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short story about 3 characters; trey, chloe and benson

Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017




Here I found myself, waiting, for the most important woman of my life. For her I would kill, I would chase from dusk till dawn, or at least until I got tired. I glanced at the clock, have been waiting for 10 minutes now. Or was it 20? I don’t know I was never good at telling the time. Doesn’t matter. For her I will wait. But she better hurry, I have to pee. While waiting, I caught myself staring, staring at a nice one. Head held high, proud, light, brisk steps. Oh it would be a shame not to use up an opportunity like this. I stood up, began making my way to her. But Trey knew better. He knew I was the troublemaker type. He pulled me back and insisted I sit back down. So I did. Trey was a loyal friend. Or at least I can hope I can call him that. Since Chloe and Trey met, Chloe started spending less time with me. Dare he make a wrong move and limbs will be thorn. I promise! Ah who am I kidding. I was, am and will be the only one in Chloe’s life. She will love no other. But why did she leave me with Trey? I understand she had to see her parents. And she did mention it being a problem taking me and that her parents wouldn’t like me.

“Trey! Treeeeeey! Oh God it’s good to see you” *cough* lame.

“Oh and you brought Benson with you.” She gave me a tight hug. I glanced at Trey, caught his eye and gave him the “Oh what? Ya jelly?” look. He hates it

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