The Story of The Game

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Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017



When Riley, Allison, Nicole, Sarah, Varun, Kyler, and Joshua became Rebels, The Scientist, Monky Girl, and Pig Woman knew they had to stop the good guys, or their Grand Council would end.  Monkey Girl could summon mimi monkey armys, Pig Woman could make a huge pig fall from the sky, and The Scientist could make any potion, put it in a dart gun, and fire it.  They made up the Grand Council of Evil.

The Scientist saw Joshua and Varun nearby from behind a bush.  He shot to sleeping darts, and they both fell asleep.  The Scientist, Pig Woman, and Monkey Girl had just pulled Joshua into the Invisible Jet, when the rest of the Rebels arrived.  The Scientist yelled,"Leave Varun here.  We already have Joshua."  As the plane took off, the Rebels had dragged Varun to safety.

Joshua awoke chained to a chair and saw The Scientist mixing potions into one dart. "What does that do?" asked Joshua in a frightened voice.  "It'll stimulate your brain cells." replied The Scientist.  The Scientist saw the confused look on Joshua's face.  "Do I have to explain everything!  It will make you do whatever I say." and The Scientist loaded the dart gun.  "I'll never help you!" yelled Joshua.  "Sure you won't." and the dart hit Joshua's neck.  Joshua yelled in pain and cried aloud, but after a second, he stopped yelling, sat up straight, and stared without blinking.  "Let's start with basics." said The Scientist, smiling.

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