The Beach

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Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017



Chaos. Complete bewilderment; utter confusion. Some would even liken their feelings to befuddlement, had they the time to collect their splintered thoughts. The beach was absolutely jam-packed with the sweaty odour of skin and sun screen. The sun beat down harshly on the beach-goers like a master to his slave, merciless, remorseless, whipping to cleave flesh from bone.
Dirty sands, infiltrated by globs of putrid moss, did nothing to alleviate the sense of drab boredom and disgust most felt when first setting eyes on the greying city behind the beach. Old stone was not much of a backdrop to the ocean, despite the attempts at modernisation; instead, the effect of this glaring, "modern" white was closer to blinding. The brown factories dotted in between rows of similar houses served to soften the blow of the poor palette that assaulted the eyes, if only a little. Small square chimneys poked their way through a sea of cubes, their red tips standing out amongst the lake of bland uniformity.
A tall spire, adorned in every possible shade of dull brown, jutted out like a hound's canine, drawing glances left and right unabashed, shameless of the attention. It was accompanied, from the angle of one standing at the tip of the beach, by a slight hill, its soft, gentle curves juxtaposing with the harsh angles of the church tower.
The people themselves, clothed in shirts and shorts, or skimpy trunks and sandals, threw mud and water up behind them as they walked, their footwear personified by the flip-flopping of foam on skin. Amongst the flat sands of gold and yellow, children and parents alike played, soaking in the sun before it departed, struggling with the weight of the sky on its back as it dripped through the saturated horizon. Here, between the perilous boredom of the city and the equally hazardous depths of the ocean, their only enemies were the clouds, though few and far between did they come to shroud the land in darkness.

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