The Faerie Who Wasn't

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The First Faerie

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Submitted: March 04, 2017



Chapter Six: The First Faerie

The old faerie smiled at Firefly and ushered her to a chair, “Now, you have a sit and I will make some treebark tea,” she commanded gently.

Firefly watched her, amazed as always that the blind faerie managed to light a fire and boil tea without burning herself. Shadowsight had expalained once, “I know where everything was when I still was young, before I looked at the sun, so I just never moved anything, and move about by memory alone. So really I am quite safe by myself, especially with dears like you visiting me and providing me with wood for my fires.”

Now, a few years later, Firefly gratefully accepted a cup of the strong bitter tea and let the warm fluid thaw her frozen fingers out.

“Now dear, why are you here instead of in your own nest with your family?” Shadowsight queried, sitting down on an old rocking chair by the fire. The chair creaked with her slight weight, like everything in the hut.

Firefly shrugged, “I went on a walk to the wall and lost track of time I guess.”

“Oh? Did you find what you were looking for?”

“Hmm. I don’t know. I am not sure what I am looking for, a purpose I guess, instead I found old memories.”

“Ah, let me guess, Eclipse?”

“Mmhmm. I still don’t understand. Why would shre leave? I mean, she had a purpose her, she was needed. She was loved by some, and she was respected for her gift. But she just up and flew away.”

“I do not know her reasons any more than you do. But if I had to guess, I would say it was hard for her to be different. Or maybe she was running from her problems, which is why she left once the wall was almost finished, hoping the wall would trap them in and her out.”

Firefly sat quietly contemplating, “do you think she will ever come back?”

“I do not think she can, even if she wants to.”

“Yes she can! If she can get a mountain bird to carry her she could scale the wall!”

“A mountain bird? Wherever did you hear of such a thing?”

“In school. The teacher taught us that the birds in the mountain killed all of the wingless people who tried invading our lands, they must have been quite large in order to do that. Surely large enough for Eclipse to ride if she could get one of them to help her!” Firefly replied passionately and hopefully.

Shadowsight’s icy blue eyes seemed to be piercing through Firefly’s excited grey ones. Then she sighed, “the mountain birds only ever listened to one faerie, but she’s gone now. But even if Eclipse did manage to come back, she wouldn’t be allowed to stay. She’s been excommunicated, or forbidden to return. Returning could cost her her life.”

“But why?” Firefly exclaimed, “she did nothing wrong!”

Shadowsight sighed, then chuckled, Firefly had always asked a lot of difficult questions that had no straight forward answers, “ask your father dear, it was his decision. Now, no more of that talk, perhaps the Council will change its mind someday, and perhaps not. But there is nothing you or I can do about it. The child is not a hatchling anymore, and she made her decision, knowing the consequences.”

“But--” Firefly began to protest, but Shadowsight interrupted her, “no ‘buts’ dear, someday you will understand. Now how about I tell you a story? I should hardly think you’re tired, and my old mind has many stories to tell.”

“Could you tell me about Phoenix?” Firefly asked curiously. Shadowsight stilled and the only sound that could be heard was the water lapping across the leaky floor and against the hut. “Where did you hear that name?”

“Umm… I believe Eclipse must have mentioned it. She was the first faerie, right?”

"Did she now? Hmph," Shadowsight muttered to herself. "Yes Phoenix was the first faerie, according to the old folklore. But I am sure there are better things to learn than those old stories."

"Oh no! Please tell me!" Firedly begged, her youthful curiosity getting the better of her. The old faerie shifted in her seat seemingly thinking, then sighed a long drawn out sigh. "Very well, you may as well know. Although I must warn you, I do not know the whole story, nor do I remember all the parts I was told clearly. I must also ask of you to not speak of this conversation to anyone, it is taboo here to speak of the faerie Queen."

"There is a faerie Queen? And why is it forbidden?"

"Hush. There was, but she didnt start off as a Queen." Firefly was about to ask another question and Eclipse held up her frail hand, "if you keep asking me questions we will be here until the next third moon. And you must listen carefully and drink your tea, it is getting cold."

Firefly settled deeply into her chair, wrapped herself in a blanket  and sipped the bitter brew.

Shadowsight seemed to sigh as she began. "About two scores of centuries ago, the gods or dieties decided they wanted to create mortal images of themselves. Weak mortals who could not overthrow them, who could provide ample entertainment for an eternity. Except they did not know how. So many of them had children, creating more gods, more dieties and even monsters when the blood of the gods mixed with the blood of the dieties. Some had success in creating mortals from the earrh and plants, and they looked not dissimilar to many of the dieties, but they were mindless, no more than pretty and sometimes vicious animals.'

"The dieties bred with the mortals made of water and trees, creating more of the monsters and mindless mortals. They began to realize the mortals had no soul or conscience.'

"Eventually, Darkness and Light had twins: Day and Night, and everyone had hoped that though they themselves were gods their offspring would produce the mortal they dreamed of. But as Day grew she fell in love with another god and ran away with him, since then Night has always been chasing Day. The few times he has caught her she has given him only tears to place in his cloak, we see her tears as stars. Another version is that Night takes her children from the other god hoping to convince to stay with him.'

"So Darkness and Light tried to give Night another sister, one who wouldn't be given the chance to fall in love and run away. Instead they were given another son. Unlike Night who was mostly dark and Day who was mostly light, the child was equally filled with Darkness and Lights' essesences.'

"They tried to create another child like him for many centuries but failed. Thier child began to grow up alone, sheltered from the other gods who wanted him for their own gains. Light wanted to give him a friend who would play with him and fight with him and protect him as a child, a friend who would grow into a woman. A woman who would be beautiful and love him as much, no, more than the boys family did. So he approached another god, the otherrealm knows what his name was, and they combined their essessences into a tree spirit. But the mortal was not quite right. The other gods and goddesses were impressed and each approached and offered a bit of themselves to the spirit. When Darkness learned of this new creature she wished to give a bit of her essessence too, but Light refused. He wanted his creation, his child if you will to be good.'

"You see, he started to realize that his son wasn't going to stay balanced forever.And with the influence of his mother he was already being corrupt.'

"Darkness was furious, and so the girl who was meant to be a gift destroyed their union. The only fed more darkness into the boys heart and he became rude, insolent and cruel even. Light raised the tree spirit himself but as she grew he began to realize that she couldn't fly through the clouds like all the other gods. He searched for a solution and one day stumbled upon one by accident.'

"The little tree spirit, still a small child incased in her tree, protected a Giant Roc (or mountain bird as you call them) hatchling from Light's son and Artemis who were hunting together. She sheltered him behind her branches and grew her leaves ao thick you couldn't see through them. It hurt but she couldn't bare to watch an innocent animal suffer or die for entertainment. The hatchling grew up and made a home in the human realm, but never forgot the child who protected him. So when the bird became gravely injured he flew the long journey back to the flightless godling and offered her his wings.'

"Thus she bacme the first of the faeriefolk and she was named the Queen Beloved by all the birds of all the skies.Together Phoenix as she came to be called and Light created the mortal faerie race."

Shadowsight fell silent and gathered the teacups. "What happened to her? Phoenix?"

"I do not know, I suppose she is helping her father create more faeriefolk."

"Then why can't we talk about her?"

"Hmm... that may be because her existence is an insult to Darkness. Now these old bones are tired and you have school. It is time to sleep."

Firefly groaned, but obeyed, lying down on the hard creaky bench. But before sleep overcame her a drowsy thought filled her mind, if Phoenix is still helping her father in the Otherrealm why did Shadowsight call her the Queen of Faeries?

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