The Truck Ride

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Review Chain
Scene of Brian hiding in the back of a truck with equipment from the missing 13 Floor.

Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017



Flash Fiction: The Truck Ride - from novel: The Missing Floor

As the truck pulled out, Brian pulled out his burner phone and called Carol, “Honey, I’m going to be real late tonight. I may not even make it home, I’m in the back of a truck and I don’t know where it’s headed.”

“Do you want me to do anything for you?”

“Let me see if I can get the GPS to work on this phone, well what do you know it has the Waze app on it, let’s see if it works. Great, I’m headed toward I-90 and it looks like we may be turning onto the south bound entrance ramp. Yes we’re headed south. I’ll call you back when I know more.”

Carol got in her rental car and headed for I-90. Afraid to call him for fear the ring may be heard, she could only wait for him to call back. After passing Roosevelt, she continued on for a few more exits, then pulled over to wait.

“Carol, looks like we are exiting I-90 onto Dan Ryan Expressway.”

“I’m pulling back onto I-90 south now.” Blue light flashed behind her.

“License and registration please.”

“Officer, what did I do wrong?”

“You pulled out into traffic without using you turn signal, going to write you a warning. Be more care in the future.”

Carol restrained herself, slowly pulling out onto I-90 with her turn signal flashing.  

“Okay, they just pulled off on S. Wells, now left onto W. 59th St. and now turning right on S. LaSalle St. Turning right again on W. 61st Street and stopping at a storage building. Looks like Lawrence Super Truck Rental and Storage. If I can get out of here, pick me up at the corner of 61st and S. La Salle St.”

“Good luck, I’m on my way.”

“Getting pictures now.”

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