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A story by a friend who is now no longer in this world

Submitted: March 03, 2017

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Submitted: March 03, 2017



Lara was known to be a very meek, shy girl. little did everyone know she keeps a secret. a secret that is not even mentioned to her close friend. a secret that is far more dangerous to even mention. 

It is said by our grand parents and parents that at the time of dusk and after, no one, not even children must venture out at night alone. at dusk, when the sunsets, the view is breath taking. the sun for once more joins the seas before it disappears giving off beautiful colors of red and orange through out the vast sky. In yesteryears, if the color of red deepens in the skies after sunset, the whole city is suffering from fatal diseases or common cold. also at that time demons rise from their world to enjoy the night. so it is always important not to keep the children outside.

they were rules and rules are just sometimes broken. and the meek, shy girl went out near the shore to watch the sunset. she stayed there even after the sunset, lied to her parents saying she was with her friend. she was absorbed into the calmness when someone came to stand beside her.

she slowly watched a man in his 20s glancing about before walking straight towards the sea. she was surprised at first but then she thought he was being mad and stopped him.

"hey! what are you doing?" she asked stopping him. "you shouldn't go at a time like this"

he smiled "why are you here at a time like this?" he asked back.

she was unable to reply. when she didn't say anything. he just walked away towards the sea. she got a call from her parents and went back to the shore. she looked back but the young man was gone.

the hazy days of her life changed after that. when her memory was at it's finest she described what had happened. the things that must not be done was being done to her. at first it was just a slight caress on her body. some places inside her room were cold while others were hot. there is always the noise of someone walking around the house with chains clanging. a faint noise. no one took notice of the things but she was acutely aware. she was even aware that she was being watched... so intensely that she couldn't help but shiver. 

her dreams were filled with a certain someone whom she never recognized. he was simply there, watching her until he became a shadow. the dreams sometimes felt real. she was frightened, unable to do anything. sleep paralysis was her everyday occurance. once she wakes up in the morning she felt tired...as if she had run a mile. 

she began to fantasize herself being with a man. she was confused to a point where she no longer knew reality to dreams. she lived in a wonderful dream where that man showed her what was the greatest bond between a man and a woman.

it all came to an end when her parents noticed bruises all over her hand and neck. they asked about it and that was when she realized that they were as real as they seem. her parents worried about her love life and even adviced her not to be like that. little did they know it wasn't just a normal person she was with. she refused to dream about him. tried to get away from it all. it was like a sweet poison going through her. that feeling of ectasy. day by day she began to experience horrifying things. she was badly bruised, she could not force herself to eat. rather she thought to starve to death to end it all. that stranger forced her to do unexplainable things. her parents brought home a ghost expert since everything was going out of hand.

Everyone was being attacked, if it han't been for her brother, she could have hanged herself. if it wasn't for her father, she could have broken her limbs. the situation got even worse... and she  said to herself... if i hadn't rejected... if i hadn't rejected him...

In a very rainy day... she died of bleeding excessively. and to hear her story was her mother. who hadn't once left her side till her death.


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