my bottle and the beer runs smoothly down my throat. I’m used to this by now. I have no idea how long I’ve been sitting there but suddenly she’s there. She’s everywhere and I am not used to this at all. She touches me and the soft brush of her fingertips against the small of my back sends a feeling of burning along my spine and almost makes me go crazy.


I want to scream at her for doing this to me. Beg her to just go and never look back at me. To forget me, but words never leave my lips. I’m falling and I know she won’t be there to catch me.


After trying, and failing miserably, to compose myself, I rasp out an edgy “Hey”. She sends me one of her smiles and takes both of my hands into hers. Without another word, she leads me out of the bar and calls a cap to bring me back to her place. She is taking me home.


While sitting in the car and looking out of the window, at the streets passing us by, only one thought is on my mind. I’m not good enough for her, I’m not good enough for her, I’m not good enough for her.


Because I am not.


I don’t voice my thoughts, of course, because she would only be her kind self and tell me that I am. But I know the truth.


Making our way to her front door, I can feel the tears welling up behind my eyes. I’m trying to hold them in because I don’t want her to see me break. I can’t remember her moving closer to me, but after she closed and locked the door, she is suddenly in front of me. I lift my eyes from where they were staring a hole in the floor and look into her eyes.


That’s when my resolve broke. The first sob escapes me and suddenly her hands are gently caressing my cheeks. There is this tenderness in her eyes. But that’s not all there is, there is kindness, concern and compassion and trust and most importantly, love. Unimaginable gallons of pure, pure, love. And as I’m sobbing into her shoulder, I can feel the cracks slowly starting to heal. My heart is breathing again. And at this very  moment, I feel like I’m enough. Enough for the world moving around me. Enough for my family. But dear God, never could I ever be enough for the soul holding mine right now.


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