It was beautiful

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Submitted: March 03, 2017

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Submitted: March 03, 2017




I wish I could go back in time. To a world of busy streets and children playing together in the park. Where people could live, and breathe freely. The sun would shine an ambient light, glowing with beautiful rays through every pane of glass. The leaves would flutter upwards, as the wind gusted through the tunnels of trees. Morning light begins to flicker through the cracks of patchwork branches, trying their hardest to keep the light at bay. 

To a world where peace between nations was common rather than a rarity. To a place where love would flourish between families and friends, and everyone was appreciated. Everyone with a feeling of self-worth, and the ability to make a difference. Creativity was the underlying notion for every action and idea ever thought of, and it gave off a slow vibration of happiness and joy. To a community longing for nothing but elation and prosperity, and light and love was intertwined in the souls of men, women and children.


The world became ravaged by a force intangible by men. An impending apocalypse hidden in the dark corners of a society haphazardly put together, people completely unaware of what they were creating. A devil disguised as perfection waiting to initiate his plan of hatred and disgust. Everyone creates a persona different from their own, creating a mask disguising themselves from dignity and kindness. But then, the society began to collapse into oblivion as the world and its demented society breathed one last sigh of individuality.


The streets became quiet. The children absent from the joys of nature. Where love and friendship became a distant memory of the forgotten past. The clouds threw a grey blanket of darkness over the streets and trees, of forests long abandoned. The sound of leaves only audible to the trees. People missing from the buildings and shops. Rain races down the once sun light glass panels of buildings designed by creative genius’, now lost forever. A deathly stillness radiates through the backroads and meadows once flushed with ardent jubilation.

Minds now invaded by a self-inflicted virus deadly to the human brain. A disease with no cure, vaccine or escape. Constantly invading the wiring of the human mind, like a pack of scurrying insects trying to find something deeper, more ingrained to feed on. Humans now left with no emotion or empathy. Left with nothing to do but sit and recite the never-ending numbers and figures of business’, that are trying to cling on to the last few spindly branches of hope. A society where creativity is bestowed as inferior, and individuality is a long-lost treasure. Elation and prosperity, two emotions once strived for in a community only the oldest could tell stories of. Love and joy no longer present in life, not one feels the silk touch of happiness sweeping your soul of fear and horror. As now. Life has descended into a monotonous hum of despair and chaos. And there is no longer an escape.

I wish I could go back in time… to a world without the internet.


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