The Faerie Who Wasn't

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upon the river
Styx was born
Day and Night
Night and Day
by Darkness and Light
born and raised
side by side
friends and beloved
until beloved friends
opened a chasm
of jealousy
Night wanted Day
Day stayed away
loved another
Night hid the children
of the Day
in his cloak of starry
starry skies
bore children of Night
from whence a single
child of Light

Light bred love
Darkness bred hate
Day and Night
Night and Day
grew wings to fly
flew away
Day brought Light
Night brought fright
diverged and
converged with
Day and Night
Night and Day
angered went to
war waged on
until the Day
Night and Day
Day and Night
Darkness and Light
met in air
met in spirit.

and Light loved Darkness
but Darkness hated Light
against her will
Phoenix led the fight
but Dragon died
and Phoenix wept
Day hid its face
and Darkness raged
Light blessed Darkness
with sacred Light
and Darkness cursed Light
with the eternal death
of immortal Phoenix
the immortal
became mortal
to die over and over again
until Dragon be saved
until Phoenix heals
Dragons heart
hearts of hate
hearts of love
will forever meet
until the fire within Dragon
be cooled and melt

for on that day
the twins shall say
that everything will be okay
they will love
as only gods can
but they will never love
as much as the Mortal
who warred with their hearts
fighting fire with icy fire
until both surrendered
to the fate
that will still await
the hateful who could not hate.

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