How You Know

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Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Submitted: March 04, 2017



You know you really love someone when you haven't seen them in a while, and the thoughts that run through your head is that you miss them, you wonder how they are doing, if they have been eating right, you wonder if they laughed at all that day, and if their happy. You hope that they thought of you to, you wish that they did. But you really just hope that their doing good. And you know that it they ever needed you they would have you. And that in the past you have had them. I mean come on now, time means nothing when they are around, the world can carry on and it won't affect how you feel about that person. No matter the time apart. Even if its been weeks, months, years even. You think of them at least once a day, and when you do you feel a little flutter in your chest, and a little ache too, because you just want them there beside you. When you see them again it's as if the world stops spinning, your heart starts pumping a whole lot faster, your eyes couldn't possibly shine brighter. You know you love someone when you know if they ever did something you don't agree with, and they ask you for help all you can do is mildly scold and help them out. Money means nothing especually if they need any help at all, after all that is something you can always come across. You know you love someone when they know they can wake you up at 3 in the morning and ask you to help patch them up after they got in some trouble, and you will do it, with a briken heart, but you love to because you know your helping that person. You know you love someone when you just look at them, and you feel at home. You know it is so real with how you fit together perfectly. No matter what you do, and how you try, everyone else has always felt like a rebound since them, even if you fall in love with the rebound, or you catch feelings. You even feel guilty for talking to another person, because it is not them and you almost feel like your cheating on your heart. You know you love someone when you can tell a story about them, without you in it, and before you met them. You know you love someone when you can accept their mistakes, and still hold them and say I'm proud of you for being where you are now, instead of where you were. You know you love someone when you feel that spike of jealousy, but you calm it down because you really just want them to be happy, even if you feel it slowly killing you inside.

That my friend is how you know you love someone. After all that's how I know I love someone, even when I try to lie to myself. This kind of love is the love that will never go away, and is going to forever be pasionate.

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