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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Ghost Stories
just a ghostly tale from my neighborhood, short and simply weird...

Submitted: March 03, 2017

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Submitted: March 03, 2017



Do you know about screw pines? well those trees are abundant here in Maldives. and those grow in a place where people dont usually live. they also have this yummy fruit which we cook and make pudding. and the most important thing is that, the flowers of these trees are white and just like their leaves. weird thing is that you will never see the buds before it blooms. you look oneday and it's not there but then the other day Bam! it makes it's dutiful appearence. 

we use these flowers to keep it inside places like the rooms because of that beautiful smell. it gives off a very nice smell and it even shrivels in a short amount of time. these flowers also happen to blossom once each year.

the story begins when a young woman from our neighborhood went to Coattey, Addu City, the home to these screwpine trees. since it was the time of the year when flowers blossom. her friends had also went with her. they all began their work. it was decided that they would come back to a check point after an hour. now this woman had gone to another direction and while she was plucking the flowers, she saw many of them. it wasn't good because usually there are two flowers or three per tree. but she began to see ten, twenty and more. she was happy to recive many and then she stumbled upon a red flower. say... there are no red flowers in screw pine trees that grow in Maldives. 

The greed for those rose in her and she began to see even more of those. tree by tree, leading to nowhere, leading away... she became the victim of a demon. 

her friends noticed that she hadn't come after and went on searching. they searched and searched but they could not find her. after an hour one friend saw her floating above a tree. her eyes were wide and in horror. her figure looked like it was being broken, she floated in a weird position. the friend called her and then without a warning she fell. the friend caught her just in time or else she would have died.

after that incident she became seriously ill and could never speak to anyone. paranormal activity was experienced inside her home. the week after, she disappeared without a trace. 



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