The Sound of Silence

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my gift to one of the best friends i've ever had.

Submitted: March 03, 2017

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Submitted: March 03, 2017



Silence. That one rare time where not even the faintest noise can be heard. This is the most tranquil, and amazing time...but also can be terrifying. That, is when Silence strikes.... She attacks from everywhere and nowhere...the perfect assassin... The best assassin to ever live they say. No one knew her true name...or perhaps it is her true name? The few who knew are dead, or scared to say it out of fear of her...

"Bah! Its just a tale to scare people, we all know that", a man said....dropping his cards to the table, folding.

"Ah shut up Mckeiver, you could for once just shut up and listen to it for once",another said, raising the bet of the game ever so slightly, much to the dismay of the remaining players. The wind howled outside of the small shack, but despite its appearance, held a witness of utmost importance...with only 4 guards. Not the smartest move.

"We're the finest of the Talon company anyways, so this so called 'legendary assassin' won't even stand a chance!", A younger man said..the rookie of the group.

"Don't get ahead of yourself Jamison, there are others out there." Mckeiver said once more, watching as the man who scolded him earlier, Bson, won the game...again.Then they heard gunshots, three in a row..then silence. The only sound was of the winds howling. The rookie and bson left to check it out...more firing, more returns.

"Oh bloody hell....they're dead..." Mckeiver said, picking up his rifle, aiming at the door... The wind seemed to stop dead, as if it knew what was to happen next....the lights turned off, he fired his mag empty...hitting nothing in the process.

"Oh god.....ohhh god wheres my other mag...." Mckeiver said, now panicking as he pulled out his pistol, moving up against the hatch to the witness' room... the room dead silent...and that was the last thing he heard. Silence.

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