Signal From Earth (Equity & Equality)

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I wrote this, in 2016. It's part of my 7th poem set, Opened Obstruct.

Submitted: March 03, 2017

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Submitted: March 03, 2017



The signal, from, Earth, I've been, waiting, on, is, finally, arriving.

It's time, I, go, into, my, clairvoyant, form, so, I, can understand, the vibrations, without, heading, back, into, my, shrine.

Here's, the message, the relay, of, information, is, as, follows.

Your, authorization, to link, our, worlds, has been, denied.

But, we're, very, surprised, that, you're, alive, and sustaining.

It seems, you, somehow, made, it, into, space, and, are occupying, a very, distant, planet.

Your, transmission, said, you, created, it, but, all, of, us, believe, that's, impossible.

However, that's, of, little, concern, to us, we're, currently, trying to, track its, location.

And, once, it's been, positioned, we'll send, out, our, best, pilots, and soldiers.

To seize, it, under, our, control, the profits, and rewards, from, this, are sure, to be, glorious.

We, won't allow, a single, person, that, wants, to join, you, to cross, over, with, your, ridiculous, portal.

If you, try to, intervene, or, defy, us, then, there, will be, severe, consequences.

That's, the end, of, the data, and, somehow, I, expected, that, kind, of, reply, I was, being, naive, and hopeful.

I'll send, back, one, final, broadcast, for, those, that, wanted, to come, here, goes.

The leaders, from, Earth, promise, you, luxury, after, death, so, you, won't focus, as, heavily, on, this life.

Getting, you, to devote, most, of, your, time, to something, false, and illogical.

So, they, can continue, to manipulate, their, world, without, as, many, interruptions.

Excessively, draining, fossil, fuels, while, building, absurd, crucibles.

Countries, stealing, oil, and, won't let, outsiders, rest, upon, their, soil.

They, hope, you, won't become, aware, and, hope, you, will continue, the cycle, and, stay, a part, of, their, game, until, death.

Constantly, contesting, and conquesting, pitifully, between, outrageous, spectrums, of, equity, and, equality.

The absence, of, one, belief, doesn't make, another, one, concrete.

Using, fear, as, their, safety, net, surrounding, themselves, in, a shroud, of, the things, that, could be.

One, thought, can plant, the seed, of, realization, one, action, can create, many, possibilities.

When, I, see, the cycle, start to, repeat, that's, when, I, begin to, leave.

When, our, ability, to think, freely, is, gone, the brainwashing, will have, won.

When, your, interests, and opinions, are diverse, it, can intimidate, others.

I'll, try to, find, a way, to save, those, of, you, that, want, off, that, miserable, planet, when, the time, is, right, farewell, for, now.

Amidst, all, of, this, negative, information, and, unleashed, anger.

I'm, sensing, an unrecognized, presence, an unusual, disturbance.

There's this, bizarre, energy, growing, in, an area, I, haven't visited.

After, I, figure, out, what's, happening, and, solve, this, mysterious, situation.

I'll, decide, what, to do, about, this, signal, that, brought, these, unfortunate, series, of, events.

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